Full Μoon at 09 degrees Scorpio 38 ‘


April 29, 2018 – 23:57 UT

Sharing what we value, and how we value ourselves through sharing. Proximity and distance.

Emotional stabilization in a new territory of life or a new more demanding order of things.

How we accept change, and how we negotiate attachments.

The April Full Moon at 09 degrees Scorpio is intense and demanding! It highlights the need for a balancing act between what we value and how we share it through the depths of emotion which may surface as a very real and exalted existential awareness. It is the Sun from Taurus that sheds light on the Moon, so this light comes from a place where self needs to be appreciated and loved, has a sense of value, and is rejuvenated through the senses. The Moon highlights with whom we feel close and with who we can deeply share this. The tension of this polarity is an inquiry into stabilising ground for relationships of all kinds around this theme. We are departing from some place and are moving onto some place else, and this process requires trust and perhaps showing our worth or exposing deep feelings about things. Everything will become more visible and more tangible as the planets in Capricorn, and Sun in Taurus suggest; the past brings memories of experiences (and people) that we recycle and renew over time with more wisdom. It is keeping the real essence of the experience of living that counts. It is a period of reviewing, and deep soul searching or insight, elucidating continuity. Some people will remind us of their presence, some feel more distant; we maybe the ones who attempt closeness or distancing ourselves. Planetary aspects work both ways, depends on which side you are on.

It can potentially be a transformational Full Moon that exposes emotions from very deep places, giving them a very real and tangible dimension. We can accomplish a lot. It is the end and the synthesis of the most critical emotional experiences that trigger our responses and those of others based on truth, while negotiating our trust in the future. The relationship with the past and the way forward as the chart of the Full Moon emphasises, may pose dilemmas, and it is wise to maintain a level of autonomy by balancing feelings and self-will so that we can reflect on our motives and our soul drives. The luminaries are squaring the Lunar Nodes in Leo / Aquarius. This full moon activates the January 31st, lunar eclipse at 11 degrees Leo / Aquarius, and unlocks messages of that period that we will be dealing with as we are a step or a square forward. The North Node in Leo is the pull  forward towards incoming energy, yet we may still be in a kind of limbo. Leo is about leadership, and highlights our original creative and proud self. We are in the middle of the road so to speak… and may switch between looking back and forth. We have an opportunity to look at our lives at this time in the areas that speak about stability. If our life has destabilized, something has shocked or awakened us  in this lunar cycle, which is very likely with the presence of Uranus in the last degrees of Aries, now we are looking for our centre and may feel at a crossroads or at odds with various options. It is the Sun in Taurus which marks the season of the absolute bloom of Spring on the northern hemisphere, which illuminates the Moon. It is important that we take our time and appreciate the fertility in our lives, what we have, what we own and what we have created and allow others to experience it too.

From the moment we share something, it never remains the same, it is changing and reborn, while at the same time the feeling we have about it changes. The same happens with the very personal experiences when we share them, the artistic works we present publicly, the love and the passion we show to a significant other, our values ​​when we talk about them, our possessions when we sell them or we transfer rights of them, and our resources when we trust them in a joint venture. All this can be of concern to us in the next two weeks, and the Full Moon forces us to become more conscious about how ready we are for this sharing; this potentially transformational moment of time. We may not yet be, or we can change, and the square with the Lunar Nodes that is commonly known in astrology as the Moon Wobble phenomenon has been observed as a period of instability on the terrestrial plane, and so perhaps on an internal or external personal plane. In the fixed signs of Scorpio and Taurus, resistance to change can also become a way of stabilizing. The traditional ruler of  Scorpio, Mars in Capricorn is achievement oriented and practical. We can become grounded through activities and achieve a lot, or become motivated by accomplishing tasks or bringing matters to a close, while contacts with others may pose questions marks. While we respond to others, we may still need to preserve a sense of autonomy or personal space to cultivate inner inspiration, guidance about the way forward.  The Moon is in its Fall in Scorpio; emotions run deep, can be controlling or empowering. This maybe the time to re-claim our power and emerge stronger and transformed from a profound or difficult experience of the past or practice the virtue of dealing with the public sphere of life cultivating proximity or deep connectedness by showing things we value or create.

The Moon in Scorpio responds to everything that touches us on a deep level, the most mysterious and dark sides of ourselves are triggered personally and collectively. Moon forms an applying trine with Neptune in Pisces and moves towards a conjunction with Jupiter. We can help, inspire others, teach them in gentler ways or travel. Even be enchanted and seduced. Something is revealed, and perhaps it is time to talk about our deeper truths or to understand them in a more intensive way . There are gifts to this period both on a psychological and material level of life. It is the feminine and receptive energy that prevails and this can manifest as a kind of unifying supremacy.

This Full Moon may reveal things, which on the one hand confirm that we are in the right place, and on another level this consciousness raises questions of proximity and distance from groups or ties with other people. Perhaps from a position of autonomy we can share more. It is not always necessary to belong or attach oneself to a group, or to persist in controling our lives from the same position. One can become so very demanding of oneself sometimes. Usually this exceeds demands others  make. We do not need to make superhuman efforts, all it takes is to  show care in relationships through cultivating proximity, relieving any tension. Asteroid Ceres (Dimitra) in conjunction with the North Node in Leo squaring the Moon, also denotes the conflict between care and provision, but it may also speak of indignation of the deprivation of affection and connectedness based on the myth of Demeter and Persephone. It is possible that some people in our lives have complaints, or we may have complaints about them. Something has kept us apart. Lack of time, obligations or the need for solitude may have been a matter (Moon is separating from a sextile to Saturn Rx in Capricorn). Neptune and Jupiter provide release: Clarification of expectations and unconditional understanding. Perhaps something is easier than we thought if we were to explain it. When the area of Scorpio is triggered in a chart, it is time to regenerate this area, and share more of that place of life. The source and the request comes from the opposite area. If you are familiar with your natal chart, see where 9 degree Scorpio and Taurus are in order to unlock more messages about where you need some balance, renewal or where you can get a feel of your attachments.


It is a highly fertile Full Moon that helps revive relationships from a different position; advances spiritual and creative research, can be good for psychoanalysis or creative and therapeutic actions.

It can deepen and strengthen our inner horizons in external destinations.


Let’s share more of our most very personal, true selves in the next two weeks


This Full moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Taurus Sun born on April 28 – May 2, a Scorpio Sun born on October 31 to November 4, a Leo Sun born  July 31st  – August 2, and Aquarius Sun born on January 28 -February 1, and / or if you ASC and personal planets or points at 09 ( +/- 3) degrees of fixed signs. The influence of this full moon is active until May 15th.

May we all enjoy the wonderful moon tonight!


© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Rémi Müller on Unsplash

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