Full Moon at 19 Gemini 51΄


December 12, 2019  4:11 UT


Responding to stimuli and information and giving them meaning. The essence of constructive dialogue. Understanding is all about the right questions. How mature we are in communicating with others, and how it affects our relationships.


A Full Moon with lessons about realism, in how we respond to and translate information and how it shapes the context of our relationships. Is it the mind that develops its own conclusions, or the capacity to converse and exchange knowledge and information within specific contexts and practical parameters? How do we make sense of the information and what conclusions do we make? The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is the axis of perception, learning, understanding, and in general shapes all systems and structures that have to do with experiential development that belongs to the mental plane. The need to make some adjustments to the plans or projects we wish to implement will be of concern to us. Movement, travel, knowledge, learning, education, ideology and dogma, the realms of the familiar and unfamiliar, legal issues, information management and communication with important others that are seeking to clarify in a conclusive manner, are themes that this Full Moon negotiates.

How much we believe or understand the ideas, stimuli and data we receive and how we will decide and draw conclusions from them are issues that will be of concern to us in the next two weeks.

The Sun in Sagittarius emphasizes intentions that seek to give meaning, gain new experience, focus on truths, and also speaks about self-expression in n expansive and extrovert way, and illuminates the Moon in Gemini that intuits in informative ways, cultivates connectivity through communication and needs stimuli to do so. Mercury the ruler of Gemini at 4 degrees Sagittarius is on the degree of the current New Moon cycle that began on November 26, thus bringing information which is of a clarifying nature for an implementation of a plan, vision, or new direction. So we’re in the process of negotiating, communicating, clarifying and organizing the intentions that we set the first half of the cycle. Once Mars reaches the same degree on January 10-11, we may be ready to launch, and combine intentions set in the beginning of this cycle into action. How much we believe in things at this time is essential to their success and longevity.

Collectively, we are beginning to see the ideological dimension, laws or institutional frameworks come into force, international agreements will enter the stage of implementation, the role of the media and their political agendas will perhaps begin to become more distinct, as will also be seeing that communication, commerce and travel will start to be affected by the above, testing people’s tolerance levels, and living conditions. The need to turn situations around and give impetus to some new directions by discerning the right supports but also through understanding what is useful and what isn’t in our lives and our past experience is a very essential ongoing process that has an impact both on the spiritual and material parts of our lives. Time becomes a critical component in this process. Exclusion and inclusion as well as levels of emotional security through the eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis, are major factors.

The need to adapt and adjust directions for a healthier lifestyle based on our values, was the focus of the Sagittarius lunar cycle, clarifying our sense of freedom, confidence, faith, and risk.


On a personal level, the message of this cycle will acquire different meanings, depending on which area of ​​life is activated, as well as the natal chart dynamic as a whole. (If you are familiar with your birth chart check the houses where 4 Sagittarius, and 19 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini and the objects, events or people they represent).


Flexibility in our paths (mental or practical) and the need to make adjustments to priorities while handling various things is prominent. The Luminaries are at the midpoint of  Mars/Pluto and Mercury/Jupiter, so there is an emphasis on the way we communicate, enforce our opinions, the way we present ideas and knowledge, how we handle the source of information or the findings of our research.1 It is a good time to discuss issues that concern us in a more realistic way, with Jupiter in Capricorn, but also to see where values, finances, relationships, unions of all sorts in respect to commitment stand, making adjustments to the way we communicate and through the need to modify the above, (Moon in quincunx aspect to Saturn-Venus-Pluto in Capricorn). Also, how our daily lives are affected by relationship problems, how our habits and patterns of behaviour need to be adjusted to make changes to commitments, shared finances in professional or personal relationships. Venus is out of bounds seeking alternate ways but is besieged by Saturn and Pluto. A triple conjunction, highlighting an annual cycle of values, finances, creations, pleasure and love in our lives begins in this Full Moon and signifying  reconstruction, deepening and radical changes that will have a potentially longer-term effect. Love affairs and relationships or any other venture that starts now may promise longevity, may hold potential for spiritual growth as well as teach important lessons. How they fit in our daily realm may be something to work out. The main challenge with the planets in Capricorn and the eclipses in the Cancer/Capricorn axis, is to examine whether anything we wish to support is founded on healthy roots, is emotionally rewarding, instead of fear based or just appears to work on a superficial way. This becomes clarified through the flow of understanding and empathy between people and when we are not expected to do too much explaining for seemingly trivial things.


The first harmonious aspect of the slower planets for some time which perfects in the waning phase of this lunar cycle is Jupiter’s trine with Uranus at 03 degrees Capricorn / Taurus (December 15) that will help support  progress through grounding that may involve talents, resources, knowledge, visions that have been developed in previous years. The need to learn or teach, as well as to show others what we love and believe, innovations of all sorts, find ground to be applied and take form. It is a great aspect to promote a new source of income, as well as integrate our knowledge or visions into the collective sphere. 

The stellium in Capricorn (the sign of exaltation of Mars), assists what we are passionate about, what we claim or desire to become strengthened and deepened while it harmonizes with our ideals, inspirations, imagination, spiritual, artistic, or charitable pursuits. Mars is in Scorpio in trine with Neptune in Pisces adding romance and sensitivity to passion. Intuition assists actions and initiatives. A great aspect for dancers, therapists, musicians and filmmakers, as well as finding resources to support the above. We can clear misunderstandings or resolve disputes. On another level this aspect can enhance behind-the-scenes activities, break-ins, theft or impose fines for anything illegal or suspect. What Mars represents through Neptune has no boundaries and can be difficult to control, so we need to pay attention to toxic feelings, our temper, and aggressive behaviours, that through the water signs can become quite emotional and stormy.


Chiron stationing direct at 01 Aries reminds us that we have courage through our vulnerabilities, and that we can be healed on an a primal existential level, as well as build bridges between worlds. Jupiter separates from a square with Chiron, and Mercury separates from a trine with Chiron, both rulers of the Luminaries, so we enter the waning phase of the cycle with the consciousness of vulnerabilities but also the need to communicate them and be understood. Most importantly we gain consciousness about having courage, dare to take initiative and to claim our vital space, express our position through our weaker sides. The alienation we may feel in our worlds and our relationships is mainly due to the lack of communication of precisely these most sensitive and sore points deep within ourselves. Communication is the way we come into contact with the world and connect with others, and it takes many forms. The December Solar Eclipse will reveal even more about the above.


Let us take full advantage of the full moon and the next two weeks to observe how we practice dialogue, what are the patterns and fears that interfere with not expressing our feelings and truths, observe how we respond to the questions of others, what we are looking for, and how cathartic a truly honest initiative can be. It is Mars that rises before the Sun and leads the chart of the Full Moon. It says go forward with your passion, what enthuses you, strengthen your desires, and persist.



The full moon has a more personal feel for you:

If You’re a Gemini Sun born on June 9-13, a Sagittarius Sun born on June 10-15, a Virgo Sun born on September 16-20, and a Pisces Sun born on March 8-12, and/or if you angular house cusps, personal points or  planets at 19 (+/- 2) degrees of mutable signs. You may also be affected if you angular house cusps, personal points or  planets at 19-21 degrees of cardinal signs, 01 degree of Aries, 02-03 degrees of fixed and earth and water signs, and at 15 degrees of Scorpio / Pisces.


© Eleni Kostika 2019



  1. Munkasey, M., Midpoints, Unleashing the Power of the Planets, ACS Publications, San Diego, 1990.

Photo by Cody Engel on Unsplash

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