Lunar Eclipse @ 04 degrees Aries 40′


September 27-28, 2015 at 02:50 UT

Initiate, Impulse, Relate. Awaken to what or who you identify with.

This Full Moon is the closest of the Super Full Moons of this year. When the Moon is observed at its closest distance from Earth (perigee)  we call it a Super Moon. It is also a Total Lunar Eclipse, and the final of a tetrad of Total Lunar Eclipses happening in a row, called a Blood Moon. This is a quite rare phenomenon, which will only occur 8 times in the 21st century. For more info about this special celestial event check:

September is quite an intense month in terms of planetary energy shifts and activity, occurring at quite a short span of time in the two weeks prior the culmination of the Full Moon on September 28. This may prove excessive energy to handle on a mundane level, and we will certainly feel it, either collectively or personally. The Lunar month began on September 13, in Virgo setting up a theme with a focus on improvement, boundaries, and priorities, while the Full Moon highlights the Aries/Libra polarity which is primarily about relationships (either personal or generally alliances on a collective level). The undercurrent on relational and value themes is at play since late July and as the two areas connect while the influence lasts for the next three months (Eclipse season) will find us dealing with a lot of adjustment, negotiating and decision making.


During the Total Lunar Eclipse phenomenon the Moon will not be visible, as the Earth will block the light of the Sun. The astronomy speaks figuratively and metaphorically: The symbolic interpretation is that mundane events (here on planet Earth) “foreshadow” a negotiating combination of energies that intent to “face each other”.  A full view of what is currently at play can be interpreted as cryptic, hidden, or even unclear at this stage. Mercury is Retrograde, and the need to re-visit, re-think, or re-discuss without definite commitment or outcome may be the only way to deal with current energies until October 9.

Will it be possible to keep a firm stance? Quite unlikely as the cardinal and mutable energies prevail. Its either action or adjustment. We are emotionally inclined to take initiative. The only planet on a fixed sign in the Full Moon chart is Venus in Leo, and this is an additional indicator that relationships, alliances and our value system are the only constant point of reference in the equation. This is what it’s all about.

This is a very impulsive, instinctual and emotionally impactful culmination, which speaks of an “awakening” of identity. Something will act as the trigger, and the wild untamed energy of the Ram will “burst” it’s heart out. In that sense, emotions prevail but can also become vulnerable and exposed.  Aries does not care about consequence, acts here and now, and claims its ground. There is nothing to “hide” although we may be caught off guard, by either ourselves, another, or an external event.  We may act or be forced to act. It can be a very primal, emotionally awakening time that may have a kind of sudden or surprisingly “wounding-healing” effect. The message is about the potential for a greater consciousness of who we are as soul carriers individually or collectively, who and what we identify with, and through that process come to a realisation of what kind of “role” we can genuinely support, or be prepared to defend wholeheartedly and courageously. The Sun in Libra validates ego through balance and harmony. As the presence of the asteroids Vesta in Aries and Juno in Libra, conjoining the Moon and Sun respectively, suggest: This is either a compromise for the sake of balance, what “appears to be rightful”, and what may please another or, about bravely and courageously fighting for devotion to self-hood, retaining autonomy and independence.  How do we reconcile the two opposing forces?

This is a South Node Lunar Eclipse indicating a kind of dismantling of a situation or a need to recognise that something has to be released in order to move ahead. In that sense the culmination may manifest as a potential decision or just be about an internal process of soul/spirit connection that is “interrupted”, triggered by impulse, and will bring a totally new awareness, or new direction. Cardinal Fire is desire, and desire is the primary force and source of creation. Is this about creating a new you, a new identity, a new way of relating, or as asteroid Vesta in Aries suggests discovering a sacred source of assertiveness?

The cosmic energy implies an urgent need to become conscious of our relational patterns as the Nodes of the Moon will shift from Aries/Libra to Pisces/Virgo on November 12, where they will stay for the next 18 months and make a new start in negotiating boundaries in the way we connect with others. Is this the last wake up call for a way out of a situation, or just a last minute reminder of a need to recognise our innate impulsive responses and the role we wish to claim for self, before we begin on another journey of self-growth that will shift the focus of partnership into further adjustment and definition of boundaries in the following phase? That remains to be seen. We certainly do not possess the necessary information just yet. Mercury is still Retrograde in Libra, but we will be forced to “voice” something one way or the other to our inner or outer “audience”.

On a collective level, people may be more assertive, enthusiastic and crowd mentality impulsive or even aggressive, especially towards political and socio-economic issues that have to do with equal rights or promote pretentious tactical moves.

Aries/Libra is the relationship axis, but it also highlights everything to do with our image, body, our primal needs and instincts, such as desire, anger, assertion, strength, and how we respond to others. This is intense cardinal energy. It is important to be mindful of our temper especially if challenged or impatient and work on a positive channelling of impulsive behaviour. If there is blocked emotional energy, we can release it physically through a dynamic type of physical exercise or activity. While Sun transits Libra for most of October (September 23- October 23), the need to find balance and harmony in our relationships and peace within ourselves is critical for our vitality. With the Moon in Aries, the urge to physically and emotionally act and re-act maybe easily triggered. The body can be vulnerable to impulsive action. The capacity to emotionally detach and think of the consequences before acting may be tested.

It is a time when we may have the tendency to argue, and be passionate in claiming who we are or fighting for what we feel (it could be about love, partnerships of any kind, or any other cause).

The Full Moon phase usually lasts until the next Lunar cycle begins (October 13, 2015) yet since this is a Lunar Eclipse, its effects are likely to bear an influence over the following three months.


The energy of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse may feel more personal to you:

If you are an Aries born between March 22-28, a Libra born between September 25 – October 01.

A Cancer born between June 22-29, and a Capricorn born between December 24-29

If you have an Aries or Libra Ascendant at 04 degrees  (+/- 3), and/or have any placements of personal planets at 04 degrees (+/-1) Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn in your natal chart.

© Eleni Kostika 2015




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