Super Full Moon at 11 degrees Cancer 37′



2 January, 2018 – 02:23 UT

Discovering new ways of responding to the experience of life

The first full moon of 2018 is special, critical, complex, intense and revealing. It has the potential to give meaningful  releasing and awareness of how we respond to life, and operate the subconscious part of ourselves: as the Moon is in great proximity to the Earth (perigee), we reflect on the need to return to what represents our notion of emotional security on a personal or collective level. The Moon in Cancer expresses our self-protective instincts, the need to feel secure and care for our familial environment, our very own notion of “family” and its ties. It externalises the maternal archetype, the power of habit, what gives us a sense of emotional continuity, the relationship with our place of origin, what we call “home” and our very own “experiences”.

In this Full Moon, responsive mechanisms are fast, impulsive, and protective. The Sun from the sign of Capricorn speaks of self-will and choices that are motivated by realism, availability of resources and structures that support life. The Sun in Capricorn focuses on issues with seriousness and sense of responsibility. It honours ​form, and perceives symbolism, tracing the history of people and things as part of an evolutionary continuum. It centres the will in a mature and practical spirit while being motivated by a sense of duty. Any decision with the Sun in Capricorn has to do with what we see as viable, feasible, and judged by the rules and limitations of what this world is, in its most tangible, and accomplished form.  Moon in Cancer collects light from the Sun and aligns our need for security in an intuitive way, while attempting a reconciliation with practical decisions that must work within conditions and imperatives of reality. What has been recorded in our personal or collective subconscious as self-protection, nostalgic and caring behaviour, is externalised in its most dominant expression, as the Moon is in its domicile in Cancer. Continue reading

New Moon at 26 degrees Sagittarius 31′



18 December 2017, 06:30 UT

In review or while re-telling a story, we plant a seed for a new “journey”

Chasing time, we come into contact with the broader meaning of things.

What makes us feel optimistic? What gives a sense of perspective? How do we strengthen our visions?

Response to the “unfamiliar” and the gifts of life that are energised through knowledge and the philosophical attitude of our very own sense of existence.


The New Moon, at 26 degrees Sagittarius 31′ tunes our responses towards seeking truth, aiming further, feeling free and adventurous, philosophizing, nurturing  a vision, cultivating a sense of perspective and focusing on the big picture. Perhaps we can explore another viewpoint or approach to life. We focus on a new intention with enthusiasm and optimism. During this lunar cycle, we become more conscious of the way we relate with the “unfamiliar” experience of life, and this presupposes moving out of our comfort zone, on both material and spiritual levels. How open or tolerant are we to what is “different”? We are standing on a threshold. How ready are we to welcome a new dimension of experience in our lives?

The chart of the New Moon is dominated by a stellium of planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Saturn). Sagittarius is the centaur, half-horse and half-man who holds his bow and arrow aiming high in the skies. This sign expresses the marriage of our material existence with our spiritual world, and in essence in this cycle we negotiate how our more material urges, desires and instincts are filtered through our spiritual perception and find purpose. Moon is nurturing, cultivating and responsive, Sun is self will, Venus has to do with our values ​​and unites, Mercury connects and processes, and Saturn builds and crystallizes. This energy may feel too much to express itself and we may have to go on the other side to balance it, Gemini may be the key. Communication and connecting in a more light-hearted, non-conclusive manner. The need for the “new”, the pursuit of aims,  is highly energised, and it forces us collectively and personally to cultivate experiences that will give us more freedom, truth and meaning. We need to do new things, respond in a promising way, and explore new horizons, new environments, relationships and contacts. At the same time as Saturn is in the last degree of Sagittarius (anaretic) and all the planets in Sagittarius are moving towards him, there is a dominant sense that this maybe the last effort to catch up with time: Some commitment, something from the past or even a goal that seems within reach, that has been strengthened, worked on or even hindered during  Saturn’s transit over Sagittarius over the past 2.5 years, may be in review (Mercury Rx). All these planets are in Jupiter’s natural realm, and as he is  the ruler of this lunar cycle now in Scorpio, gives all reason to reveal and magnify things  in an empowering way. In square with the Moon’s Nodes, Jupiter enlarges, expands and supports our connection with others. It may feel like a critical crossroad of evolutionary significance that inquires into making a transition, stabilising a change of orientation, exploring inner desires, and truths that lie beneath. Jupiter applies to a sextile with Pluto an aspect that will perfect in mid January, and it is as if Jupiter and his brother have some potential to join their worlds. This aspect gives opportunity to attract or connect resources either for spiritual or material purposes or both. These resources may start to become visible as the lunar month draws to a close. It is important to define motivation and ethos in this process (for more information, see Jupiter in Scorpio).

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Jupiter in Scorpio



October 10th, 2017 – November 8th, 2018

Exploring our psyche. Deepening knowledge.

Growth through shared resources and deeper desires

Truth, Faith and Perspective in Relationships of Co-dependence.


The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio in brief: Growth and expansion are expressed through research, creativity, deeper desires, passion, healing energy and intimacy in relationships. Society envisions and grows in a controlling or empowered way. Jupiter in Scorpio, reveals, regenerates, humiliates, avenges, exploits, accumulates, purifies, explores the undercurrents of life. This transit is about understanding and exploring in depth the hidden driving force of things. Beliefs have a fixity of purpose, and a need for stabilisation.

Jupiter entered  Scorpio’s sign in October 10, completing his transit in Libra that began in September 2016.

Jupiter basics:

Key words of Jupiter: Expansion, Growth, Knowledge, Perspective, Truth, Excess

Jupiter changes sign once a year, and this contributes to a distinctive shift in the tone and energy dynamics of this very beneficial planet, which in astrology is synonymous to expansion. Jupiter increases, enlarges and expands everything, so it represents great benefits, but also waste or loss. In any case, it helps us to understand. The archetypal role of Jupiter’s energy is to increase consciousness, understanding, and awareness, but also to magnify either the positive or the problems that exist, so that we can gain a better overview.

Every 12 years he completes a full cycle in the zodiac. Every 12 years marks a new life cycle of expansion. Jupiter transit through a  sign lasts about 1 year and over the course of this period it appears to be retrograde for 4 months. Jupiter’s transit through a natal house, indicates support on the issues of that house, expansion of issues of that house, increase of things of that house, or can open a window to help us view things form a different perspective. It highlights possibilities or gives us ways to explore a new field of experience or knowledge. As a “sponsor” Jupiter promises, offers and protects in some way. Depending on the placement of natal Jupiter and condition of the natal chart, we can interpret how much Jupiter’s transit will benefit, or will tend towards excess and potential waste. Jupiter traditionally rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces, is in detriment in Gemini and Virgo, in Exaltation in Cancer, and in Fall in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Scorpio

In Scorpio’s sign Jupiter does not have any strength in essential dignity, but depends on his dispositor, which in this case is Mars. Jupiter will have more strength when it will have dignity by Term, from 14-20 degrees Scorpio. These are approximately the degrees that he will travel during his Rx period. This is the period that we can expect the planet to have more power to fulfil its functions, and the issues he represents. This period is from December 15th  to September 25th 2018. Mars being the ruler of Scorpio, indicates that we can expect a more active and energetic year, a potentially polemic year that will reinforce personal goals, beliefs and plans that speak of significant spiritual or material intentions, as well as trigger deeper desires, intensify sexuality and in effect aim at defending proximity issues in relationships. We can expect that combination to assist separations,  or provide a cut off from issues, situations and people that do not help us to expand things or grow. With Jupiter in Libra, we were motivated to express our natal or collective Venus more, while with Jupiter in Scorpio we are activating our natal or collective Mars (or Pluto if one wishes to consider an outer). It will be more important for us to seek fortification in the areas of life affected by Jupiter, and our desire to do more is going to be intensified. Collectively, revelations are going to empower people, but possibly also depress. Scorpio is Moon’s Fall sign. As a God mythological Zeus had many facets and identities, which gave him a diversity of roles and epithets. This reveals the richness and depth of this deity’s persona, and also the broad range of realms of life he was specifically worshipped for, besides being the sky god. Jupiter in Scorpio, is in my opinion, closely identified with the worship of Zeus Chthonius or Katachthonius and Zeus Plousios (meaning of the earth, under the earth, and wealth bringing). We are going to dig deeper collectively, reveal more, and this is a “gift”, that will strengthen the will to resist, repel, or express aversion and contempt, as the era of keeping appearances is over.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign that belongs to the element of Water. Water in the fixed modality maintains, stabilises, and speaks of a highly controlled environment that is either extremely fertile or can become highly toxic. This describes a receptive attitude, that externalises superiority. Without this implying weakness or inertia, it speaks of a possibility of better control and integration. Water is the strongest of the four elements (the driving force of life) as it has the capacity to change all the rest, and so we can perceive its strength. The element of Water gives fertility to the Earth, and the Earth direction to Water, and this will be noticed more by Saturn’s entry into Capricorn from December 20th onwards. In addition, through the sextile aspect Jupiter will make with Pluto in Capricorn in 2018, as well as with the harmonious aspects that Mars (ruler of Scorpio) will make with Jupiter in January and April 2018 (see below for dates and influences). The months where we witness a greater concentration of fast planets in Earth signs will also help give direction and trigger more fertility and potentially productive conditions (January, April, May, August, September 2018). The promise of development therefore depends on the environment as well as on the quality of the foundation-ground we depend on (availability of resources), and how they can be exploited in the best possible way. Whatever restrictions, work and organisation or cultivation took place with Saturn’s  transit through Scorpio (2012-2014), Jupiter will now help expand, develop or clarify.

However, it is important to realise that we are in the final phase of closure of a 20-year cycle of development,  knowledge and resource management, and the maturation of experience that began in 2000 (Jupiter-Saturn synodic cycle)  will end in the very critical year 2020. Through this lense we are moving towards the activation of a significant structural integration of values, on a personal or collective level. The two planets do not form major aspects with each other in 2018, meaning that growth and expansion have more to do with the resources that are already available to us and are within our reach. The semi-square minor aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, being active in the months of December 2017, March, and September of 2018, states that we need to adopt a cautious attitude towards management of resources and goals, and commit  to any purpose exercising patience. Patience and persistence regarding any difficulties or the process of realisation of objectives and plans are important, in awareness of the “wear and tear” inherent in endings that symbolises the current phase of the cycle we are going through. Perhaps we have to do or accept things we do not like in this process. Continue reading

Super Full Moon at 11 degrees and 40 ‘of Gemini



3 December 2017, 15:46 UT, local time 17:46 EET

How do we balance the response to information with the broader scope of life.

Asking the “right” questions.

As we change direction and respond quickly to stimuli, we collect information from a source of knowledge that we may not have been aware of until now.


The Full Moon in Gemini illuminates the need to communicate and connect with others. On a first level, the cosmic energy that sets the tone as we enter the Full Moon phase, has  sensitised our receptivity, perhaps made us vulnerable to confusion, or distracted our attention. It may have brought on anxiety or weaknesses to the foreground, exposed us to feelings of empathy and made us receptive to impressions. The level of information we have been exposed to collectively or on a personal level, over stimulated our emotional minds and may have caused mental and physical fatigue. Too much to process or respond to too many things at the same time, can really disperse ones’s energy. Rest and discharging physically and mentally is a demand that we will want to satisfy the next two weeks, and it is especially necessary if we experience some sort of crisis or pressure. The luminairies separate from a square with Neptune in Pisces (T-square), and asks us to take care of our health and energy imbalances in more practical ways. Exercise some discrimination (Virgo is the sign opposite Pisces). This aspect has already perfected, and so we feel internally, personally and collectively its vibration, as we enter the culmination of the current Lunar cycle. At the same time, Jupiter in Scorpio separates from a trine with Neptune in Pisces, and it may feel like we experienced some level of assistance; a dream, an ideal, a wish, may have been harmonized in some magical way with our faith. Perhaps we may have seen delightful progress to something we wished for or something has happened easily that was in the realm of our imagination. So, on the one hand we have a nebulous or demanding climate that needs flexibility and better coordination, especially grounding, and on the other hand an alignment with a higher vibration, either through spiritual or creative paths, which will give birth to new situations. However, the applying  aspects of the Full Moon chart will describe the climate that will manifest in the next two weeks. Continue reading

Full Moon at 11 degrees 58′ Taurus

Full Moon at 11 degrees 58′ Taurus on November 4, 2017 illuminates the cosmic energy climate that will dominate for the next two weeks. This is the time when we can have a complete view of the lunar month that began on October, 20 in the sign of Libra. What we are dealing with will emphasise our connection between relationships and material issues. On a more archetypal level this has to do with our sense of self-esteem and need for stability.  The Taurus/Scorpio axis is about processing our sense of physical security, our need to validate ourselves and gain self-esteem through the senses and material reality vs our capacity for emotional intimacy with partners, deep knowledge of self and self-empowerement that is represented by the Sun in Scoprio. Jupiter is close to the Sun in a wide conjunction marking a time when we are feeling the urge to tell truths, or deepen awareness of what lies underneath the surface. Desires and passion become a reason and drive. Both levels are expressed in the realm of resources and relationships positively or negatively. Moon is exalted in Taurus, and it is beneficial during this Full moon phase to dedicate some time in whatever gives us pleasure; indulge in the sensual realm; or get in touch with nature. Also take things a bit slower, and imagine or seek help through more spiritual or creative avenues to cultivate a better sense of groundedness. Neptune in Pisces is sextile and trine the Full Moon and provides a release point, a soothing effect or means of escape from any tensions. Whether we are going to hide things under the carpet or use it to surrender to the natural flow of things depends on our personal disposition. We are likely to feel more intensely whatever is lacking on the material level, but there maybe help. Our relationship with possessions, income, ownership , as well as shared resources or deep sharing with partners are in the limelight. Venus the ruler of Taurus is in Libra in opposition to Uranus, and this is urging to overthrow established pattern in the way we relate or change our values. Relationships surprise in unpredictable ways, or need a kind of renewal, while we are called to protect and nurture what is ours and we feel we possess. The full moon lunar phase lasts until November, 18. Taurus’s and Scorpio’s decan 2 are the most receptive to the energies, as well as Pisces decan 2. This full moon is positive and fertile  for Earth and Water signs decan 2, and tense for Aquarian’s and Leo’s decan 2. Libra and Aries decan 3 are also likely to be affected by this Full Moon.


© Eleni Kostika 2017

24th-25th of September 2017

Don’t believe everything you think. Fly above the negativity. All those things we can’t do, and all those things we can do!

Mars opposite Neptune, Mercury square Saturn, as Moon is leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius.

Jupiter conjunct Spica – Luck and wealth

September 5-15, 2017

Jupiter conjunct Spica @ 23 degrees 50′ Libra

Jupiter Stationed Retrograde on February 6th on Fixed Star Spica, and now returns to the same degree heralding a window of time promising, success, luck, wealth and opportunity. The retrograde station on this Fixed star back in February, put an emphasis on expanding introspection, cultivating inner vision, and gaining experience and wisdom from more esoteric processing until the month of June that Jupiter turned direct. Mind travels and inner exploration may have been very prosperous at this time, and now is the time they actually may bear fruit. It’s the inner truth that carries more weight, and can support growth and spiritual development. Any project or goal we have processed between February and June, September is the month to set it in motion or experience how well it is received, bring it out into the world. Spica pronounces the assistance will be available. Did we come in contact with our guru within and ask the big questions? Does this goal or that goal serve our inner fulfilment or advancement? There is great protection with this configuration and a lot of fortune if we are willing to take notice and recognise it. Besides  the eclipse time turbulent energy or any other mundane life or environmental restrictions we may experience activated in the 1st week of September giving an uncontrollable push to respond or deal with external challenges, the second week of September (5-15)  is certainly a time to tune into the things that symbolise prosperity on a spiritual and material level and recognise their higher value. Also put them on a scale. The scales of fairness and balance.  Create space for them to flourish, and externalise the return to the knowledge that was previously gathered to lay better plans that will carry a vision further and support its betterment. Share and be hospitable to different views until you gain a balanced or altered perspective.

If you have planets @ 23 degrees 50′ Libra (+/-1) this may be a very opportune and blessed time that can spoil you with blessings and popularity, allow you to share your gifts of brilliance, wealth, and wisdom with others, make you feel you are well received or bring you the prosperous partnerships you were wishing for.

Good luck! This is once in every 12 years rxmqomxnhak-florian-zeh

For more information on this Fixed star check:

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Photo by Florian Zeh