Full Moon at 00 Virgo 42’



February 19, 2019 – 15:53 UT (Super Moon)

Unlocking the authenticity of our skills in collective life, and clarifying their reflection through others.

Adjustments, refinement, discernment and the theme of purification in our lives.

Intuitive growth and inspiration help us to crystallise conclusions pursuing accuracy at the culmination of a cycle of “harvest”. Sense and sensibility assist in reconciling the relationship between our capacity to discriminate and to have faith.

An especially potent full moon for humanity expressing an awakening, and a reformist attitude towards improvement of life, and the relationship between assistance, service and sacrifice. How does solving collective problems call for alternative approaches and who on a leadership level chooses to act with solidarity fostering earthly and common good.

The beginning of the lunar cycle on February 4, in the sign of Aquarius has highlighted new intentions in relation to our aspirations and our relationship with collective contribution. The climax of the full moon cycle on Virgo / Pisces axis gives us the opportunity to work and shape the way we provide in our  lives and to carry out a consolidation through reforms aiming at a more essential but also healthy relationship with ourselves. This axis has to do with healing, perfecting and consciousness that is triggered by the practical application of what we think, discern and finally believe in, shaping the system of our ideals and perceptions. It is through the usefulness of things that we become conscious of our beliefs and ideals. Issues that concern our work, being of service, and how we attend, care and provide for, are coming to light with this Full Moon. We need to reconcile them with the notion of sacrifice, empathy,  and idealism.  Virgo expresses the improvement and usefulness of things, and the Moon in Virgo intuits, responds and collects with sensibility and accuracy stimuli and messages, analyzing and promoting a distillation process.  A symbiosis of potential to resolve problems with a meticulous focus on perfecting, scrutinising and becoming sensitive to nuances. The luminaries make harmonious applying aspects with Mars at 3 degrees Taurus (the highest exaltation of the Moon) and we are given the opportunity to promote our desires, energy and talents and implement them with some material, practical or physical benefit. We can gain clarity on things we have assimilated, either material or spiritual, and discern how they may help or prove useful to others. We may even explain the relationship between provision and contribution in a new territory with a higher purity of expression. We observe that all three Full Moons from January to March 2019 are occurring at zero degrees of the Leo / Aquarius, Virgo / Pisces, Libra / Aries axes. We are dealing with a fresh energy that states a new and very pure form of expression, a new field of activity that calls for balancing acts, decisions, and reconciliations and perhaps more practice. Anything new springs from the reflection of a creative /authentic oriented source and its relation to the collective sphere (January Lunar eclipse in Leo). In this current Full Moon, we begin to clarify how we become functional and useful, exploring the flow of our inspiration, perception and ideals in a practical way. An appraisal of our harvest from something we have expressed begins to show prime results, or we perceive problems that seek clarification through practical procedures. Continue reading

Mars at 26 Aries squaring the Lunar Nodes at 26 Capricorn/Cancer



February 9, 2019

Are you ready to utilise your warrior archetype in service to the group or are you seeking a way out? Take all your capacity for discipline, responsibility, integrity, and past experience and fertilise a sense of connectedness that has a nurturing and comforting effect by just being who you are. Without knowing it, you may just have found your tribe. This may have stemmed from a need to shake or overthrow an existing order. A two year Mars-Uranus cycle in the pioneering sign of Aries is drawing to a close on February 14. Something urges you to reach the limits of your individual creative self. A time of critical impact, surprises and revolutionary acts.

This may have a more personal effect on you, if you have planets, angular houses cusps or points at 26-29 Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra.

© Eleni Kostika 2019

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unspla


Total Lunar Eclipse at 00 Leo 51′




21 January 2019 – 5:12 UT

(total duration of phenomenon 5 hours)

Change of attitude towards self and collective contribution.

A step in a new field of activity and personal expression.

Expressing creativity and talents

Love, creations and emotional stimulation

Love – Friendship / Giving and receiving love

January is definitely an active month with two Eclipses that sets the stage for important beginnings for the next four months with major developments unfolding  during the whole of 2019. A Lunar Eclipse is a highly charged Full Moon that either helps us to “end” with something or triggers a significant transition. This particular one, signifies a first step to externalise and stabilise something that concerns us, and stems from our “core”. It could be read as an evolutionary step in a new direction, the basic intention to consolidate a situation, to give a particular goal, or project a formal or public attribute. It also shows us a more complete picture of a previous situation that originates either at the beginning of the lunar month (January 6,2019) or has an evolutionary message that can be traced in the previous eclipse of this Saros cycle which occurred on January 9, 2001 (Saros 134).

Themes of the Full Moon:

We are attuned  personally and collectively, to self-expression, passion, loyalty, pleasure, and issues which touch our core being, or “affairs of the heart”. Receiving validity and attention is a theme that the  Leo / Aquarius axis highlights, which reflects the very relationship of an individual with love, talent and creation, and the way it engages or integrates within a wider collective experience. The need to be out there, is reflecting the Sun’s light in the sign of Aquarius that symbolizes the origin of this need, and primarily has to do with the intellect and commitment  to collective ideals. The Sun in a sign with a social aptness, promises a phase of social engagement that has a kind of formality or structure (Saturn -the traditional ruler of Aquarius), or a liberating effect (Uranus the modern ruler of Aquarius). It is like entering a public stage for a purpose. Expressing our “heroic”, self-expressive, and creative side are part of the agenda, plus issues we believe in, hope for, and involve those friends, groups of people, social context, or like-minded affiliations that confirm “contribution”.

In a Lunar eclipse, the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, and it obscures the visibility of the Moon from our vintage point. Astronomy speaks both literally and metaphorically: The symbolic interpretation is that events (on the terrestrial field) become prominent and engage with the energies of the Luminaries that “intent” to exchange “data.”. Earthly concerns, activities, or attachments somehow disrupt or manifest into something through charging and tension. We witness earth’s reflection/shadow on the Moon. We are given an impetus to accelerate processes, gain consciousness of a particular matter or change our response  and attitude in a certain area of life.

The Moon in Leo says I need to be happy, to create, to live, to fall in love, to be excited, to play, to assume a role, and I have difficulty in responding to what I do not like. It also dramatizes, opens the heart and strengthens emotional generosity, and heroism. It is a touchy Moon with a high sense of pride. So all those things  describe our collective vibration. We are going to respond more intensely to anything that affects our pride and dignity, anything that we feel passionate about, feels expressive and exciting. In the element of fire and the fixed modality, the Moon responds with warmth and loyalty towards life. The “shadow” acts as a charging mechanism or as a means to “remove” the elements that prevent this need from being fulfilled. The first degrees of signs signify a new activity, a new way of expression activated by the above themes, which is mobilized through Sun, and in turn objectified by Saturn and Uranus (rulers of  Aquarius). We develop a new attitude towards some existing structure. Continue reading

New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn 25′



January 6, 2019, 01:41 UT

Reviews – The wisdom of time – Our Relationship with the past – What we keep and what we leave behind

The essential supports of life

The need for autonomy and the search for a new direction

 The New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn sets new intentions in alignment with the notions of, integrity, responsibility, limits, maturity, work, power and authority. Urges us to strengthen ourselves and take initiatives. The past is a strong theme, and we may observe ourselves reflecting on the past, pondering on experiences or people who have had an impact on our lives. There is a parallel theme of assertion, call for initiative and action, that would energise a particular field of life.  This is a South Node Eclipse  and asks us to eliminate negative patterns, obsessions, feelings of inadequacy, rejection and release things from the past. We become more conscious of the need to bring closure and gain more wisdom. We may reflect on ties that we share a history with through the years, that have either passed away or we have grown apart, and review our connection with them in the present. We may get in touch with some people we haven’t seen in a long time and illuminate facets of ourselves in a different light. Either way this is a cycle that has to do with our engagement in a social context in some way, and perhaps gaining more clarity and wisdom regarding our position in the world. It is an opportunity for a reality check at self-negating patterns, guilt, fears that burden, to reject things in order to build, clarify or implement plans, to find the right relationship between realism and expectation, between commitment and freedom. A time to take responsibility for our lives and choices. This is a cycle that asks us to make a new beginning of a structural content, that instils seriousness, sense of responsibility and the need to do the right thing, change the rules regarding our commitments, our professional obligations and goals, but also the way in which we organize our lives. We may be more aware that limitation, and discipline helps us to focus on the essence of things. We will be concerned with resources and co-dependent commitments and how they support us. The Cancer/Capricorn eclipses until mid 2020 will eventually push towards a radical re-structuring, and transformation of all essential support systems and also affect our emotional attachments, levels of security and living conditions. We may feel that our relationship with time begins to become more accurate and meaningful, but also to gradually exert more pressure that is intensified so that we become more effective, do the right thing, or  change attitudes. The need to develop our relationships and goals is pushing us towards clarifying our emotional or tribal affinity with others. There are people in our lives that connect us  with the past, with certain goals or professional endeavours, now we may become aware that this is not enough, so we either attempt to strengthen our position, or say goodbye. So, how do we connect with our past to define our relationship with our perception of reality with more clarity, maturity and wisdom? How do we define this reality? Where do we place ourselves in this reality? Surely this cycle has nothing to do with concessions and compromises, it touches critical issues. It helps us to see what we keep and what we leave behind. We take a step forward by demanding a better relationship with ourselves that will lead to a better relationship with others and will illuminate our creative existence in the environments we operate in. Continue reading

Happy Solstice!




Happy solstice! Sun’s Ingress into Capricorn, first day of winter. Enjoy the longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere, by pausing from the excess of daylight activity. An opportunity to see what shines bright in the “dark” and focus on what is essentially supporting us. What structures the reality of our lives. This is a time of the year when time itself and how we invest it can become our central focal point, and the theme of responsibility, integrity, accountability and “doing the right thing” is already emphasised, since Saturn entered Capricorn in December 2017. Saturn is the master “builder”. There are two more years ahead to act and reflect on this theme. How far have we come, what are our limitations, what are we working on on an inner and outer level. Now that Sun enters Capricorn is the right time to check whether our  heart is in line with our reality.
To remember: not to swallow our inner child in the process 

Χειμερινό Ηλιοστάσιο, είσοδος του Ήλιου στον Αιγόκερω, ευκαιρία να χαρούμε την μεγαλύτερη νύχτα χρόνου, στο Βόρειο Ημισφαίριο. Αυτό που “λάμπει” το βλέπουμε στο σκοτάδι. Η αρχή του Χειμώνα. Ας κάνουμε μια παύση από τα περιττά. Είναι η στιγμή να αφιερώσουμε χρόνο στους στόχους μας, στο που θέλουμε να επενδύσουμε τον χρόνο μας, που θέλουμε να δεσμευθούμε. Είναι στιγμή να εστιάσουμε την ενέργειά μας στα ουσιαστικά. Όσα στηρίζουν την πραγματικότητα της ζωής μας. Όσα θέλουμε να υλοποιήσουμε και να επιτύχουμε. Αυτή η θεματική της ανάληψης ευθύνης, της ακεραιότητας, και του “να κάνω το σωστό” είναι κεντρική από την στιγμή που ο Κρόνος μπήκε στον Αιγόκερω, τον Δεκέμβριο του 2017. Ο πρωτομάστορας. Έχουμε αλλά δύο χρόνια μπροστά μας που θα μας απασχολήσει αυτή η θεματική. Τι απόσταση έχουμε διανύσει, ποιοι είναι οι περιορισμοί και οι αναστολές μας, πάνω σε τι δουλεύουμε σε εσωτερικό και εξωτερικό επίπεδο.Τώρα που ο Ήλιος κάνει την είσοδο του στον Αιγόκερω, είναι η στιγμή για να επεξεργαστούμε αν η καρδιά μας είναι ευθυγραμμισμένη με την πραγματικότητά μας. Τι βλέπουμε; Είναι σημαντικό να θυμόμαστε πως δεν χρειάζεται να “καταπιούμε” το εσωτερικό μας παιδί καθώς εργαζόμαστε στους στόχους, στις δημιουργίες και ανταποκρινόμαστε στις απαιτήσεις της πραγματικότητας μας.

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες για την διέλευση του Κρόνου στον Αιγόκερω

Κρόνος στον Αιγόκερω (2017-2020)


© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Monica Silva on Unsplash


New Moon at 15 degrees Sagittarius 07′



7 December 2018, 07:20 UTC


Chasing time, focusing on the broader meaning and perception of things.

The cosmic moment to tell truths, open our hearts and activate our dreams and ideals.

New horizons, experiences and knowledge, after a crisis. Dream, truth or illusion?  


The New Moon, at 15 degrees Sagittarius 07 ‘, activates the need to aim higher, to feel free, and gain an overview of things. Our sense of faith arises from within.  We may be inclined to explore another view or approach to life. We set a new intention, with enthusiasm, optimism, adventurous and expansive spirit. What motivates us: faith, a vision, justice, truth, and the lack of tolerance to limitations. Sagittarius is gifted with the ability have a broader vision and illuminates it’s passions with a generosity that is contagious. In this cycle we say “yes” to the unfamiliar, as self-will is fuelled by an inexhaustible desire to explore life. In this cycle of the Moon we engage with “the foreign”, and generate momentum to get out of our comfort zone, both in the material and spiritual side of life. The desire to travel, to escape, to feel good, to connect with people, to overcome things is zealous, fervent, uncontrollable, sweeping, contagious and exploratory. And that has tremendous power to expand. If you want to convey something that you believe in, you envision, you know, you feel is important, this the lunar cycle to externalise it. If you seek support in your endeavours, it is the month to transcend boundaries, expand your dreams and ideas, and meet with others who can sponsor or help you. The dimensions that any (collective or personal) endeavour, action, mission or movement can take is grand, and the challenge would depend on the context and the quality of the vibration, its ethos and intention. We are on a threshold before winter (Capricorn) in the Northern hemisphere, and the Sun in Sagittarius centres spirit and will, on turning inwards, seek inner truth and take prepare for a new season, while the Moon in Sagittarius aligns collective mood by disseminating the vibration during the cycle, towards improvement and a better future within a societal context.

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