Full Moon at 16 degrees Cancer 16’


January 7th, 2023

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The path finder. Searching for the ‘missing piece’ – we realise there is something else we need to be doing.

What is the gesture and response that ensures that the seed of creation of life can continue to grow? What moves us, and how do we protect the essentials? There is this moment or strange synchronicity that will intuitively connect us with a ‘missing piece’, and liberate creative potentials, that will promote a new perspective, mission or direction.

How do we respond to the manifest world and it’s demands? Re-examining our sense of authority and life choices. Making a difference. A heightened intuition on how to make a positive gesture through a negative situation. We may all be exposed to some kind brokenness or sensitive situation in our immediate environment, in our engagement with social issues, our public or social life or through the current  world affairs in one way or another. We start to recognise patterns, habits and become more conscious of the need to repair this or gain wisdom that can assist or unblock others and ourselves. Instinctual forces that carry wisdom and relate to problem solving are at play.

Cardinal Water is needed, to grow and nurture life. It is concerned with issues around care, nurturing, security and protection, ensuring the continuation of life, in connection to home, food, family, domestic, shelter, to the roots of all plants and growing vegetation, and the living beings of the earth, our sense of belonging and emotional connectedness and sharing, our sense of collective cohesion, the origins of all things, the past. This Moon fully illuminates our needs for the above things (what may be lacking). It is completely liberated, uninhibited, innovative, wild, experimental, free of conditioning and it is also wise and successful in navigating unfamiliar paths and places, as long as we don’t exercise too much control. We need to be open to potentialities. We are in the process of birthing or nurturing ideas, reflecting on ways to repair situations, information, or deal with what is lacking. In search of the missing piece, we may intuit on a new way to navigate a certain territory, a new direction, that may liberate, innovate or break new ground in expressing ideas, skills or talents, while it is preparing us to work with consistency on long term goals.

(Moon in Cancer Out of Bounds, near fixed star Canopus, and conjunct Pallas Athena, in trine with Uranus in 15 Taurus Rx, exaltation of Jupiter at 2 Aries)

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Total Eclipse of the Moon at 16 Taurus 00′


November 8th, 2022.

Key Themes:

Change of habits, emotional and social patterns. Awakenings, unrest, reform, experimentation, revelations, awareness of our limitations, stability tests, our power to resist, capacity to be consistent, need to set the right boundaries, show respect, issues around attachment and detachment. Dealing with pressures, setbacks or delays force us to review our goals and energy investment. Reinforcing a structure we can sustain, or a structure that others can follow. Improving our skills and talents, problem solving capacity, finding our own voice. Practice ways to quiet the mind, preserve energy and exercise discipline and self control are important and are going to promote new beginnings or intentions from January 15th, 2023 onwards. Themes of the past may re-surface.

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Full Moon at 27 degrees Libra 45′ and some notes on the global overview


Saturday, April 16th 2022, 21:54 EEDT

‘Don’t feel like too much talking’ Full Moon, except for what we think is of value to us. Peace of mind can provide inspiration, creativity and new ideas. We need peace, harmony and balance. It may be hard to find, but there seems to be some inspiration coming from somewhere…

A full moon that is about radical change, change of attitude towards relationship patterns, or how we personally or professionally relate to the world. Relationships can either become agents of profound change or crisis at this time, the relationhsip to ourselves may undergo tremendous change and gain great consciousess, through either crisis, conflict, a meeting with another, or a field of interest. Everything seems to require effort, and any change requires some distancing.

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Do you feel empowered or disempowered by love? How can we empower or disempower others and ourselves through our actions. An opportunity to explore our boundaries, limitations, endurance and the ways we claim love (Capricorn is the sign of exaltation of Mars). Feelings and desires get intensified so that we go deeper, below the surface and face our shadows, but also examine our commitments and the true essense of what we desire and gives us pleasure.. Issues with trust and sharing of power in relationships will come to the surface. The need to overthrow existing patterns and structures, so that we liberate ourselves is emphasised. Relationships may struggle between commitment and freedom, and also values and rigid attitudes to do with expectations. Everything will be under close scrutiny, but this is an oportunity to do things differently and experience a surprising sense of deeper connection with our soul. What really gives us pleasure, how does love and how we are being appreciated affect our self worth, and how it can trigger our deepest yearnings. It is time for deep trasnformation and cleansing in relationships with significant others and ourselves. Creativity and indulgence in subjects that interests us can be healing and empowering.

A new cycle begins and this is the first round as this conjunction will happen three times: December 11, December 25, March 3, @ 25-28 degrees Capricorn. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn is making a square with Uranus on December 24th, so the second conjunction will most likely be the most powerful of the three.

If you have planets or points at these degrees this conjunction will have a more personal feel for you. Besides our perosnal relationships, love matters and self worth, these energies will also affect and generate unions, alliances and finances on a personal and collective level and also bring serious hidden matters to light. that will alter the existing course or plan of action.

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