24th-25th of September 2017

Don’t believe everything you think. Fly above the negativity. All those things we can’t do, and all those things we can do!

Mars opposite Neptune, Mercury square Saturn, as Moon is leaving Scorpio and entering Sagittarius.

Jupiter conjunct Spica – Luck and wealth

September 5-15, 2017

Jupiter conjunct Spica @ 23 degrees 50′ Libra

Jupiter Stationed Retrograde on February 6th on Fixed Star Spica, and now returns to the same degree heralding a window of time promising, success, luck, wealth and opportunity. The retrograde station on this Fixed star back in February, put an emphasis on expanding introspection, cultivating inner vision, and gaining experience and wisdom from more esoteric processing until the month of June that Jupiter turned direct. Mind travels and inner exploration may have been very prosperous at this time, and now is the time they actually may bear fruit. It’s the inner truth that carries more weight, and can support growth and spiritual development. Any project or goal we have processed between February and June, September is the month to set it in motion or experience how well it is received, bring it out into the world. Spica pronounces the assistance will be available. Did we come in contact with our guru within and ask the big questions? Does this goal or that goal serve our inner fulfilment or advancement? There is great protection with this configuration and a lot of fortune if we are willing to take notice and recognise it. Besides  the eclipse time turbulent energy or any other mundane life or environmental restrictions we may experience activated in the 1st week of September giving an uncontrollable push to respond or deal with external challenges, the second week of September (5-15)  is certainly a time to tune into the things that symbolise prosperity on a spiritual and material level and recognise their higher value. Also put them on a scale. The scales of fairness and balance.  Create space for them to flourish, and externalise the return to the knowledge that was previously gathered to lay better plans that will carry a vision further and support its betterment. Share and be hospitable to different views until you gain a balanced or altered perspective.

If you have planets @ 23 degrees 50′ Libra (+/-1) this may be a very opportune and blessed time that can spoil you with blessings and popularity, allow you to share your gifts of brilliance, wealth, and wisdom with others, make you feel you are well received or bring you the prosperous partnerships you were wishing for.

Good luck! This is once in every 12 years rxmqomxnhak-florian-zeh

For more information on this Fixed star check: http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Spica.html

© Eleni Kostika 2017

Photo by Florian Zeh


Sun’s Ingress into Cancer – Happy Solstice!

June 21, 2017, 04:24 UTC

Happy Summer Solstice (longest day of year in the Northern Hemisphere)

Happy Winter Solstice (longest night of the year in the Southern Hemisphere)

Sun’s Ingress into Cancer: Time for nurturing self. Time for reconnection of soul and spirit. Time to focus on our emotional self, our habits, our comfort zone. How are those related to our vitality? Regeneration of self through proper nourishment, food, and recognition of feelings, and mostly our own needs. Getting in touch with Mother Nature and its cycle. It is always comforting to know we “belong”. Let’s honor that feeling. This year we have a Mercury Cazimi on the Solstice day which happens a few hours after Sun’s Ingress into Cancer, and it is quite special. It becomes exact at 13:30 UTC, so this is the time to speak from our heart. There is an intuitive kind of clarity that can have great impact. Voice your gut feeling and you shall be heard. Think because you feel, speak because you feel. Ask the question you deeply feel the most. Your heart is speaking to you now!

The Sun will be in Cancer from June 21-July 22, so we will operate with our Moon’s a lot, and that is: What automatically feels right we respond to, personally and collectively!


© Eleni Kostika 2017

photo credit: James Douglas

The blurry “why’s”…


A high frequency aspect that is active right now is Jupiter quincunx Neptune (April 26th -July 19th, 2017).

Ιt is probably difficult to make sense of the “why’s” under this aspect. This may not be a major theme, but just a background tune in our current affairs. Neptune may blur boundaries or confuse. Trying to understand or seek meaning may require letting go of expectations or faith in certain situations. This is probably a time where we feel we don’t know where we stand in certain relationships with others. But this is ok, all we need is to let go! There may be a certain toxicity that permeates our relationship with “truth” when we insist in imagining ideal scenarios.  It is easy with this aspect to “get lost” in a mental quest or introspection. To find it is rather difficult to get the answers we seek or even discriminate  boundaries in our relationships with others.  Some things we hear may not be easily understood. What we believe a situation to be may be vague or something we need to reconcile with. If they “why’s” seem tormenting , we may have to wonder why we so desperately seek those answers. We learn how to trust the wisdom of the universe that doesn’t allow us to control or fully understand certain things. This is probably the reason why we keep seeking reasons and occasions to dream.

(It may feel more relevant on a personal level if you have personal planets or points at 13 degrees (+/-2) Libra and Pisces in your natal chart.

© Eleni Kostika 2017

Full Moon @ 22 Virgo/Pisces – Seeking resolution in order to move on

FM 22 Virgo March 12_2017

March 12, 2017, 14:53 UT 

This Full Moon in the Virgo/Pisces axis is highlighting issues of work, provision of service, health, taking care of problems, prioritising, that derive from an urgency to deal with closure on matters that seem vague or confusing, in order to move on. This is the healing axis and it demands a focus on boundaries; the culmination of the issues that originated in the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February, 26th in the sign of Pisces. The rational side of things that arise with this Full Moon, is challenging and weak and requires patience and perhaps a need to withdraw or resign from the added worry or critical attitudes on how things will turn out. It is not about results. We are emotionally responsive to solving problems, yet things may not be so clear just yet. The emotional or automated responses are those who will determine or take the lead and the tendency to become overly critical or sensitive to disturbances is emphasised with the Moon in Virgo. Yet this is a sign that is compatible to the Moon’s nature, and the capacity to reflect on resolution through being patient and offering help may be of use, although not so logically oriented. There is a need to respond with an organisational and orderly manner and deal with obstructions or limitations. Continue reading

New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse @ 08 degrees Pisces


February 26, 2017,  14:58 UTC

Awakening of psychic powers – Extraordinary perception and quickening of action

A new sense of existence emerges by focusing on intuition

In the stage of incubation of a dream and an ideal, acceleration begins the revelation of the dimension of ‘surprise” and adventure of life

Through the acceptance of duality we discover the primal force and we understand the meaning of desire and liberation

Experiencing a sense of “floating” we regain contact with our identity

A new lunar month begins in the sign of Pisces that signifies a new beginning. A new beginning in the last sign of the zodiac can be an oxymoron. While the intention is set for closure, release or withdrawal a “new” picture emerges.

Pisces as a mutable water sign is the quality of water that is cathartic, healing or redeeming. It is the water that has incredible force and cannot be contained.  This New Moon through the emphasis of planets in Pisces and planets in Aries reminds us that we have neglected contact with our soul, and higher creative forces, as well as perhaps our basic need to unwind, and bond with who we are. It highlights that we may have misplaced something important or have become disoriented through our devotion to or preoccupation with something else. It draws us towards the need to synchronise with the metaphysical purpose and dimension of things.
Mutable water can represent the emotion that carries away everything, that encompasses everything, that washes away to reveal or synthesise another view. It speaks about the emotion that goes beyond; that transcends. Sun, Moon and Neptune conjunct stir up realms of the unconscious, perception and feelings we do not normally have access to. Mercury, Chiron and South Node also in Pisces.  Spiritual and creative faculties are energised. The need to dissolve boundaries, surrender, become sensitive to stimuli or impressions,  is a tendency yet also a very crucial part of a process that signifies a theme of closure and release.  Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries could be compared to a dynamic and impactful reactor, a very urgent and sudden liberation of energy, while Venus also in Aries demands that values, unions and attractions be pursued here and now. With an emphasis on the cardinal fire sign, beginnings, desire, instinct, and initiative as well as risk and bold action are part of the picture that calls for hands on approach, quick reflexes and responses.  Continue reading

Sun conjunct South Node @ 03 Pisces

February 21, 2017

Moon Wobble today, Sun conjunct South Node and opposing North Node of the Moon – if you didn’t know what the coming Solar eclipse on February 26th is about, today you may get a good hint. The Moon Wobble effect has been observed as a time for upheavals, personal and collective. Others may be a source as South Node denotes contacts with others, the past, and all those things we do without a “brain”. This is outgoing energy. Energy may be either wasted or released through the filter of Pisces, in a sacrificial inspiring, empathic, spiritual, or transcendental way. Depending in the context of life there is a kind of surrendering to external or internal influences.Self will is susceptible to impressions at this time. There is a greater meaning out there which we can tap into through intuition. Decisions and conclusiveness is something that may come later. Look towards Virgo North Node and discriminate while maintaining faith in the process cause it is taking us elsewhere.