Positive Application of Mutable Square Aspect Pattern Energies between Saturn-Neptune (Sagittarius/Pisces) and Jupiter-Saturn (Virgo/Sagittarius) that are active most of 2016.

If the dream is a translation of waking life, waking life is also a translation of the dream. – Rene Magritte

If you want to make a dream a reality, this is the year to work hard on it. If it is something you had on your mind or spoken about it for quite some time -even years, this is the year to make use of constraints (Saturn in Sagittarius) even lack of funds and any limitations to lay down your plans carefully and meticulously, even silently retaining your cool and working hard on it. This may prove a test on your beliefs. Integrity and patience are the keys. Support any expansion in a methodical way. (Jupiter in Virgo). There lies an opportunity of finding great support in processing a large amount of information or tasks, as long as we do not magnify the problems and details. A lot can be learned by applying ourselves in productivity, even if there is no demand or “audience” to encourage it in the process. It is the year to serve our truth, or when and where truth can be of service. We may get or feel supported from helping others. Don’t expect rewards. This is about working on our inner strength and skills and placing trust on a purifying and healing process, that will lead us to a truthful result. It could also be about a process of elimination of all those trivialities that will let the essence of any matter, project or dream surface in clear view. Allow yourself to imagine, be inspired and empathise, even though reality may insist in reminding you may not have the luxury to do so. Treasure those moments… (Neptune in Pisces).

All sorts of big questions or inhibitions will prove distracting in the process. Obstacles and delays may disorient, but they can be utilised in order to narrow your focus and vision. The hard aspect patterns in mutable signs (Saturn Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sagittarius) are indeed challenging, testing our confidence and faith, even potentially disturb the familiar functioning of our psyche, by intensifying our mental stress levels with all those recurring intricate episodes that threaten our mundane lives with glimpses or vistas of potential chaos (this is also in reference to physical location). It is how we interpret reality that matters, and what we have faith in, that will ultimately suggest the way(s) out. Artists are in my opinion the people who do utilise these aspects in very positive ways. It may make more sense if we channel our thinking in more abstract terms (i.e. symbols, archetypes, metaphors, visions of the future), focus on what we believe in, and work or produce as much as we can at this time, without letting worries or reality concerns undermine this process. Don’t expect continuity or much external support. Reality is shifting and changing so instead of trying to comprehend it, it may be necessary to either re-create it or start evaluating it in different terms. We may be helping ourselves by helping others… by being mentally and creatively present in those areas of reality that suffer the most “cracks”. Cracks provide openings and escape roots they don’t necessarily need to be mended or sealed, but utilised.
Great progress and breakthroughs can be achieved through discarding what is unnecessary and indulging in creative processes and problem solving by transcending established modes of thoughts, opinion patterns and automated responses to symbols that have been hindering our lives for years.
Sub note: The Surrealist Movement in Art was born in the early 1920’s just after a Saturn/Neptune conjunction in 1918 and along with the Art Deco movement took off in the mid 20’s while Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune formed a T-square in fixed signs -1926. Neptune was in Leo then, and is now in Pisces – the creative possibilities seem now more elusive, alluring and infinite, perhaps mysterious and magical too, and in addition Uranus was in Pisces then and now in Aries which favours ground breaking innovation, boldness, an urge to start anew and a new kind of individualistic existential liberation.
In faith we would all become more creative, hopeful and empathic in our attempt to do “our work”, be part of or understand current reality. (Neptune is in Pisces, so I bet he will win)
© Eleni Kostika 2016



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