Mars Conjoins Saturn @ 09 Sagittarius

gordon matta clark

“Here is what we have to offer you in its most elaborate form –confusion guided by a clear sense of purpose” – G. Matta Clark

A split or break in some structure of life may be initiated or about to happen. Structures never get destroyed they change. Structures are like buildings they sustain our reality, sometimes they become limiting, thus they need to evolve in order to better sustain us. Even if we don’t know where the break needs to be made, the act itself is facilitated, the energy present to make this happen.

From the outside it may just look like a split, from the inside it becomes a glimpse of light that illuminates space. We need to become aware of that space before we decide what is to become of it. Cutting through, requires a precise incision that will reveal an alternate viewpoint that gives insight and will shift our focus. This new focus can potentially become a vision for where and how our energy will be invested from now on. The structures that we are about to act on, can be our limiting thought patterns and belief systems, our ethics, the “truths” we adhere on, our repressed desires, or a house we are just about to build or renovate. Any resistance to these actions, must be dealt with caution and the necessary mental processing and prioritising information. Something is about to be revealed. Narrowing vision can magnify details but will also give immense clarity of purpose. The ground we stand on may be slippery, so a good sweeping and releasing of soft spots may be required.

(Active aspects: Mars Conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune/South Node in Pisces, Mercury Conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, Venus in Virgo in Opposition with Chiron in Pisces)

The images belong to one of my favourite artists, Gordon Matta-Clark, and the work is called: Splitting, 1974

© Eleni Kostika 2016

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