Super Full Moon @ 23 Aries 14′


October 16th, 2016 – 4:23 UTC

Cultivating individualism and renewal vs honouring in a cooperative spirit

An unpredictable Super Full Moon which stimulates energy invested in establishing a new direction

The cycle began in Libra on the 1st of October setting new intentions in relationships and cooperation with others, and now culminates in Aries, as Moon conjoins Uranus heightening intuition, unrest and unexpected change, marking a very active and purposeful time personally or collectively, in the next two weeks.

The Aries – Libra axis highlights the me vs us filters of expression. Any opposition between two planets (including the Moon-Sun pair) is the culmination point in a cycle, and also the time where decisions matter the most. How do we respond to instability, how do we actively protect while energy manifests outside the boundaries of the “plan”?

New and Full Moons become triggers for timing events but are also indicators of mood and energy flow for the duration of the lunation cycle. This Full Moon is highly charged with energy indicating nervous tension (internal or external) in its engagement with Uranus, and sets the mood for change and another kind of awareness in the next two weeks. This may prove challenging in decision making or any kind of balancing acts. Mars exalted in Capricorn as dispositor and out of bounds, gives reason to implement energy eliminating and transforming while meeting Pluto (on the 19th) and eventually dealing with liberating when the square with Uranus perfects (on the 29th). Personal action has a ripple effect transcending personal boundaries, thus potentially having larger impact, as the outer planets indicate. The actions of one may affect the many, and the scenarios unravel depending on the context of life and level of consciousness. Mars functions well in Capricorn so it will deliver results.

This Full Moon ignites an active or re-active lightning bolt (Sun Oppose Uranus, Moon Conjunct Uranus)  promoting independence and autonomy within the context of contractual relationships, alliances of all forms, and equality issues (Aries-Libra). The drive is focused into applying practicality and effectiveness, but also into working and testing alternative ways of action (Mars in Capricorn out of bounds). It may be about a hard task (Mars Conjunct Pluto), explosive or implosive. All is driven from an urge to purge which has been probing for a while now, and is climaxing at its final stages, actualising potential for establishing longer term foundations respecting autonomy or catering for individualism within co-assisting associations with others. (Mars sextile and trine Moon’s Nodes).

A desire to remove or eliminate  “impure” things to achieve focus, renewal and change is part of this message and part of a larger cycle.  Whether it is about feelings, thoughts, fears, burdens, truths, clutter, people or just rotten food in a refrigerator, it is time to enforce that kind of purging process and take initiative.

The Full Moon and Ceres:

The need to provide for ourselves or nurture others in more active ways; matters of custodial care or duties, literal or metaphoric, becoming the single parent provider, or cultivating a more autonomous personal territory in an unstable environment, are potential theme manifestations represented by Ceres’s placement in proximity to the Moon. The Moon separates from Uranus and applies to a conjunction with asteroid Ceres at the critical 29 Aries. The themes mentioned above have been in process since last April as Ceres ingressed into Aries, then expressed consistency, when in Taurus (between July and mid October) and return now into a more active mode of expression as Ceres retrogrades into Aries. This  re-processing may take a while until asteroid Goddess reaches the same degree in direct motion in the beginning of February. The Sun at 23 :Libra at this Full Moon is at the same degree that Jupiter stations Rx on the 6th of February, which further emphasises the connection of its themes with a collective vision and the truths we profess or propagate in the context of self-harvesting as alliances shift gear.

© Eleni Kostika 2016

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