New Moon @ 07 Scorpio 44′


October 30, 2016 17:38 UTC

Whether we are dealing with closure, an ending or a deeper connection this new lunar cycle will allow us to become more conscious and sensitised of how this processes connect to the greater plan. Mercury, God Hermes the psychopomp in conjunction with the New Moon gives access to empowering information, and the trine with Neptune in Pisces and the Nodes allows the processing to engage with creative and unconditional surrendering that forms a new synthesis. It is at the moment we pause or reflect, that sensibility heightens, an ideal refuge is found, a magic solution appears, inspiration transpires, and we can visualise how the things we are moving away from can merge with our evolution path.

Moon is in it’s Fall sign and we may come up against all things we cannot control, but it helps us to become aware that any change or re-birth includes an ending. Mars exalted in Capricorn ruler of the New Moon, is prime motivator in investing energy with a sense of timing, realism and in deep awareness of consequence until November 8th. As it enters Aquarius the shift of energy will promote expression through a humanitarian or rebellious filter.

On another level truth and values reciprocate a dialogue that attempts to define and objectify purpose, balance and give and take. (Jupiter and Venus mutually receive each other).

Venus and Saturn have just began their new yearly cycle in Sagittarius and the pressure to process what truthfully sustains or restricts unions must evolve. Our commitments would be tested on the basis of aims or beliefs, and the capacity to integrate a sense of renewal and freedom as the trine to Uranus in Aries will perfect in the crescent Moon phase.

© Eleni Kostika 2016

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