Super Full Moon @ 22 Taurus 37′


November 14, 2016, 11:52 UT 

This extremely rare Super Full Moon highlights our capacity to cultivate stability on the physical and material level of experience. The fixed modality deals with attachment, the Taurus/Scorpio polarity has especially to do with attachments to resources, possessions, desires and the notion of ownership vs sharing. Access to resources, our own or other’s, highlights decisions, intensifies responses which may manifest through joint ventures, intimacy in relationships or a better emotional and psychological grounding in our attempt to claim continuity.

As developments unfold on a larger scale we can either choose to try and make sense of confusion, or dissolution with endless scenarios or establish a connection with the more stabilising forces available to us through what we really can claim and is our own on the personal level. With Moon in Taurus the need for security and stability is pronounced, the need to gratify the senses or indulge is instinctive. Any scarcity on that level of experience will be felt strongly and affect self-worth.

The Scorpio cycle that began on October 30th, is about deepening awareness, and dealing with what’s underneath the surface of the “visible” realities of life. Any shadows or “matter” that need to be transformed or re-cycled has to be reconciled with the capacity to trust, deal with truth, and accept the natural cycle of life which requires letting go of our tendency to control.  The cycle culminates on the Taurus-Scorpio axis which deals with the mine vs ours dilemma, but further more negotiates a kind of consciousness that appeals to the senses and values the physical properties of life.  This is a Full Moon with an earthy and fertile feel to it, that seeks to heal vulnerability, and intensify awareness of all those things we “possess”, appreciate their worth and negotiate how we share them with others. The following two weeks cultivate opportunity  for establishing alternative solutions to problems, resolving contradiction through concentrating on what’s of value, or examine situations in more meaningful and  rewarding ways.

It is time to slow down pace and cultivate inner stability, as Moon in Taurus comes into full view. Moon is exalted in Taurus ruled by Venus in Capricorn, the sign of Moon’s detriment. Something we possess is exalted, it needs to be honoured and it will, even though we may not like or particularly value the source.  It could be feelings, or an actual asset, skill or item. This is a rather strange relationship between the two planets who don’t aspect each other in the Full Moon chart. It is like being the guest of honour of a host we don’t really like. Venus is dignified by triplicity and term, which gives luck and a certain amount of power to operate, so unions may prove positive and opportune acting as boosters and motivators. There is a strong ambivalence of whether really to respond based on an indulgent need or choose truthfully. Feelings are strong and inflexible in the fixed signs, decisions are needed and relationships are at play in any opposition, which may intensify tension. We may not really like the reasons that trigger them or who provides for them, but assistance will become available. Venus is out of bounds and not forming any major aspects in the Full Moon chart. Valuing, uniting or attracting in unconventional ways is the way to go expressed with realism in the sign of Capricorn. It is commitment and cultivation of ground that would essentially attract any sense of progress, fulfilment and continuity on the material or sensual level of existence. This really points to facilitating unions, assessing values, or money outside our usual matrix, and indeed this may have some power to fulfil its promise to a certain extent because of chance or right timing.

Inner tensions may have erupted or even motivated a certain kind of will to detach from situations as the Sun separates from a  quincunx to Uranus in Aries. On a different level this aspect may have intensified the need to act or express our individuality and lack of desire to conform. This is a very creative aspect too, forcing authentic talents and self-expression to the fore. The Sun and Moon separate from a sextile and trine to Chiron, assisting the need to solve problems or deal with vulnerabilities and heal soar areas of life that have come to our awareness through resources. With Uranus’s and Chiron’s engagement in the Full Moon chart, we have been reminded of the Promethean theme in the past few days, personally or collectively, while we are negotiating the need to preserve stability and ensure security in life. Any planet in Pisces (currently Chiron and Neptune which is turning direct on November 20th, in contact with the South Node), can become an active solvent bringing solutions through dissolution, or merging. The need to let go intensifies and finds release. The North Node in Virgo is continuing to remind us of where we need to go to evolve: Utilising our critical faculties, setting the right boundaries and working with what we’ve got. Chiron and Uranus speak about alternative ways to act, heal, change or liberate.

Sun is at the Venus/Jupiter and Mars/NN midpoints. This according to Ebertin promises a happy and joyful development in connection to collaborative efforts or sexual unions combined with fatigue or weakness as it also squares the Mars/Neptune midpoint.

This is all in a premature stage as Venus, Mars and Mercury signify in the first degrees of their placements in Capricorn, Aquarius and Sagittarius, connecting through semi-sextiles and a sextile. It seems like a more personal but socially oriented conversation is taking place between the planets that activate unions for the purpose of some kind of examining, planning or trading. Venus in Capricorn and Mars in Aquarius are in Moon’s and Sun’s detriment signs. The reasons behind decisions we are dealing with or culmination of events may not be precisely to our liking, they may reverberate discomfort as this is a time we seek stability and fulfilment, and there is also an instinctive resistance or inflexibility. As Venus will meet Pluto and square Uranus in the following two weeks the tension will intensify regarding the capacity to generate unions and money or detach from them in order to evolve, expand or attain goals.

Can our needs to please our senses and feel secure be provided for? Who is it really that provides for those needs? What are the values that motivate our sense of pleasure and self-worth?

It is time to simplify, and essentially let the conversation or mental processes stand aside, stop distracting us, while we slow down and retreat in a comfort zone that provides inner peace and soothes the senses. The energy reverberates the themes of last June when Mars stationed direct at 23 degrees Scorpio, so we may be called to follow up or negotiate something that was generated then. Mars ruler of the lunar cycle was @ 23 degrees Capricorn at the New Moon on the October 30th. The degree of the Full Moon trines and sextiles this degree, so it gives an echo for a potential outlet for completion or harmonious development of a matter, desire or intention as the cycle draws to a close.

I hope we all find a moment to enjoy the wonderful sight of this special Full Moon as it is the closest and brightest in a period of 86 years!

This Full Moon has a more personal feel to you: If you are a Taurus born between May 11-15, a Scorpio born between November 12-16, a Leo born between August 13-17 or Aquarius born between February 9-14, and/or if you have Ascendant or personal planets at 22 degrees (+/-2) of fixed signs, earth or water signs.

More on the Super Full Moon:

© Eleni Kostika 2016




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