Super Full Moon @ 22 Gemini 25′ Asking the right questions


December 14, 2016, 00:05 UT

This Super Full Moon highlights our cognitive capacity. As information disseminates faster and faster the current energy climate highlights the tension between processing data and developing awareness, or simply making sense of things. Truth is a critical factor on a collective level, and this particular cycle exposes us to the need for truth and meaning even more so. The cycle began in the sign of Sagittarius, a sign that likes to explore and seek truth pushing boundaries. Communication is even more critical at this culminating phase, as the Moon in Gemini reflects the light of the Sun in Sagittarius. Our capacity to ask the right questions will make all the difference in the answers and truths we seek or give into.

The role of the media is even more highlighted at this lunation, as well as all issues of travel, documents, education, learning,  transportation, immigration, and agreements of all sorts. Experience and the past comes in as an additional component to gear our activities or inner dialogue towards a reviewing of reality or structures that need to be re-examined or re-negotiated. This feels like a ‘judgement’ and “commitment” period bridging two lunar cycles, those of Sagittarius and Capricorn, which particularly have to do with how ideology, knowledge, and experience develops into structure and established reality. On a collective level ideologies, belief systems form structured regimes, that we may call governments or other formal institutions that exercise control. On a personal level experience, knowledge, beliefs and faith become the vehicle for building structures in our public sphere of life, such as reputation, career, and achievements that reflect our societal goals and roles.  Mercury turns Rx on December 19th, and as God Hermes was known as the only Olympian to have free-access between two worlds a more internalised dialogue can occur between the higher and the lower mind, or between the level of our mundane reality and that of what lies beneath on the realm of our psyche. So, how we mentally tune into our reality, and all that it entails such as constraints, commitments, restrictions, goals, that affect our psychological condition is what matters the most.  The way we think about things largely affects our appreciation of reality and ultimately the goals we set out and work towards realising. 

The mutable modality deals with boundaries of all sorts and the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity has especially to do with boundaries related to processing data, learning and expanding awareness that ultimately constitutes a better understanding, and a sense of faith about why we are, and what we believe in.

The Full Moon heightens our receptivity to stimuli from all directions inner and outer, that may affect our moods, facilitate mobility and arrangements of all kinds. The Moon is fast so we are likely to respond quickly and with a sense of urgency in order to respond or finish things, that may potentially create stress. Developments may seem to be faster than what we can process. The challenge lies in how we filter this data, how we let it affect our daily rhythms, routines, instinctive reactions, in our attempt to connect bits and pieces of information, or in our contacts with others. The Moon’s dispositor Mercury is in Capricorn and brings old data for review from December 19th to January 08. There is an affinity between the planets even though not in aspect, through triplicity, which means they are in a friendly connection  An internal dialogue begins that has access to substance, develops practicality and facilitates an appreciation of the essence of forms and structures of thought. This is the mind that is able to concentrate, and operates with seriousness and caution. Time is crucial in this process. It’s energy is restrictive, critical, controlling, yet also very constructive in terms of self-reflection, or examining issues that require a realistic approach.  By the end of this period we can develop a more solid understanding of the essence in issues that either restrict or support our cognitive self. Being aware where our mental process is directed at this time is critical, as the Capricorn filter can develop an overly critical, or dismissive attitude, especially if things don’t seem to function so well on a mundane level. There is a very Saturnine feel to this Full Moon as Saturn affects the agenda of five planets until December 19th: Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn, Venus and Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Libra the sign of Saturn’s exaltation. Saturn in Sagittarius speaks about restriction of overview, the need to narrow vision, and being so close to the Sun (combust) the dogmatic patterns or established beliefs about ourselves or the world, which we do not “see”, may inhibit choices and create complexes.

The planetary relationships form a mystic rectangle that has potential to ease out the tensions of the oppositions, that can also manifest as opportunities for a sense of relief. Through the expansion of feelings and connections with others our intuition can be a good guide. (Moon Trine Jupiter, Jupiter sextile Saturn-Sun, Moon Sextile Uranus, Sun trine Uranus). The emphasis on Air and Fire, promises an expansion in communication, contacts, ideas, and desires which can feel creative or rejuvenating. Chiron forms a T-square with the Luminairies which may have touched on some vulnerable or ‘sore’ spots that deal with issues of emotional detachment. These are separating aspects so they describe the energy atmosphere that developed in the previous days.

The Sun is applying to a sextile with Mars and the Moon is applying to a trine with Mars in Aquarius, and it is indeed the Mars energy that is likely to strongly become the outlet of the tension as an influence at the waning phase of this cycle. It is like a “spark” to claim and fight for what we feel and wish to protect or promote. Very positive for professional or collective projects. An aspect pattern that essentially stimulates emotions and will, to instigate action. In an Air sign it will be more communicative, and depending on the circumstances it will manifest as positive or negative. Anger will be expressed easily as well as desire or any other claim we wish to make.  It becomes easier to separate or break from situations or people too. Claiming our vital space is necessary and Moon – Mars aspects can also manifest as busy or conflictual scenarios in family or domestic arrangements. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are in their own terms, and Moon and Sun in the terms of Saturn. There may be a lot of obligations, but there is also a need to act and speak out truths.

The cosmic energy feels like we have a lot do and think about, and we need to process this in the frame of mind that allows us to ‘meet’ or ‘distance’ ourselves from others, accordingly. A schedule may be valuable, as well as a good “filtering’ of information.

We can communicate constructively during this period and overcome a lot of obstacles. Caution is the right word, to do with Mercury Rx in Capricorn. Keep in mind that external information is not so well synchronised with internal processing that is going on at this stage and it holds more value in respect to how things evolve in the future. It will be wiser to avoid definitive decisions if a new situation arises at this moment. Thoughts and examining become a mental “nutrient” that will assist in getting deeper to the essence of things that may go back to December 2015-January 2016. Obviously life goes on and there is always the need for choices and decisions. It is important to be aware that no matter what choices we make, the internal dialogue and processing continues until at a certain moment in time a month or so from now when we may connect  data in a different way.

Active listening is good advice for the next couple of weeks, as well as trust in “gut” feelings as far as responses from others are concerned.


Happy Full Moon!

This Full Moon has a more personal feel to you: If you are a Gemini born between June 12-16, a Sagittarius born between November 12-16, a Virgo born between September 14-17 and a Pisces born between March 13-16, or you have Ascendant and any personal planet at 22 (+/- 2) degrees of mutable signs.

© Eleni Kostika 2016




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