Full Moon @ 22 Cancer 27′ Actions that matter

January 12, 2017, 11:33 UT 

This Full Moon highlights our sense of emotional security and all that it entails.  Moon in Cancer the sign of its dignity brings to light domestic issues, habitual patterns, instinctive responses, family, mother, home, real estate, collections and re-collections, shelter, homeland, safety and protection, and emphasises the need to care for what we feel our own. There is a Cardinal Grand Square planetary configuration in the skies, which promotes action and change, taking initiative, and the need to deal with issues or crises head on.

Two oppositions can certainly bring out antagonism between opposing forces and challenging balancing acts, but also bring about some dynamic deals and negotiations. Obviously relationships are to the fore and there are more than one ways to act and deal with tension as suggested by the squares. The Moon in Cancer provides inner strength and emotional resilience. One  can really break new ground and get excited or explosive under the influence of Uranus, or can exaggerate feelings and responses under the influence of Jupiter.  Family contacts may be intense. Truths will certainly come into the open and sudden revelations may either excite or surprise. This is perhaps a time of finding a new home, change your home, re-locate, alter habits or get in contact with feelings in a totally new light. Sudden offers for investments should be considered thoroughly. While the Sun in Capricorn disciplines focus, will, leadership and choices to deal with change and expansion, in its square aspect with Uranus and Jupiter could bring about a gambling spirit, a creative liberation, an intent to shock, and also a generous spirit or exaggerated egos, arrogance, and an element of luck. Whether the tension is internal or external the cosmic energies will aid active manifestations of will and feelings in give and take. The public will be moody and protective, and also highly responsive to anything or anyone that appears to become controlling, pervasive or threatens its security and safety.

Jupiter in Libra expands and supports  in a fair way while Uranus in Aries shocks, revolutionises or unrests in active and assertive ways. All aspects are separating so this kind of brewing tension or itch to act seems kind of internal or relies on events that have already occurred in the previous days. The only applying aspect is the Moon’s quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius which indicates the need to work, the need to digest some “ending”, a closure or making adjustments to routines, domestic duties, debts and commitments, which we may not like (Cancer is Saturn’s detriment sign)  but seem obligatory if we wish to see progress and achieve goals.

The Sun is separating from its conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn and a new annual cycle has began that deals with the power of will. Pluto in contact with the Sun gives power to life yet also speaks of crisis and powerful life experiences that transform the self. Empowerment is the greater theme here. Any choice would potentially involve purging or transformation. The Sun is parallel Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Sagittarius and Mercury in the last degree of Sagittarius. This combo suggests critical decisions, agreements, negotiations or long term signatures to do with joint resources, money matters or other important commitments accompanied with responsibilities.

There is great momentum inherent in the Grand Square which can either bring great progress and set things in motion or cause crisis due to lack of forethought and organisation or power struggles. It is a very powerful combination that can also easily exhaust if one tackles too many things at once. So multitasking and acting on pure impulse is not really advised for the next two weeks if conditions involve big risks. Setting priorities and exercising control is of prime importance if this powerful energy is to be handled successfully. And it can indeed with forethought, planning and prioritising. There is a lack of fixed placements in the chart of this Full Moon so we can expect change, action and with the placement of Saturn, Venus, Mars and Neptune in their respective mutable placements quite a bit of flexibility and need for fine tuning to do with work, money and relationship matters, energy investment and idealism.  Mars in Pisces promotes empathy and transcendental action. It also favours retreat and remember if it doesn’t work, withdraw.  Venus in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces is highly evocative of unconditional love, the illusion of beauty, enchanted attractions, magical gifts and emphasises creative and artistic inspiration. Sensationalism  is exalted!  This is a yearly cycle between Venus and Neptune beginning in this Full Moon which deals with the theme of values and ideals. After all it is how we value things that affects what we desire, attract, who we unite with.

Happy Full Moon everyone!

This Full Moon has a more personal feel to you: If you are a Cancer born between July 12-18, a Capricorn born between January 10-15, an Aries born between April 10-14 and a Libra born between October 14-18, or if you have Ascendant and any personal planet at 22 (+/- 2) degrees of cardinal signs.  If you are a Pisces or have Venus in Pisces at 09 (+/-2) degrees.

© Eleni Kostika 2017

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