Sun conjunct South Node @ 03 Pisces

February 21, 2017

Moon Wobble today, Sun conjunct South Node and opposing North Node of the Moon – if you didn’t know what the coming Solar eclipse on February 26th is about, today you may get a good hint. The Moon Wobble effect has been observed as a time for upheavals, personal and collective. Others may be a source as South Node denotes contacts with others, the past, and all those things we do without a “brain”. This is outgoing energy. Energy may be either wasted or released through the filter of Pisces, in a sacrificial inspiring, empathic, spiritual, or transcendental way. Depending in the context of life there is a kind of surrendering to external or internal influences.Self will is susceptible to impressions at this time. There is a greater meaning out there which we can tap into through intuition. Decisions and conclusiveness is something that may come later. Look towards Virgo North Node and discriminate while maintaining faith in the process cause it is taking us elsewhere.

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