New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse @ 08 degrees Pisces


February 26, 2017,  14:58 UTC

Awakening of psychic powers – Extraordinary perception and quickening of action

A new sense of existence emerges by focusing on intuition

In the stage of incubation of a dream and an ideal, acceleration begins the revelation of the dimension of ‘surprise” and adventure of life

Through the acceptance of duality we discover the primal force and we understand the meaning of desire and liberation

Experiencing a sense of “floating” we regain contact with our identity

A new lunar month begins in the sign of Pisces that signifies a new beginning. A new beginning in the last sign of the zodiac can be an oxymoron. While the intention is set for closure, release or withdrawal a “new” picture emerges.

Pisces as a mutable water sign is the quality of water that is cathartic, healing or redeeming. It is the water that has incredible force and cannot be contained.  This New Moon through the emphasis of planets in Pisces and planets in Aries reminds us that we have neglected contact with our soul, and higher creative forces, as well as perhaps our basic need to unwind, and bond with who we are. It highlights that we may have misplaced something important or have become disoriented through our devotion to or preoccupation with something else. It draws us towards the need to synchronise with the metaphysical purpose and dimension of things.
Mutable water can represent the emotion that carries away everything, that encompasses everything, that washes away to reveal or synthesise another view. It speaks about the emotion that goes beyond; that transcends. Sun, Moon and Neptune conjunct stir up realms of the unconscious, perception and feelings we do not normally have access to. Mercury, Chiron and South Node also in Pisces.  Spiritual and creative faculties are energised. The need to dissolve boundaries, surrender, become sensitive to stimuli or impressions,  is a tendency yet also a very crucial part of a process that signifies a theme of closure and release.  Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries could be compared to a dynamic and impactful reactor, a very urgent and sudden liberation of energy, while Venus also in Aries demands that values, unions and attractions be pursued here and now. With an emphasis on the cardinal fire sign, beginnings, desire, instinct, and initiative as well as risk and bold action are part of the picture that calls for hands on approach, quick reflexes and responses. 

While this new emotional cycle in the Piscean realm due to the Eclipse phenomenon has broader or more intense characteristics, on one level may dissolve delusions while on another gives great sensibility, capacity to perceive or intuit in very high frequencies.  At the same time the planets in Aries give a sense of urgency to act, an element of unrest or surprise with Jupiter in Libra on the opposite side, ruler of the New Moon and retrograde, opening up avenues of exploration and expansion.  This can make anything that happens in an instant go a long way. Assists to explore new territories of action, and also to learn from those we disagree with.

Pisces and Aries as consecutive signs do not see each other, and Jupiter does not aspect the New Moon. This may reveal a message about lack of clarity (inner or outer) on conditions, situations or intentions that has to do with origin, motivation or agenda. While we accelerate in one realm it is important to have faith,  and preserve an internal space of calmness and contact with the experience we have collected along the way, to reconcile with the importance certain things have acquired in our lives and to focus on the process that would assist a release of the “load” that has served its purpose.

If we view Aries as the evolution of Pisces, then the relationship between them can be compared to the transition from gestation to birth, from an end to a new beginning, from a synthesis/composition to a launch, from isolation to liberation, from an arrival to a new departure.

Collected experience can re-invent new life, and whether personal or collective it absorbs every vibration from the environment and unifies it. The Sun travels through the zodiac in a year representing a cycle of experience that concludes in the sign of Pisces. A realm with no boundaries symbolising the process of integration, merging and synthesising that encapsulates the experience of all signs.

It is like a palimpsest where all inscribed “data” exists in layers and is transfigured into something else. It is like a threshold of consciousness, an in-between space, yet also a place of escape, withdrawal where we encounter all those things that are not “visible” or cannot be explained by the rules that condition reality on a physical level. We come into the phase of preparation for the theme of closure and endings, that incubates a seed for a new beginning. The duality of Pisces reminds us that all exists within us, every experience and we are the ones who choose how we are going to perceive it, develop it, or feel it.


Confusion and reconciliation with “loss” are parts of the process of reformulation of life. They are necessary cause they dissolve the certainties that very often entrap us. Escape or withdrawal are also necessary cause they allow the space to dream, encounter the ideal, regain faith, that elates our soul and spiritual self.  We all need to experience Neptune, Jupiter and the 12th house and if we don’t consciously energize the realm of Pisces in our natal charts, we may feel that there is a lack of completeness, connectedness or awareness of sense of place in the universal order of things.


If the New Moon is where we are to focus (Pisces), then we can view the realm of Gemini as the 4th place from Pisces (root and origin of issues) and the realm of Leo as the 6th place from Pisces (work that needs to be done). Collectively we are dealing with root issues of overload of information (Gemini) coming from all directions and the need to process it, results in confusion, inconclusiveness, dissolution of boundaries, a sense of disorientation (traits of Pisces). By trying to connect the dots the mind continuously divides and processes, and this frantic condition has perhaps distracted consciousness from being creative, what we need to create, and how we honour ideals, seek more authenticity,and personal love. (Pisces working with Leo). It is time to heal and create, while a crucial awakening is taking place that marks the end of a “season” and possibly the end of an era.  It is potentially a period where we may be discovering that there is another “world” beyond the boundaries of our own, that we may not have been aware of.


This is the last Eclipse in the Virgo/Pisces axis at least for another ~18 years, and it belongs to Saros 140 (19 South – Brady/Jansky) that according to Bernadette Brady brings an element of surprise, a joyful event and generally positive developments in one’s life that can be believed. The most recent of this family of Eclipses occurred in February 16, 1999, so we could perhaps unlock potential evolutionary meanings for the current period if we trace events of that period of time, personally or collectively.


The Eclipses in the Virgo/Pisces axis since March 2015 highlight the purifying process of how we serve, deals with setting the right boundaries, and also sets the basis of self-worth, and conscious provision of service to society. Utilisation of one’s skills as a means of service to others. Stresses emphasis on issues of ego-denial, work, problem solving, healing, regaining faith and ideals. Victim – saviour patterns are very prominent here. Pisces carries the promise of merging the material with the spiritual in a world without limits and restrictions, where we synthesise, create, imagine  and idealise. Sometimes it may be necessary to dissolve or lose complete control by believing in the unattainable to reclaim our primal needs and sense of identity.  In reality we have no control and with Neptune we experience this through a process that reveals that what we never imagined would happen, can actually happen. It shows us that the inconceivable is possible.  Pisces substitutes the perfection that Virgo seeks in the material realm with the ideal, a dream.   What is the ideal form of things that serves us and motivates collective consciousness to continue to be inspired and create? This is a healing mechanism.



“Many people who are going through the early stages of the awakening process are no longer certain what their outer purpose is. What drives the world no longer drives them. Seeing the madness of our civilization so clearly, they may feel somewhat alienated from the culture around them. Some feel that they inhabit a no-man’s-land between two worlds. They are no longer run by the ego, yet the arising awareness has not yet become fully integrated into their lives.”

Eckhart Tolle – “A New Earth”



The energy of this lunar cycle and Solar Eclipse may have a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Pisces born between February 24 – March 03, a Gemini born May 27  – June 02, a Virgo born August 29 – September 04, a Sagittarius born November  29 – December 4.  And/or if you have Ascendant or personal planets at 08 degrees (+/- 3) of mutable signs.


  • Eclipse trigger dates:

December 30, 2016 (Mars @ 08 Pisces)

February 26, 2017 (Solar Eclipse)

May 03, 2017 (Mars @ 08 Gemini)

May 29, 2017 (Sun @ 08 Gemini)


More info on the Eclipse:



© Eleni Kostika 2017

 © Artwork by Farida El Gazzar,


Brady, B. 1992: The Eagle and the Lark, Weisser Books, San Francisco, CA/Newburyport, MA

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