Full Moon @ 22 Virgo/Pisces – Seeking resolution in order to move on

FM 22 Virgo March 12_2017

March 12, 2017, 14:53 UT 

This Full Moon in the Virgo/Pisces axis is highlighting issues of work, provision of service, health, taking care of problems, prioritising, that derive from an urgency to deal with closure on matters that seem vague or confusing, in order to move on. This is the healing axis and it demands a focus on boundaries; the culmination of the issues that originated in the New Moon Solar Eclipse on February, 26th in the sign of Pisces. The rational side of things that arise with this Full Moon, is challenging and weak and requires patience and perhaps a need to withdraw or resign from the added worry or critical attitudes on how things will turn out. It is not about results. We are emotionally responsive to solving problems, yet things may not be so clear just yet. The emotional or automated responses are those who will determine or take the lead and the tendency to become overly critical or sensitive to disturbances is emphasised with the Moon in Virgo. Yet this is a sign that is compatible to the Moon’s nature, and the capacity to reflect on resolution through being patient and offering help may be of use, although not so logically oriented. There is a need to respond with an organisational and orderly manner and deal with obstructions or limitations. The stress factor is heightened as mutli-tasking may be needed to handle the completion of tasks that are by nature changeable with a Mutable T-square (apex Saturn). We are exposed to problem solving. This is an action pattern, that brings focus in work or duties with possible obstacles, delays, hindrances or difficulties that  require  adapting to changing circumstances. The mental GPS is a little disoriented at this stage, but the events demand a change of direction. Movement, travel, changing of schedules is part of the equation. Mercury the ruler of the Full Moon is in Pisces the sign of its Fall. This placement rather promotes an empathic or sacrificial way of processing issues than ensuring the feeling of tasks being resolved or conclusive. Mercury separates from a square to Saturn in Sagittarius (the sign of Mercury’s detriment). Somehow the mental faculties are imbued with inhibition, fears, rejection or estrangement perhaps suspicion may surface, but this is an opportunity to realise negative motifs and work on them on an emotional level. We will be oriented on overcoming or working hard.

This is a Full Moon that asks us not to be so hard on ourselves if reality does not exactly work the way we expect it, and the sense of challenge or confusion that may prevail on a mundane level may be an indicator we need to reflect on and protect those little things we can do to make us feel better on a daily level, and let all those other things we can’t control to be dealt with later. It seems it will be hard to make sense of how things evolve in the next two weeks or so. Prioritising is needed. The emphasis on mutable signs is that any crisis or event that may bring tension has a passing nature and it is likely to change. Moon is in a partile quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries, which emphasises the need to adapt to unpredictable circumstances or to changes being made. It feels like we are in a transitional stage of operation, and we will be confronted with pending issues that have previously occurred and we need to provide for before we make a new start. The planets in Pisces and especially Mercury in the late degrees, expresses the idealistic, imaginative, incarcerating or saviour nature of examining data or thinking patterns which is almost urgent, while Moon in Virgo exposes in full view the need to discriminate or separate the wheat from the chaff and set the right boundaries.

The presence of Saturn in square aspect to the luminaries may prove a hindering factor. Our vitality or feelings may be on the low side, but the need to be cautious in our attempt to resolve issues or make commitments will actively engage and involve a truth seeking application of past experience. Jupiter ruler of Pisces, in Libra is Rx and is applying to a square with Pluto in Capricorn which will be active for a while. Seeking justice in a fair way will require some purging or transformation. The truths, expansion or support we seek force us to change deeply or deal with power issues.  Mars in Taurus makes harmonious aspects to the Nodes of the Moon which emphasises the consistent and persistent application of energy in team spirit and collaborative efforts.

The next two weeks may be challenging, inconclusive and also feel slow in the way things develop,  but may also give a sense of accomplishment and provide more wisdom  if we manage to keep a balance between our need to see improvement and our expectations. The last aspect the Moon makes before it leaves the sign of Virgo is an opposition with Mercury in Pisces, and this speaks about the unfolding of a lot of communication, movement and polarised thinking.

Happy Full Moon everyone!

This Full Moon has a more personal feel to you: If you are a Virgo born between September 12-17, a Pisces born between March 10-14, a  Sagittarius born between December 11-15 and a Gemini born between June 12-15, or if you have Ascendant and any personal planet at 22 (+/- 2) degrees of mutable signs.


(For my analysis I use the applying aspects only)

© Eleni Kostika 2017

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