The blurry “why’s”…


A high frequency aspect that is active right now is Jupiter quincunx Neptune (April 26th -July 19th, 2017).

Ιt is probably difficult to make sense of the “why’s” under this aspect. This may not be a major theme, but just a background tune in our current affairs. Neptune may blur boundaries or confuse. Trying to understand or seek meaning may require letting go of expectations or faith in certain situations. This is probably a time where we feel we don’t know where we stand in certain relationships with others. But this is ok, all we need is to let go! There may be a certain toxicity that permeates our relationship with “truth” when we insist in imagining ideal scenarios.  It is easy with this aspect to “get lost” in a mental quest or introspection. To find it is rather difficult to get the answers we seek or even discriminate  boundaries in our relationships with others.  Some things we hear may not be easily understood. What we believe a situation to be may be vague or something we need to reconcile with. If they “why’s” seem tormenting , we may have to wonder why we so desperately seek those answers. We learn how to trust the wisdom of the universe that doesn’t allow us to control or fully understand certain things. This is probably the reason why we keep seeking reasons and occasions to dream.

(It may feel more relevant on a personal level if you have personal planets or points at 13 degrees (+/-2) Libra and Pisces in your natal chart.

© Eleni Kostika 2017

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