Jupiter conjunct Spica – Luck and wealth

September 5-15, 2017

Jupiter conjunct Spica @ 23 degrees 50′ Libra

Jupiter Stationed Retrograde on February 6th on Fixed Star Spica, and now returns to the same degree heralding a window of time promising, success, luck, wealth and opportunity. The retrograde station on this Fixed star back in February, put an emphasis on expanding introspection, cultivating inner vision, and gaining experience and wisdom from more esoteric processing until the month of June that Jupiter turned direct. Mind travels and inner exploration may have been very prosperous at this time, and now is the time they actually may bear fruit. It’s the inner truth that carries more weight, and can support growth and spiritual development. Any project or goal we have processed between February and June, September is the month to set it in motion or experience how well it is received, bring it out into the world. Spica pronounces the assistance will be available. Did we come in contact with our guru within and ask the big questions? Does this goal or that goal serve our inner fulfilment or advancement? There is great protection with this configuration and a lot of fortune if we are willing to take notice and recognise it. Besides  the eclipse time turbulent energy or any other mundane life or environmental restrictions we may experience activated in the 1st week of September giving an uncontrollable push to respond or deal with external challenges, the second week of September (5-15)  is certainly a time to tune into the things that symbolise prosperity on a spiritual and material level and recognise their higher value. Also put them on a scale. The scales of fairness and balance.  Create space for them to flourish, and externalise the return to the knowledge that was previously gathered to lay better plans that will carry a vision further and support its betterment. Share and be hospitable to different views until you gain a balanced or altered perspective.

If you have planets @ 23 degrees 50′ Libra (+/-1) this may be a very opportune and blessed time that can spoil you with blessings and popularity, allow you to share your gifts of brilliance, wealth, and wisdom with others, make you feel you are well received or bring you the prosperous partnerships you were wishing for.

Good luck! This is once in every 12 years rxmqomxnhak-florian-zeh

For more information on this Fixed star check: http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Spica.html

© Eleni Kostika 2017

Photo by Florian Zeh


2 thoughts on “Jupiter conjunct Spica – Luck and wealth

  1. Hi My ascendant is at 23 11 and on other configurations, it goes up to 23 54 -I’ve fallen in love with someone but its complicated his sun and several planets are nearby in both Virgo and Libra everything about it scares me im behaving badly and this may be a prominent man we never see one another never met its all online my lack of esteem and confidence makes it very difficult. In my chart I have Venus oppose Pluto and like all the other romances this is starting out Scorpion like-nothing GREAT has happened I’m very broke Saturns in Ophiuchus in my second house So Im hoping that the Ascendant actually is later nothings bore any fruit at 53 its now or never.He says he doesnt like me but he Loves me-we have never been in the same room together money is one key obstacle-neither of us trusts the other See all very Pluto-it never flips over to Venus im giving it up Ive said goodbye so many times and as I said earlier-Im so Broke. Anyone care to comment? Please do and thank you page moderators.


    • Hello Christina, I do not know how your story relates to the post above, except perhaps your Asc. There isn’t such a placement as Saturn in Ophiuchus. Commenting on a personal story from an astrological point of view from here is neither responsible nor is possible. An analysis on your relationship or personal life sector would be subject to complex study of synastry or your own natal chart. Thank you for sharing and best wishes.


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