Pluto stations direct at 18 degrees Capricorn 45′


September 30, 2018

The consciousness of apparent correctness, purging inhibitions, a momentum to restore the order of things.

Pluto’s station marks an intense externalisation of energy that has been operating on an internal level since April 22, (Pluto SRx at 21 degrees Capricorn) and has to do with control systems, power structures, co-dependant mechanisms, and the need for a radical and consequential restoration of mastery or domination, either on a personal or a collective level. Pluto’s retrograde period in Capricorn maybe a time when a process of internal regeneration or purification is carried out in relation to fears, obsessions or crises to do with our attitude towards responsibility, authority, the correctness in relationships and commitments of interdependence. Who and what is in control is brought to our consciousness, in a more intense and revealing way around the days of the planet’s station. This will be a moment when motives in the collective field of experience will become much more visible, and actions of groups, establishments and other potentially non-visible forces will  manifest with power and dynamism. When an outer planet is stationary, the energy it represents is at a greater intensity, and it creates a very powerful dynamic that resonates with the manifestation of events and natural phenomena on the terrestrial plane. The themes that Pluto’s transit in Capricorn represents (2008-2024) become  intensified around the days of it’s station, and thus more conscious in our experience on a mundane level. Each station adopts a special nuanced dynamic within the longer range thematic due to the dialogue with current planetary positions. This current Pluto SD, is the first one during its transit in Capricorn where the ruler of the sign, Saturn is also in Capricorn (dignity). It is for this reason this stationing of the planet, is especially noteworthy. So it is worth paying attention and observing events in the news and our personal lives. It gives us an indication of a shift emerging in the thematic that began in 2008, in the ways of ordering or restoring order in the world; an evolutionary process of radical re-construction or de-construction of power and resource dynamics that will be completed in 2020 when the planets conjoin.

The intense outward expression of the station effect manifests what has been an undercurrent cause of influence or latent dynamic in the works the previous 5 months. There maybe crisis, exposure in formal procedures and organised structures and mechanisms that need to implement change.  Pluto in Capricorn, according to Reinhold Ebertin, identifies with an untiring struggle for recognition, power and independence. The dictator. The successful  realization of new ideas, goals and inventions. The acceptance of dangerous positions.

The cosmic principle for Pluto is transformation and power. He is God of the Underworld in mythology, so consciousness beyond what is visible is the subject matter here.

Pluto in Capricorn, suggests the need for release from inhibitions that have to do with established patterns of thought or common consensus; to test the establishment and those who hold positions of power. It must transform the consciousness of ageing, and decay, supporting structures and material resources, and promote areas of experience that potentially crystallize wisdom, and will gradually lead to a radical redistribution and reconstruction of organized reality, most probably through crises. Pluto in Capricorn brings to light information about what is happening under the surface of any seemingly organized system political or other that either supports, controls or restricts us. That which is lying under the apparent correctness, authority, status may become more visible; in a supportive or destructive way. We may witness the most conservative facets of the world we live in through events, the most empowering and enduring, or the most austere mechanisms of power and control, through test or crisis. There maybe also individuals who demonstrate astounding resilience, resistance and self-control in an exemplary way, exposing difficult matters.

On another level, a disciplined “excavation” and a psychoanalytical process are favoured, in our commitments, our professional goals, the healing of chronic issues in relation to inheritance or interdependent relationships, shared resources or debts. We begin to see some tangible results in extracting wisdom and knowledge that emerge through experience and serious committed investment over time. We may also come to realise with more clarity the scope and impact of current socio-political views and opinions that either place us inside or outside sectors of our societal fabric through events that happen close to the station.

Pluto’s current station is conjunct Sun/Uranus midpoint: a radical reformer, the desire to re-arrange things, tragic experiences, physical suffering, sudden physical restriction. It is also conjunct Saturn/NN: tendency to sacrifice oneself for others, suffering from others, suffering shared together with others. (R. Ebertin, p. 96, p. 258). Saturn ruler of Capricorn in trine to Uranus in Taurus is emphasising reform and change to existing structures with emphasis on value, or the organisation of groups and activism in societies. We have recently witnessed various events, on a national or international level, or in our private lives that resonate with the above.  Pluto is all about things that are invisible (are under control or been avoiding) and they will rise to the surface. In any case, this has an element of purification because it crystallizes the truth, and it clarifies limits, but at the same time it brings harsh realizations of how inexorable or relentless truths and limitations may be. Issues of prestige, credibility and integrity of individuals and complex power structures will emerge on the surface and put to the test. Processes are evolving, and sometimes subjects or objects are stripped down, and through transformational experiences and crises we witness life and death as an integral part of a natural cycle of experience that is not necessarily associated to justice or morality. Everything that dies is reborn in a different form, and as we approach the closure of the cycle of the two planets in 2020, it becomes more imperative to adopt a mature attitude, facing our responsibilities as societies, in changing our value systems, building new models and sociopolitical structures, as existing ones are exhausted and worn out. On a personal level, it is a period of intense awareness, on what has matured on a psychological level, on reconfiguring structures in our professional life, our long term goals, our relationship with our public sphere of life and image. The process of a radical reorganization of the reality of our world, negotiating a more consistent relationship between the inner and the outer shell of our existence has began to take shape.

Pluto crossed the same degree on December 31, 2017.

(If you have a personal planet or angular house cusp at 18-19 degrees Capricorn’s in your natal chart, this may feel more personal to you. Pluto’s station is likely to externalise some event or reveal something to you that resonates with the above themes. You can also think back just before the end of the 2017 for more messages. Where Pluto resides in your natal chart may give you more clues about potential causes. If the above degrees are not in contact with planets or points in your natal chart then you will not be affected on a personal level, but we must not forget that outer planets are reflecting themes which are beyond the personal, and tap into the collective sphere that is affecting us as we interact and contribute to it.)



Reinhold Ebertin, The combination of Stellar Influences, AFA, 1982

© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

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