Form-Time-Space: Saturn-Pluto


Saturn-Pluto: Form-time and space: a shift in our perception: positive and negative space

Through the process of subtraction, we come into contact with the concept of positive and negative space, and our relationship with space and time acquires another dimension that can change our perception of what acquires form. It is the negative space that will eventually shape form after the elimination process continues. It is the relationship with the tangible and spiritual dimension of the world that is undergoing change most intensely in our time. Let’s think about what we see each time we are deprived of something, and how we can make use of negative space. In 1915, the Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin created a series of designs that reversed two-dimensional forms. Beyond the reality of the tangible structural system that rules us with all its symbols, social imperatives and acquired values, toward the evolution of the emotional connection with the world as a living organism that is the planet, which is what actually supports the continuity of life (nature, animals, people, climate) (Cancer / Capricorn axis).


© Eleni Kostika 2020

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