Jupiter conjunct Pluto

jupiter pluto

June 30, 2020, Jupiter conjunct Pluto both Rx at 24 Capricorn

Spiritual power – Material wealth – Plutocracy – Revelations and hidden truths that will shift our collective ideals. There is so much more than you perceive! Magnify your inner strength, deepen consciousness, transform your viewpoint instead of obsessing about it, become a spiritual force for others, discover your empowering self and deepest passion, also come to terms with your shadow self, it is part of who you are, empower your spiritual awareness, understand your deepest fears -where is the wealth and where do we see it? In Capricorn it is all about realism, wisdom, abiding to rules and regulations, critical attitude, authority, self-mastery, being respectful, responsible, productive and committed. Which is the right thing for you, in relation to the right thing for others, may be part of your internal dialogue right now. This is the second conjunction in the year between the two planets. It is a moment of great spiritual power, lets use it accordingly. This is a seed moment that will define the next 12-13 years of how we appreciate power, ambition, spiritual and material wealth personally and collectively. What do you really wish for in the depth of your soul? This is a moment of a beginning of a transformation of how we view the world and gaining depth of experience. Check the house this is occurring in your natal chart, this is where it all starts from. Check the natal placement of Jupiter and Pluto in your chart, this is the origin of things on your personal journey of experiencing expansion, growth and transformation on a deep soul level. Where were you in 2007 and where you are now? Think back on what occurred in 4-5 April 2020, this is the second phase in the workings of the two mythological brothers as they meet (the Olympian God of the Sky and thunder, and the God of the Underworld), the last one being in November 12, 2020. There is an ongoing process of an end and a new beginning.

© Eleni Kostika 2020

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