Saturn square Uranus in Aquarius/Taurus, Mars conjunct Venus in Leo, New Moon in Cancer

July 2021

The nature of any challenge or goal, inevitably changes, thus rules and structures should change accordingly, to accommodate the change, with ways that allow innovation, invention, creativity. When we become complacent or arrogant with having found a one and only solution, a recipe that works, that is the blind spot that leads to lack of foresight and eventual downfall. What was successful in the past, may not work the same way anymore, thus “nothing fails like success” – This is the reason many marriages fall apart, companies fall apart, collaborations fall apart, governments fall apart, whole nations or collective endeavours fall apart. We will see a lot of this in the next 6 months and couple of years, as manifest evidence that the stubborn adherence to old ways and rules is not relevant anymore. There is another option though, as the planetary symbols indicate: It is time to acknowledge the need for release of the old ways, changing rituals and patterns of thinking, and become more creative in facing challenges, developing ways to evolve and built creative connections with the world and others.

© Eleni Kostika 2021

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