The power of standing one’s ground

Mars in dignity in Scorpio, Saturn in dignity in Aquarius: who is defending who and what, and how does that look in the eyes of the collective. Every position will be scrutinised from the perspective of one’s position within a specific group, may ignite crusades about justice or just causes (mars will square jupiter soon). Let us not lose perspective of what we are fighting for, and forget we are human and also depend on each other, while being anxious to stand our own ground, and fight for our personal cause. Positive energy for defending betterment for all, and for the greater good. The recent lunar eclipse at 28 Taurus, on Novemeber 19th, pointed at our values and how those are communcated. It is the ending of a cycle. There is something of value in terms of accumulated experience that needs to be communicated (North Node in Gemini). There is a need to protect and respond through our values and connect with others. Also let things rise, insted of blocking or being fixated on them. A need to communicate an extensive accumulated body of creative work or creative experience, and spread the message. Watch our mind and body connection, treat ourselves better and refrain from obsessive rigid thoughts and projection of anger about right and wrong in every direction. We are getting ready for a new emotional chapter that quite discreetly and through all the ‘noise’ opens up new territories for personal exploration, and is seeding new ideas and connections.

© Eleni Kostika 2021

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