Notes on the Hybrid Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees 50′ Aries


Taking stock of a maturation cycle of experience. Are we ready for the next step?

This Solar Eclipse occured on April 20, 2023. Eclipses bring new information to our attention, escalate situations and accelerate events. The blocking of sunlight in the phenomenon of the eclipse disrupts the celestial order or flow of life, and thus it marks a period where we are pulled or pushed towards more dynamic changes collectively, and the life plan may take a different turn than anticipated. The Moon blocks the light of the sun from the geocentric perspective, so we are viewing the moon’s dark side (symbolically things we were not aware of come to the surface – subconscious forces come to the surface-the need to respond to urgent or pressing situations may feel intense and bring unrest to the environment or habitual zones). Eclipses also reveal people’s characters. This is a North Node Solar eclipse so it is about treading unchartered territory which may feel uncomfortable, yet it promotes growth, and requires overcoming, healing or resolving – a radical change (the past, fears, shadow feelings, crisis, loss, shame, group pressure, the idea of losing control or not having control over events). We can view this as an empowering or disempowering experience, as the square to Pluto the planet of transformation indicates. We are becoming aware of how with our coping mechanisms we tend to control or organise the environment in a way that may keep others at a distance, or alternatively empower or assist them. How power and leadership is handled is a matter to be redefined throughout this eclipse long term influence that maybe opening a new chapter of life.

The final degree of Aries (a critical degree), is very much emphasising a sense of urgency, an ending of a cycle of maturation of a state of existence, of independence, of a state of being or identity, of leadership or pioneering spirit, of desire and motivation, of efforts, achievement, strife, and/or investment of energy. Also of reckless behaviour or risk-taking. The Luminaries are parallel in declination to Saturn-so a reality check, conscious reflection of one’s limitations, commitments, boundaries, hard work, and also reward that may come with more responsibility are part of the theme. Formalities may also be present in the theme of the eclipse. It brings closure to things of the past, – a death and rebirth process (Pluto), may have a sense of fatedness to it, while the efforts of the phase of stabilisation will follow and may take a slower time to take shape, dealing primarily with the need to be consistent and focused, a tendency to be ‘blinded’ by enthusiasm, passion or excessive zeal, an emphasis on moral issues and dilemmas of right vs wrong, black and white scenarios of course of action or stance, (Fixed T-square apex Jupiter in early degrees of signs, active in May). As Jupiter will be crossing the eclipse degree May 13-16, more will be revealed.

Assistance and guidance from experienced, or older people can strengthen the way forward or we may find that joint efforts or ties of the past can seem supporting at this period of time (Saturn in sextile and trine to Nodes).

Information access and security, the practicality of solutions, connections and price of trade and agreements, what is of value, the verbal and written word and how it is being appreciated, alternate ways and approaches towards unions,  will be re-examined and re-assessed, promoting a different and more experimental kind of sharing and level of discussion (Mercury Rx in Taurus in mutual reception to Venus in Gemini Out of Bounds ).

As we are called on to reflect on this ‘ending’ cycle of experience, it is a useful time to evaluate in retrospect our personal and collective initiatives and achievements or failure to take timely action. To check if there is a way to do, to get motivated or re-act to situations in a different way, in order to overcome, teach or heal. (Mars in square to Chiron). It is like finding oneself off the trodden path and simultaneously having to deal with memories of the past, and thus feeling or being exposed to some kind of vulnerability, an alternative way of being or seeing oneself, or affirming self interests. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained in this position if one is willing deal with situations, treat events or connections with people intuitively, rather than aggressively or assertively.  

The question that is most potent at this time is: are we ready for the next step?

(Check the house in your natal chart where 29 Aries is placed to understand more about the area of life where this theme of ‘ending’ cycle of experience takes place. The Eclipse theme will likely have more of a personal feel for you if you have any planet at 29 cardinal or 00 of fixed signs (+/-1).

This Solar Eclipse belongs to the Saros 129, and the most recent previous eclipses of this cycle occurred in the years 1969, 1987, 2005 – check for evolutionary themes of those years to unlock further messages.

Check these dates for triggers of the eclipse theme:

March 16, 2023 – Venus at 29 degrees Aries

April 20, 2023 – Hybrid Solar Eclipse

May 13-22, 2023 – Jupiter at 29 degree Aries, 00 Taurus, Mars at 29 Cancer-00 Leo

July 18-28, 2023 – North Node of the Moon at 29 Aries squaring Pluto at 29 Capricorn

PS. Sometimes it is startling how eclipses are literally blocking you from doing something. And this something does not necessarily need to always be dramatic. My computer crashed, so I had various tech problems the past few days and trying to fix things, and could not write as I intended to – Mercury is also retrograde so here I am writing in retrospect.

© Eleni Kostika 2023