New Moon at 19 degrees Libra 20′

October 13, 2015 at 00:06 UT

Cooperation vs Freedom, Balancing Inner Tension, Compromise with Surprise

How do we balance change (in partnerships). Working for what is worth, adjusting a right attitude, and defining what is necessary.

A new Lunar month begins in the sign of Libra. As a Cardinal Air sign, Libra actively seeks balance, and harmony through relationships, socialising, and is mentally inclined towards an aesthetic appreciation of things and delicate communication. Fairness and equality are prominent interests of this sign, objectivity is its strength. The intention of this Lunar Cycle will focus on those traits, as we will be spiritually and emotionally synchronised on levelling the Scales. Flexibility, adjustments, empathy as well as disruptions will have to be integrated for a productive way forward, to overcome any obstacles and sense of difficulty, if this intention is likely to be fulfilled.

Unions and alliances as well as themes of cooperation come prominently to the fore, and now is the time to show their worth, efficiency, and drive for change in order to transform any joint effort.  The disruptive influence of Uranus opposing the New Moon brings in surprises, unexpected turns or inner tension that may cause excitement or upset depending on the situation. The need to cooperate, relate, work while embracing unpredictability is the general energy feel of the 29 day cycle that begins on October 13, which is an overlay on the Eclipse season themes that were presented in previous posts.

There is a strong emphasis in Virgo placements of Venus, Mars and Jupiter, while their consecutive synods and trine to Pluto in Capricorn will powerfully provide for sensual supplies and/or material benefits to new beginnings and gift with expansive force any plan. Mercury in Libra now direct since October 09 is gaining speed, so communication, processing thoughts, social contacts or negotiating is likely  to be more effective in bringing matters that were previously processed into a more definitive state.

The ruler of this New Moon is Venus, the Goddess of Love and War. She is the cosmic energiser of relationships, love and attracting all those fine things that appeal to the senses. So this Lunar cycle is  continuing the themes of alliances, relationships, and partnerships of all sorts, that are already in effect for the past few months, and “steers” them with Venus currently in Virgo. This is the month where we’ll find out a lot about the capacity to correct and improve situations, provide for ourselves and others, examine self-worth through fine tuning and adjusting rights and wrongs, or purely setting up routines that would aid anything we wish to attract. Aiming for balance. Watch out for those minor things, that can make something perfect! God is in the details. No wonder this is the sign of Venus Fall as it is expressing itself through the need of being useful or adjusting to other’s needs. Venus in Virgo can be sweet, can also like sweet things, is modest and kind. It is generally tuned into offering help, correcting, and working for a relationship. As it is focusing on details, it can have problems with boundaries, overcomplicate things fall into victim mode, or excessive criticism. Virgo is about purity, so try and keep things simple an all levels. Venus in Virgo needs to work on dietary patterns and daily routines, if it is going to fulfil a basic sense of security.

Venus is entering this Lunar Cycle under the influence of a separating square to Saturn in Sagittarius: a forced or necessary separation, potential feelings of rejection, restriction of pleasure or just a sense of difficulty in maintaining and working for an existing partnership or project (financial or personal) may prevail as the New Moon phase begins. This is a separating aspect, thus something we are or need to move away from. Venus will form an opposition to Neptune in Pisces next on October 17 just as the New Moon phase draws to a close, which may put us in that place of confronting our own delusions, expectations, or seduce us into a new magical love sphere of heightened sensitivity and artistic expression. We need to be inspired again, and connect with Oneness. Love has no boundaries where Neptune is concerned. This aspect is great for artists, fairy tale love affairs, artistic events, and those who use their imagination, but rather nebulous concerning business or financial deals.

As Venus’s dance with Mars is approaching the third conjunction for this year within this Lunar cycle on November the 3 at 23 Virgo, we have to take our minds a while back, as lots of developments and shifts that have taken place in relationship dynamics since February 2015 (1st Venus/Mars conjunction at 01 Aries on Feb. 22, 2nd Venus/Mars conjunction at 14 Leo on Sept. 01 ), and will now enter their workable or non-workable phase. A time for completion. What we seek on a relationship or partnership level will now essentially be tested on practicality, usefulness, improvement and capacity to fulfil our sense of self-worth. The presence of Jupiter holds a promise of luck and benefits. Truth, ethics and also teaching may be part of the deal.

What is interesting in this New Moon chart is that Mercury is at the 01 degree of Libra Conjunct the North Node, highlighting communication on joint associations, and contacts that seek to evolve. Mercury is the dispositor of the three planets currently in Virgo (Venus/Mars/Jupiter) who are about to meet each other within a time frame of two weeks between October 18-November 3 and trine Pluto in Capricorn while they travel the 13th degree of Virgo.  This promises a drive to connect with others that would bring benefits, and help conditions improve. The Jupiter/Pluto trine in Virgo/Capricorn is perhaps the most auspicious aspect of this Fall (exact on October 12), promoting and expanding our sphere of influence, being energised by the faster planets Mars and Venus respectively. This is an exceptionally good month for designers, producers or productions of any kind and people who make things (jewellery, arts and crafts).

It is important to be aware of boundaries, and evaluate necessity, as well as be grounded on what is feasible, and what is serving a purpose. The fixed modality is lacking in the chart, so this month is not so much about stability or consistency, but rather about adjustments, work, change and a new phase on relating to and with others. Anxiety has to be compensated with balance of thought. Mercury is in mutual reception with Venus (they are currently in each other’s signs of rulership), so this may easily result in a mental ping-pong over decisions, on what may be right and wrong, what to keep or not to keep, (this may prove challenging if you are dealing with the written word, or organising a production). Diversify and prioritise, concentrate on the essentials, and minimise decisions and tasks.


Collective sphere messages: Are allies ready to work and implement transformative action? Will they need to consider if they rather choose cooperation over freedom? Will they choose to detach from compromising positions? Is freedom of an individual more important than keeping balance. Can rebellion and protest negotiate equality issues, and peace? We may see much disruption and unrest in the public sphere of events.

The New Moon phase lasts about 4 days, until October 17, and within this period of time the intention of the new cycle comes into focus.  The Moon signifies emotion, our needs, the body, and also collectively is a significator for people. Some attentive inner listening is required to intuit on what the message may mean for us personally. We will be more attune to actively externalise intentions during the 1/4 phase between October 20-24.  Issues will culminate on the Full Moon on October 27 (03 Taurus/03 Scorpio), and then we will have a full view of what we are dealing with, and whether we can stabilise or follow up consistently, on what has been previously manifested, in the two weeks that follow.


Lunar month Key themes and subtext:

October 13-17, New Moon phase

The Moon is coming into this new cycle separating from an opposition to Uranus, emphasizing the need for personal freedom, detachment from something, change or a disruptive circumstance that has to be negotiated with. The energy highlights potential conflicts in relationships and alliances, or on an inner tension that seeks to balance out.  The pleasure levels may be on the low side with Venus squaring Saturn, and making it difficult to relax. Moon makes a semi-square aspect to Mars and Jupiter before it leaves the sign of Libra, highlighting a tendency for premature action or emotional over-reaction that may cause further unnecessary tension. Do not give in to these tendencies. Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn an aspect which brings opportunity to agree on a work commitment or professional goal, and also helps mental concentration.  Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn on October 16, enforcing implementation of plans and initiating financial deals. This is an aspect that can give great vitality and determination. It can manifest as passionate pursuit of desires and intimate associations. An ease in the flow of consciously pursuing self interests, transforming situations for the better and implementing solutions through acting vigorously. These are the aspects that are mapping out the field of intention for the month that follows.

The key in this cycle above all else, is a balanced communication, and working on improving health and our everyday quality of life.

Predominant elements: Earth/Air

The chart of the New Moon has four planets in Earth signs, three in Air signs, and two in Fire signs. Overall yin and yang energy is balanced. There is scarcity of the Water element in the chart. Earth predominates. If we consider what effect can Air and Fire have on earth, we can visualise a terrain that needs to be worked on to bear “fruit” (Virgo) with little water, and wind and fire potentially blowing away and burning its produce. The Air can be useful for blowing away, and generally airing any “dust” that has accumulated on what we need to make, fix or work on. So think and communicate on what isn’t right, what has to go. Open up room to breathe, it will be possible. Fire is energy and a channel for creativity. The creative force is not so strong here, so it needs to be looked after, directed and controlled. The motivation is practicality, patience and pursuit of tangible results, which can be achieved by narrowing vision and beliefs (Saturn in Sagittarius). As the water element is the weakest, make some effort to compensate with containing emotion, “treasure it” rather than investing too much of it in any situation that arises.

On a physical level the New Moon chart, presents some sensitive midpoint triggers (MO/SU=SAT/NEPT and URA=SAT/NEPT) that may cause feelings of weakness, increased sensitivity, emotional lows or inner unrest that may potentially externalise as symptoms on our physical health. The key is to retain levels of vitality through preserving inner and outer balance on a mental level, avoiding conflicts, and as the planets in Virgo indicate check our daily routines, and try to keep up to a healthy diet and exercise. This will only influence you if you have planets or ASC at 19 degrees cardinal (+/-2).


The energy of this lunar cycle may feel more personal to you:

If you are a Libra born between October 10-15, a Capricorn born between December 09-13, an Aries born between March 08-12, and a Cancer born between July 10-15. If you have Venus placed at 03 degrees Virgo (+/-2), and Mercury or any other point or planet at 01 degrees Cardinal or Air signs  (+/- 2). Virgos born between September 04-09 , Capricorns born between December 09-13, and Taurus’s born between May 02-06 can benefit  greatly during this Lunar cycle and especially in the period between October 18 – November 3.


Ebertin, R. 2004: The Combination of Stellar Influences, American Federation of Astrologers, Inc., Tempe, Arizona


© Eleni Kostika 2015

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