Uranus-Pluto waxing square (2012-2015) and Saturn-Neptune waning square in (2015-2016) in two paragraphs:

Questions & issues raised brought to our consciousness: 

How do we honour our sense of individuality and independence as societies, while transforming the co-dependency structures and value systems that have become obsolete and serve the very few? 

When we lose clarity of the structures that support us, we tend towards preservation by setting more limits, boundaries to secure a better “footing” for survival and need for reclaiming autonomy and individuality- it is only a natural process, but at the same time this process promotes division, and the consequence of division is that we also lose sight of what it is that we have as common interest as a larger community inhabiting this planet – it is a very fine balance.

Uranus-Pluto recent  cycle began in 1965-66

Saturn-Neptune recent cycle began in 1989

© Eleni Kostika 2016

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