Mars Stations Direct @ 23 Scorpio

June 29th, 2016

All this re-doing, reinforcing, re-acting that has been brewing or imploding, since April 18th when Mars went Retrograde, caused a lot of inner stirring, an untimely sense of activity or inactivity and a need to generally respond to deep impulses on an individual level. Several violent and rather pervasive events manifested on the collective sphere where responses triggered ambivalence and an atmosphere of “past unfinished business” that would have to be revisited. As we will now gradually switch onto a more direct mode of action, especially on this day of Station as it appears from our vintage point, the energy of Mars has a lot of strength, impact and staying power (being in dignity in the sign of Scorpio), so it will intensify consciousness of “how we do things”, what it is really that drives and motivates our actions.

Actions take on a special sense of critical importance today, so it helps to become more conscious of what we do, act upon or promote with our attitude. Within this context Brexit, and the saddening violent event of the Istanbul airport terrorist attack may very well be events that motivate further actions either through re-actions or implementation of separative controlling measures and defence mechanisms in the collective sphere. As Mars appears to travel in direct motion through the last degrees of Scorpio until August the 2nd, we may assume a more direct control of, our actions, plans, ways of doing, expressing desires and passions, defending territory, implementing, initiating, “breaking” from things or people or fighting with courage.

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