New Moon @ 08 Libra 15′

September 30- October 01, 2016

It’s all about achieving balance, and the “Other”. Venus in Scorpio dispositor of the New Moon, reminds us of the descend of Persephone in the underworld. This is a transformational month for relationships of all kinds, including “open enemies”. Venus trines Neptune: What we imagine and what we surrender to, can have a profound effect on our notion of love and appreciation through the senses. Our sensibility heightens, we are seduced and inspired, as some magical and unexpected “connections” occur. Mars exalted in Capricorn squares Jupiter and the New Moon: On another level expansion of energy will precede breakthroughs, and set beginnings into motion. Any breaks or outbreaks will involve decisions and revelations of truth. Receiving involves liberation. (Last aspect the Moon makes before it enters Scorpio is an Opposition to Uranus).The emphasis on cardinal energy calls for taking initiative and need to exercise control on the urge to act prematurely. Jupiter will be combust until October 7, so this need to expand may be overpowered by ego, or someone else. This lunar month is great for artists, and for any kind of exposure oriented activity, as well as practising a more unconditional kind of love.

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