New Moon @ 08 degrees Aquarius

January 28, 2017,  00:07 UTC


Changing our world(s) requires changing ourselves

Reforms – Collectivism – Creative networking

How do we participate and contribute in common causes? How we help others, which causes activate and join us with the group?

Where does the “heart” of society beat? Is speaking and disseminating the truth an effective revolutionary act? How does vision, purpose and the value of handling freedoms become fortified by actions?

Who identifies with our dreams? Friendship, group energy and altruism directs us to the retrieval of hopes.

Collective wounds become shields and illuminate alternate ways for redemption.

A new lunar cycle begins at 08 degrees Aquarius, where in the next 29 days a new intention is energised to do with all those things that bring us closer to our wishes and hopes. The sign of Aquarius reminds us that we can change our reality. It connects us to the notion of altruism, reform, freedom and humanitarian love.

In order to achieve this it transfers its creative expression, and will to the group and collective realm of society.  This lunar cycle assists us in seeking the place and the people who would validate our individuality, support our freedom and it can revitalise self through connections with groups, common causes and new activities.  It is a lunar month that will take us out of our habitual zone, perhaps disrupt our routines, and help us focus on our intention to change, or liberate ourselves from any restrictive forces.  How can we best support our independence? How would others play a part in the changes we hope for? How does friendship impact our lives?  

Aquarius finds its centre, its “heart”, thus love when contributing, acts in connection with others promoting change. It will be hard to remain detached from the political and social scene and developments this month, and we will be more in tune with the events that affect our society at large.

Friendship and allegiance to people, ideas and causes becomes a prime concern. Our bonds with our social sphere, the social conditions will raise issues that trigger more engagement, rebellion, or solidarity.

Moon in Aquarius signifies need for change. Responsiveness is instantaneous, and electrifying charging dreams and collective activities.  The prime demand is solidarity and collectivism.  Social unrest can be expected, and also acts of resistance to restrictions or suppression.

The New Moon does not make any major aspects with other planets, but it is at the midpoint of the Venus-Chiron conjunction in Pisces squaring Saturn in Sagittarius.

Saturn rules the New Moon. Mars is at the critical last degree of Pisces, reflecting instability in action yet also a kind of urgency for establishing closure on a two-year cycle of energy investment.

On a collective level there is an emphasis on the need to overcome values and dogmas, and to identify with what can be overturned and changed. We seek an understanding of the way to fortify hope, and break free from what has been imposed as “continuity” and history, setting limits in expectations and ideals and tracing the ways in which weaknesses, wounds, and vulnerabilities can be converted to a “shields” and “arms” that will sustain our perception of civilisation.

We become even more aware that speaking and disseminating the truth is no longer such an effective revolutionary act. We are entering the phase where the vision, purpose and value of handling freedom and individuality, can be reinforced through meaningful  transcendental acts and sense of civic-mindedness.

The Promethean myth and Chiron’s sacrifice are characteristic of this transition that reflects the current events on a mundane level, yet also the attitudes society adopts against all those things that restrict, negate or wound its people. Chiron’s orbit bridges Saturn and Uranus travel around the Sun. To realise this transition sacrifices are necessary. We can utilise all those vulnerabilities us they become more and more apparent and felt, in alternative ways to subvert conditions of captivity. Chiron is the “key”. The astrological glyph illustrates this.

(His mythological father was Cronus. A child that was abandoned by his parents in a cave due to the shame that his mother nymph Phillyra felt, and was adopted by Apollo  becoming the wise teacher centaur. He sacrificed himself to save chained Prometheus, that gave fire to humanity.)

On a personal level the aspect between Venus-Chiron squaring Saturn has to do with the structures and reality of our lives on a practical level, but also with issues of values in our relationships with others.

Union demands we face distance or separation. A crisis of values triggers change through proximity, distance, or resistance in our meeting with others. Some relationships make us face our own limitations.  Relationships in general are tested through this energy combination and will surface all those things that require more work. How may we liberate ourselves from thefatherarchetype?

We need to work on out belief limitations (Saturn in Sagittarius), and Chiron in Pisces with Venus urges us to appreciate and place a value on those “ailments” inside, in our relationships, in our reality, the material level of our lives. It is our perceptions, our stereotypes, a self-negating attitude that obstruct or distance any union with what we wish to attract. Venus unites and Saturn dissociates. This 1/4 phase of the Venus-Saturn cycle will last a bit longer due to Venus’ retrograde motion, and is likely to externalize problems or tension in the way we value things. We will return to this square around April 24th, and hopefully we would have gained a better sense of the “work” that needs to be done. It is essential we are reminded that Venus and Saturn are not alien to each other. They are related mythology. Cronus was responsible for her creation, which was not intentional perhaps but her birth was a consequence of his act castrating his father. Relationships and values, are tested through acts and in time, and this is part of the process of making them lasting and enduring.

Handling the energies points out in finding outlet from the sign of Aries, as Mars and Venus will travel in the sign for the rest of the month, so taking initiative, assertiveness and risks is part of the tendency, while Mercury will enter Aquarius on February 10 and will stimulate uninhibited and friendly communication in a positive way making harmonious aspects with Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.


The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are an Aquarian born between January 25 – 30, Leo born between July 28 – August 03, Taurus born April 25 – May 1, and Scorpio born between October 28 – November 03. If you have ascendant or personal planets at 08 degrees (+/-3) of fixed signs. Decan 3, Sagittarians and Pisceans will feel the energies, as well as those who possess any personal planet or point around 22-27 degrees of mutables. The energies of the month also affect  Decan 3, Aquarians, Libras, Aries in a harmonious way.

© Eleni Kostika 2017

© Artwork by Farida El Gazzar,

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