Jupiter Stations Retrograde @ 23 Libra

rxmqomxnhak-florian-zehLuck and wealth
February 6th, 2017
Jupiter Stations Retrograde today until June  9th.
It will return to the same degree on September 6th. During the Retrograde period it’s time to expand inner vision, and gain experience and wisdom from more esoteric processing. Mind travels and inner exploration can be very prosperous at this time. It’s the inner truth that carries more weight, and can support growth and spiritual development. Any project or goal now needs to be re- judged and re-confirm its purpose or mission. Its time to find our guru within and ask the big questions. Does this goal or that goal serve my inner fulfilment or advancement? Jupiter stations conjunct the fortunate fixed star Spica which promises great successes, luck, popularity and wealth. There is great protection with this configuration and a lot of fortune if we are willing to take notice and recognise it. It is certainly a time to tune in to the things that symbolise prosperity on a spiritual and material level and recognise their higher value. Also put them on a scale. The scales of fairness and balance.  Create space for them to flourish, and return to the knowledge that was previously gathered to lay better plans that will carry a vision further and support its betterment. Share and be hospitable to different views until you gain a balanced or altered perspective. If you have planets @ 22-23 Libra this may be a very opportune and blessed time.
Good luck! This is once in every 12 years 🙂
Jupiter Rx period from February 6-June 9 2017 (23-13 Libra)
© Eleni Kostika 2017
Photo by Florian Zeh

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