Sun’s Ingress into Cancer – Happy Solstice!

June 21, 2017, 04:24 UTC

Happy Summer Solstice (longest day of year in the Northern Hemisphere)

Happy Winter Solstice (longest night of the year in the Southern Hemisphere)

Sun’s Ingress into Cancer: Time for nurturing self. Time for reconnection of soul and spirit. Time to focus on our emotional self, our habits, our comfort zone. How are those related to our vitality? Regeneration of self through proper nourishment, food, and recognition of feelings, and mostly our own needs. Getting in touch with Mother Nature and its cycle. It is always comforting to know we “belong”. Let’s honor that feeling. This year we have a Mercury Cazimi on the Solstice day which happens a few hours after Sun’s Ingress into Cancer, and it is quite special. It becomes exact at 13:30 UTC, so this is the time to speak from our heart. There is an intuitive kind of clarity that can have great impact. Voice your gut feeling and you shall be heard. Think because you feel, speak because you feel. Ask the question you deeply feel the most. Your heart is speaking to you now!

The Sun will be in Cancer from June 21-July 22, so we will operate with our Moon’s a lot, and that is: What automatically feels right we respond to, personally and collectively!


© Eleni Kostika 2017

photo credit: James Douglas

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