Full Moon at 11 degrees 58′ Taurus

Full Moon at 11 degrees 58′ Taurus on November 4, 2017 illuminates the cosmic energy climate that will dominate for the next two weeks. This is the time when we can have a complete view of the lunar month that began on October, 20 in the sign of Libra. What we are dealing with will emphasise our connection between relationships and material issues. On a more archetypal level this has to do with our sense of self-esteem and need for stability.  The Taurus/Scorpio axis is about processing our sense of physical security, our need to validate ourselves and gain self-esteem through the senses and material reality vs our capacity for emotional intimacy with partners, deep knowledge of self and self-empowerement that is represented by the Sun in Scoprio. Jupiter is close to the Sun in a wide conjunction marking a time when we are feeling the urge to tell truths, or deepen awareness of what lies underneath the surface. Desires and passion become a reason and drive. Both levels are expressed in the realm of resources and relationships positively or negatively. Moon is exalted in Taurus, and it is beneficial during this Full moon phase to dedicate some time in whatever gives us pleasure; indulge in the sensual realm; or get in touch with nature. Also take things a bit slower, and imagine or seek help through more spiritual or creative avenues to cultivate a better sense of groundedness. Neptune in Pisces is sextile and trine the Full Moon and provides a release point, a soothing effect or means of escape from any tensions. Whether we are going to hide things under the carpet or use it to surrender to the natural flow of things depends on our personal disposition. We are likely to feel more intensely whatever is lacking on the material level, but there maybe help. Our relationship with possessions, income, ownership , as well as shared resources or deep sharing with partners are in the limelight. Venus the ruler of Taurus is in Libra in opposition to Uranus, and this is urging to overthrow established pattern in the way we relate or change our values. Relationships surprise in unpredictable ways, or need a kind of renewal, while we are called to protect and nurture what is ours and we feel we possess. The full moon lunar phase lasts until November, 18. Taurus’s and Scorpio’s decan 2 are the most receptive to the energies, as well as Pisces decan 2. This full moon is positive and fertile  for Earth and Water signs decan 2, and tense for Aquarian’s and Leo’s decan 2. Libra and Aries decan 3 are also likely to be affected by this Full Moon.


© Eleni Kostika 2017

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