Jupiter in Scorpio


October 10th, 2017 – November 8th, 2018

Exploring our psyche. Deepening knowledge.

Growth through shared resources and deeper desires

Truth, Faith and Perspective in Relationships of Co-dependence.


The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio in brief: Growth and expansion are expressed through research, creativity, deeper desires, passion, healing energy and intimacy in relationships. Society envisions and grows in a controlling or empowered way. Jupiter in Scorpio, reveals, regenerates, humiliates, avenges, exploits, accumulates, purifies, explores the undercurrents of life. This transit is about understanding and exploring in depth the hidden driving force of things. Beliefs have a fixity of purpose, and a need for stabilisation.

Jupiter entered  Scorpio’s sign in October 10, completing his transit in Libra that began in September 2016.

Jupiter basics:

Key words of Jupiter: Expansion, Growth, Knowledge, Perspective, Truth, Excess

Jupiter changes sign once a year, and this contributes to a distinctive shift in the tone and energy dynamics of this very beneficial planet, which in astrology is synonymous to expansion. Jupiter increases, enlarges and expands everything, so it represents great benefits, but also waste or loss. In any case, it helps us to understand. The archetypal role of Jupiter’s energy is to increase consciousness, understanding, and awareness, but also to magnify either the positive or the problems that exist, so that we can gain a better overview.

Every 12 years he completes a full cycle in the zodiac. Every 12 years marks a new life cycle of expansion. Jupiter transit through a  sign lasts about 1 year and over the course of this period it appears to be retrograde for 4 months. Jupiter’s transit through a natal house, indicates support on the issues of that house, expansion of issues of that house, increase of things of that house, or can open a window to help us view things form a different perspective. It highlights possibilities or gives us ways to explore a new field of experience or knowledge. As a “sponsor” Jupiter promises, offers and protects in some way. Depending on the placement of natal Jupiter and condition of the natal chart, we can interpret how much Jupiter’s transit will benefit, or will tend towards excess and potential waste. Jupiter traditionally rules the sign of Sagittarius and Pisces, is in detriment in Gemini and Virgo, in Exaltation in Cancer, and in Fall in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Scorpio

In Scorpio’s sign Jupiter does not have any strength in essential dignity, but depends on his dispositor, which in this case is Mars. Jupiter will have more strength when it will have dignity by Term, from 14-20 degrees Scorpio. These are approximately the degrees that he will travel during his Rx period. This is the period that we can expect the planet to have more power to fulfil its functions, and the issues he represents. This period is from December 15th  to September 25th 2018. Mars being the ruler of Scorpio, indicates that we can expect a more active and energetic year, a potentially polemic year that will reinforce personal goals, beliefs and plans that speak of significant spiritual or material intentions, as well as trigger deeper desires, intensify sexuality and in effect aim at defending proximity issues in relationships. We can expect that combination to assist separations,  or provide a cut off from issues, situations and people that do not help us to expand things or grow. With Jupiter in Libra, we were motivated to express our natal or collective Venus more, while with Jupiter in Scorpio we are activating our natal or collective Mars (or Pluto if one wishes to consider an outer). It will be more important for us to seek fortification in the areas of life affected by Jupiter, and our desire to do more is going to be intensified. Collectively, revelations are going to empower people, but possibly also depress. Scorpio is Moon’s Fall sign. As a God mythological Zeus had many facets and identities, which gave him a diversity of roles and epithets. This reveals the richness and depth of this deity’s persona, and also the broad range of realms of life he was specifically worshipped for, besides being the sky god. Jupiter in Scorpio, is in my opinion, closely identified with the worship of Zeus Chthonius or Katachthonius and Zeus Plousios (meaning of the earth, under the earth, and wealth bringing). We are going to dig deeper collectively, reveal more, and this is a “gift”, that will strengthen the will to resist, repel, or express aversion and contempt, as the era of keeping appearances is over.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign that belongs to the element of Water. Water in the fixed modality maintains, stabilises, and speaks of a highly controlled environment that is either extremely fertile or can become highly toxic. This describes a receptive attitude, that externalises superiority. Without this implying weakness or inertia, it speaks of a possibility of better control and integration. Water is the strongest of the four elements (the driving force of life) as it has the capacity to change all the rest, and so we can perceive its strength. The element of Water gives fertility to the Earth, and the Earth direction to Water, and this will be noticed more by Saturn’s entry into Capricorn from December 20th onwards. In addition, through the sextile aspect Jupiter will make with Pluto in Capricorn in 2018, as well as with the harmonious aspects that Mars (ruler of Scorpio) will make with Jupiter in January and April 2018 (see below for dates and influences). The months where we witness a greater concentration of fast planets in Earth signs will also help give direction and trigger more fertility and potentially productive conditions (January, April, May, August, September 2018). The promise of development therefore depends on the environment as well as on the quality of the foundation-ground we depend on (availability of resources), and how they can be exploited in the best possible way. Whatever restrictions, work and organisation or cultivation took place with Saturn’s  transit through Scorpio (2012-2014), Jupiter will now help expand, develop or clarify.

However, it is important to realise that we are in the final phase of closure of a 20-year cycle of development,  knowledge and resource management, and the maturation of experience that began in 2000 (Jupiter-Saturn synodic cycle)  will end in the very critical year 2020. Through this lense we are moving towards the activation of a significant structural integration of values, on a personal or collective level. The two planets do not form major aspects with each other in 2018, meaning that growth and expansion have more to do with the resources that are already available to us and are within our reach. The semi-square minor aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, being active in the months of December 2017, March, and September of 2018, states that we need to adopt a cautious attitude towards management of resources and goals, and commit  to any purpose exercising patience. Patience and persistence regarding any difficulties or the process of realisation of objectives and plans are important, in awareness of the “wear and tear” inherent in endings that symbolises the current phase of the cycle we are going through. Perhaps we have to do or accept things we do not like in this process.

With the transit of Jupiter into Scorpio, there is no fluctuation in what we intent to expand, or reveal, whatever emerges does not change, and can be fertile or toxic depending on the situation. It also attempts to follow up, stabilise, complete, or renew. Jupiter’s energy in Scorpio is focused, and intense. Whatever relationship, plan, idea was initiated through the transit of Jupiter in Libra (2016-2017), mainly through social relations, unions and interconnections, now attempts more proximity, stability, and commitment. It can go either way, but it will certainly deepen awareness. Jupiter in this sign does not care so much about appearances, and compromises, is mostly expressed in a controlling and penetrating manner. Truths will be dug up and thrown out in the open for judgement, indiscriminately. We would wish to claim and support with persistence, even stubbornness, and passion, deepen knowledge, expand meaningful unions  (either on an emotional level or on a material level). We may develop the ability to magnetise or bring things and others closer. We seek integration, result, focusing on purpose and aiming at stability. There is no tolerance for changes, or regressions. If we seek to gain more proximity in our intimate connections, joint resources, we will truly insist more, and we will have more opportunities to approach, and pursue matters we need to get access to. Communication is not so easily expressed in this position, but the psyche and intuition from which we draw information and strength can be powerful. Scorpio expresses the innermost aspects of our deeper self, our psyche, and it provides an irresistible desire to penetrate deeply into a matter, to possess, to act united as one or not at all, to be passionate. Scorpio is a feminine sign and this will help to develop plans, work ventures involving others, or through sharing and linking common resources. Intuition, introspection, in-depth research, the perception of life and death, through the most important existential questions, are becoming more conscious through this transit. Here we can see the birth of something, to become aware of the root of issues or to see the “big why’s” and truths in our lives transform as we are in a position to discover or spread truths that were well hidden. We can see a “wealth” emerging from knowledge that was previously inaccessible, to further understand irresistible desire, power dynamics and passions, or even to see our lives expand through a legacy, or an inheritance.

Fields that one might expect to see growth, expansion, excess or revelations in, with Jupiter in Scorpio:

Research, Genetics, Surgery, Cell regeneration and renewal, Insurance, Institutional and Legal settlement of bank loans, Real Estate and Property auctions (Jupiter in the sign of the Moon’s Fall), psychotherapy, psychiatry, issues of sexuality and legislation, secret services, espionage, mineral wealth, precious stones, anything under ground, tax system, inheritance issues and legislation, rights after death, anything related to money and banks, crypto currencies, resource recycling and waste or toxic waste processing, economic alliances, mergers of companies or institutionalization of new types of companies based on financing, criminality, money collecting mechanisms, mysticism, occultism, rejuvenation therapies, underground businesses, energy, treatment and sanitation.


Jupiter’s transition from a Venus ruled sign to a Mar’s ruled sign:

The transition of Jupiter from Libra to Scorpio speaks of a transition from the field of perception of unions, in the field of the perception of the actions that fortify them, but also of the inner drive or claim on them. The transit of the greater benefic planet, in a sign that is ruled by the lesser benefic (Venus), enlightened and highlighted the kind of benevolence and synergy that arises through values ​​and relationships. We have certainly discovered a lot more meaning that has to do with our values, the social environment, but also the importance of love or money in our lives and how they relate to the territories of life we engage in. On another level, Jupiter in Libra showed us the contradictions, the imbalances or excesses in relationships and alliances, as we learned more through what was potentially unfair or in discord. The reciprocity of give and take may have been a criterion for establishing relationships or even separating, as we were able to evaluate the right and wrongs. He taught us how to operate more diplomatically, through our disagreements, or by listening to and viewing a totally different angle or opinion. We may have chosen to compromise, to find middle ground in our attempt to balance. Some things have shocked us through the opposition of Jupiter-Uranus, some have awakened us, and some have revealed that a more independent path may be an option. Jupiter’s square with Pluto all year (2017) helped us become aware of our obsessions, but also pushed us to overcome problems in our perception, or externalised a dynamic where others or situations became toxic, manipulative, or intrusive. It pushed us to understand the dimension of morality and ethics. Now we are entering the phase of seeking meaning in energy investment, and reclaiming, while at the same time reacting, resisting, reinforcing what has preceded it. The incentive with Jupiter in Scorpio is to promote more stability and mostly purge. Compromising solutions may not satisfy. This is a reminder that whatever we develop can ignite passion, absorb us, generate obsessions and issues of trust. Scorpio is the sign of Venus’s detriment. Values ​​and how or if we are willing to maintain them are a critical issue in this process.

Aspects of Jupiter in Scorpio and their interpretations:

Jupiter trine Neptune

Spirituality, gifts, help from nowhere and alignment of aspirations with dreams and ideals. Harmonizing inspiration and knowledge. Spiritual trips. Long Destinations. Generosity. How do others get involved in what we wish for.


November 18, 2017- December 19, 2017, 08-14 degrees Scorpio / Pisces

  • 1st activation December 3, 2017, 11 degrees Pisces

May 4, –  July 2, 2018, 13-18 degrees Scorpio / 15-16 degrees Pisces

  • 2nd activation: May 25, 2017, 16 degrees Scorpio / Pisces

July 12 – September 7, 2018, 13-18 degrees Scorpio / 15-16 degrees Pisces

  • 3rd activation: August 19, 2018, 15-16 degrees Scorpio / Pisces


An aspect that helps us to envision, to be inspired, to compose a dream. It brings revelations, greatly expands spirituality and knowledge, benefits art and creation, but also sets imagination on a higher vibration. It magnifies expectations, the expression of empathy, as well as intuition. It cultivates the metaphysical aspect of research and abstract concepts. It helps transitions, or transcendence,  charity work. It favours good intentions and conscious harmonization with groups of people who deal with social welfare or spiritual activities. The spread of beliefs is easier or any publication that deals with symbolism and higher concepts. We can see something important spreading or magnifying which can have resonance in the collective sphere, as well as a more socially sensitive political movement developing. On another level we could be seeing speculative moves for easy profit. There is more acceptance and sensitivity with this aspect. It can help create conditions of harmony between ideology, knowledge, morality and aspirations or ideals, either collectively or personally.

This aspect has a more personal feel for you:

If you have a ASC or personal planets at 11 (+/- 3) degrees Scorpio / Pisces, or 15-16 (+/- 2) degrees Scorpio / Pisces. If you have planets in Cancer, or any of the Earth’s signs in the degrees mentioned. For those who have their birthday on November 3, 7, 8, and March 2, 6, this aspect is quite potent.



Jupiter sextile Pluto

Relationships of co-dependence negotiate issues of trust and truth. Ethics and the perception of power, revelations, financial schemes and ventures, increase of influence and power, wealth accumulation. Expansion in depth and through proximity. The development and support of each vision requires research, deeper knowledge, conscious transformation of power dynamics, and negotiates issues of trust.

December 27, 2017- May 6, 2018, 16-21 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn

  • 1st activation: January 16, 2018 – 19 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn
  • 2nd activation: April 14, 2018, 21 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn

August 27 – September 26, 2018, 16-21 degrees Scorpio / 18-19 Capricorn

  • 3rd activation: 18 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn


Here we have to probably appreciate this aspect of the sextile as the last chance we are given to reinforce something, that has to do with a process of empowerment and boosting of aims that began back in 2007, and is going to be completed in 2020. (Jupiter-Pluto synodic cycle). What have we accumulated in terms of knowledge and experience? This is a window of opportunity for strengthening sphere of influence through material or spiritual avenues.


This aspect has a more personal feel for you:

If you have ASC or personal planets at 18 (+/- 3) degrees Scorpio / Capricorn. It will be more potent for you if you your birthday is on November 10-13, and January 8-11

Synergies and interactions of the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio with the natal chart:

This transit will primarily touch all placements of Scorpio planets and points and energise all Water sign (Pisces and Cancer) planets and points. It will also assist Earth sign (Virgos, Capricorns, Taurus’s) planets to act. Aquarius and Leo planets of the second and third decanates  will receive hard aspects. Ascendants in all the above signs will also receive aspects. Capricorn planets are going to be utilised more, for the next two years as they will also be affected by Saturn’s transit through Capricorn.

Scorpios, Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo planets in a natal chart, can be expected to activate and be utilised in a more dynamic way, or stabilise in an active way the development of issues. Themes of attachment, management, and exploitation of power, resources and knowledge maybe relevant. Jupiter in Scorpio will also give a significant impetus either to claim or to promote ventures as well as significantly expand or gain consciousness on a deeper level to do with long standing issues for those born between 1984-1994, with Pluto in Scorpio. If you have Jupiter in Scorpio (b. 1946-47, 1958-59, 1970-71, 1981-82, 1993-94), this is the year you will be starting a new 12-year cycle of expansion in your lives.

Jupiter will be retrograde from the 23-13 degrees of Scorpio (March 9 -July 10, 2018). This means that Jupiter will spend more time in those degrees, and so it will be felt more by those who have planets in these degrees of Scorpio.

The realm of life in which Jupiter’s energy will focus on a natal chart, and will also signify a new  cycle of expansion in that particular field of experience, has to do with the house that has Scorpio on the cusp in your natal chart. You can also make a note of where natal Mars resides in your natal chart this is an area that will become more active too, as Jupiter will be motivated by Mars. You can also check Pluto’s natal position for more clues. The areas that will be affected are those that have Sagittarius and Pisces on the cusp.

The last time Jupiter was in Scorpio was October 2005 – November 2006. (If we look back at that time, we can possibly unlock some messages in relation to the realm of life  that we experienced some kind of expansion, revelation, or development and we can expect to see things evolve through the current annual transit).

Note: By studying the effects and meaning of the transit of Jupiter, we must not forget that we also have to consider other planetary transits. Their combination and dialogue with natal planets will synthesise  the overall picture of conditions or influences that affect  us on a personal level in reference to our natal chart.

© Eleni Kostika 2017

Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

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