Super Full Moon at 11 degrees and 40 ‘of Gemini


3 December 2017, 15:46 UT, local time 17:46 EET

How do we balance the response to information with the broader scope of life.

Asking the “right” questions.

As we change direction and respond quickly to stimuli, we collect information from a source of knowledge that we may not have been aware of until now.


The Full Moon in Gemini illuminates the need to communicate and connect with others. On a first level, the cosmic energy that sets the tone as we enter the Full Moon phase, has  sensitised our receptivity, perhaps made us vulnerable to confusion, or distracted our attention. It may have brought on anxiety or weaknesses to the foreground, exposed us to feelings of empathy and made us receptive to impressions. The level of information we have been exposed to collectively or on a personal level, over stimulated our emotional minds and may have caused mental and physical fatigue. Too much to process or respond to too many things at the same time, can really disperse ones’s energy. Rest and discharging physically and mentally is a demand that we will want to satisfy the next two weeks, and it is especially necessary if we experience some sort of crisis or pressure. The luminairies separate from a square with Neptune in Pisces (T-square), and asks us to take care of our health and energy imbalances in more practical ways. Exercise some discrimination (Virgo is the sign opposite Pisces). This aspect has already perfected, and so we feel internally, personally and collectively its vibration, as we enter the culmination of the current Lunar cycle. At the same time, Jupiter in Scorpio separates from a trine with Neptune in Pisces, and it may feel like we experienced some level of assistance; a dream, an ideal, a wish, may have been harmonized in some magical way with our faith. Perhaps we may have seen delightful progress to something we wished for or something has happened easily that was in the realm of our imagination. So, on the one hand we have a nebulous or demanding climate that needs flexibility and better coordination, especially grounding, and on the other hand an alignment with a higher vibration, either through spiritual or creative paths, which will give birth to new situations. However, the applying  aspects of the Full Moon chart will describe the climate that will manifest in the next two weeks.

The Full Moon, which takes place in the mutabe signs of Gemini-Sagittarius, illuminates the axis of comprehension. The next two weeks until the end of the lunar cycle, put an emphasis on balancing and decisions that have to do with the way we respond, and we process information. The way we communicate (in relationships with others), has to balance with truth seeking choices or scope of leadership.  At the same time we take a step back, return to the past in order to clarify the justness and correctness of thoughts.  We may re-define the boundaries that exist in our rational thought patterns, and we will get an opportunity to rethink some previous concerns or responsibilities.  As the ruler of Gemini, Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius begins its retrograde course the same day, the next two weeks speak of the undertaking of a restoration, a review of the way we process information, work, set goals or even crystallise some closure on the past. We seek and re-examine the correctness of some ideas, we may seek to clarify a topic from the past, get a second opinion on something, process the validity or sustainability of the ideas, or just return to the formal points of some agreement, or commitment that may have been pre-agreed at the end of November, or even earlier. Mercury is in an anaretic degree (critical) which possesses a sense of urgency and also speaks of taking something away. And it will meet Saturn on December 6th for a precision session. This is a time that we will have the opportunity clarify some more data or re-confirm something. Mercury’s conjunction with Saturn helps to focus the mind, and if there is a real subject it can be a really productive and effective time, especially in the 28 degree Sagittarius (Fixed star Acumen), it gives a “special” kind of clarity. With the presence of Saturn, thoughts take on a very specific form, and the mind can concentrate. How and what we focus on, determines how constructive this process will be. We may become more critical, cynical or suspicious as Saturn sets limits, and can generate inhibitions or fears. On a collective level, we may see an upsurge in criticism, or the transmission of fear in the media, while on a personal level this aspect can allow us to distinguish clearly and realistically our thought motifs concerning the way we connect and relate to “reality “. We can expect some delays, as well as having to overcome some obstacle in order to develop a plan. Something that has already began may have to go a step back or to some extent be reformed. Mercury is applying to a trine with Uranus in Aries, once during his retrograde motion and once again in early January when direct. Obstacles do not mean to intercept us, but to bring us back to something that may present more progress later. These configurations may also concern our relations and our commitments (professional or other).

Through communication and connectivity, the mind records and negotiates. With the Moon in Gemini the collective feeling quickly and easily changes orientation, it is wandering. There is a speed in responses as the Moon moves very fast, there is a rush, and receptivity to information and stimuli that is given motivation to be ethically processed through Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sagittarius is a truth seeking rational mind. Saturn, in conjunction with the ruler of the Full Moon helps to slow the hurry of this process, sets limits and rules, cautions.  Thus, it can possibly work in a protective way. It is not the time for hasty decisions, but like a time-lapse period that we can use and cultivate a better consciousness about how much information management and the way we communicate, can shift us away from our truth or broader understanding of a situation.

Something is close to completion and as we gain access to more information, we are being asked to re-configure our cognitive GPS. Asking the right questions play an important role, but also the maturity with which we communicate, with those who are near or against us. This is a Full Moon that makes things more accessible to the mind, gives a high degree of acuteness, which can give specific form to previous questions, and can review and crystallize the evolution of a significant sense continuity. If the past has been sparked by a storm of overwhelming information and stimuli, and we have become disoriented mentally or confused, the full moon is a trigger to become more aware of this and return to the source of our own truth. Mercury’s retrograde course until December 23rd, symbolically indicates that we must first close some pending issues (conjunction with Saturn), divide or break up piece of information (sextile with Mars) and then proceed to more definitive reforms and changes that promise something for the future (trine with Uranus) . We will notice that emotions are expressed through logic. Fluency in everyday life, changeability in routines, mood swings and need for multiple stimuli dominate.

So, let us recall what this lunar cycle highlights: The New Moon on November 18th in the Scorpio set a new intention on the need to share on a deeper level, but also reconcile with the natural cycles of life. It brings us in touch with all those experiences that are likely to sensitize our psyche, but they also strengthen the courage to stabilize and cope with what motivates deeper desires and existential needs. It also talks about what we cannot control, highlighting the interdependence dynamics in relationships we have. It talks about proximity, and everything we share with others. It speaks about liberation and release. Thus within this exploration cycle, the Full Moon on December 4th is the moment of culmination, the moment of perception of a full picture. The Moon is in   great proximity to the Earth, and here we have an even more charged energy that brings us to the  threshold of a conscious transition. It is a special moment of receptivity that allows us to access information that may not have been visible to us previously. This works both metaphorically and literally, collectively and personally. The need for connectivity, dialogue, processing, and transaction is intense. The Moon is collecting light from the Sun. Here it is like conducting an interview with ourselves, or presenting something for judgement and verification. It is absolutely visible, but also necessary to realize that we are changing orientation.

This Full Moon potentially favours, externalizes and strengthens all activity related to speech, writing, publishing, travel, and communication. It will bring us in touch with bureaucratic issues, with institutional, educational and legal issues. Gemini is a mutable sign, and it belongs to the Air element. We can expect the next two weeks to be characterized by a need for adaptability, flexibility and versatility. There is also an emphasis on communication, sociability and contact with people from the past. Through the harmonious applying aspects of the  Moon with its Nodes (Leo-Aquarius), a dynamic of wider emotional response and strengthening of contacts with groups, as well as links with women or causes related to women, is highlighted. Our ties with significant others are in harmony with our evolutionary path, and they help to cultivate and integrate the personal element into the collective. We can also expect inconsistent and changeable moods in the collective sphere, and several events that have to do with the past will potentially come to light, as well as due to the close proximity of the Moon with Earth, a volatile climatic conditions. It is a constructive period for dealing with pending issues, in perfect synchronicity with the gradual transition to the official entry into the winter season, winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn. It is important to exercise patience and foresight, to slow down pace and look after our energy reserves, as well as do some sort of inventory of what we have collected or achieved so far. As the mind turns back time, so will important others cross their paths with ours. It is a time when we can re-narrate or re-translate our stories.


The Full Moon themes are active until the end of the lunar month on December 17th.


This Full Moon may have a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Gemini born between May 30th and June 3th, a Sagittarius born between December 2nd -6th, a Pisces born between February 27th – March 3rd, a Virgo born between September 1st-5th, or if you have Ascendant or personal planets at the 11th degree (+ -2) of the mutable signs. You are also affected if you have Sun or personal planets at 29 degrees (+/- 2) Sagittarius, Aries, and at 17 (+/- 2) Leo, Aquarius.

Enjoy a magical and glorious moon tonight!

© Eleni Kostika 2017

Photo by Antoine Barrès on Unsplash

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