New Moon at 26 degrees Capricorn 54′


January 17, 2018 – 02:17 UT

What really matters in life

As a new order of things emerges, we focus on values ​​and relationships that will effectively provide support, progress, quality and substance in life.

How the distillation of past experiences can become the foundation for our goals and enhance our self-esteem.

What is the value of confirmation, recognition and social acceptance in our relationships and personal goals.

How mature are we in our relationships, and how experiences and lessons of the past support us or prove limiting in this process.


A new lunar cycle begins at 26 degree Capricorn, where for the next 29 days a new intention is activated in relation to our perception of reality and the objectives and structures that support it. Capricorn is the sign that has a realistic view of things more than any other. Not only the essence of reality, but  through a keen observational capacity of what consists the world around it; it recognises “form” in all things. This ability permits an acute discernment on what one can or cannot rely on, assists in moving on, and evolving. This New Moon is particularly significant as it is in conjunction with Venus, and is the first New Moon in Capricorn after Saturn’s Ingress in this sign. Venus has to do our values, what we love, how we relate, how we evaluate, and Saturn with structures and the time we invest to build or support them. This Lunar Cycle will emphasise the theme of how we invest on what is of value. This concurrence marks a new beginning that will not only describe the next 29 days, but also highlights the importance of Saturn’s current transit in our lives; the results of which will be assessed in 2020. The last degrees of any sign are about the completion of a field of experience and expression, and here at the same time we observe the birth of an intention that coordinates us with the final phase of a process. We realize that some things have served a purpose, and now there is a distillation that predisposes for changes that either enter our lives or should be cultivated by us.

The Moon in Capricorn is in detriment. Realism alternates with pessimism, both collectively and personally, but is also an opportunity to operate from an endoscopic point of view. To crystallise intentions and focus, while emotions are grounded. We may be called on to trust the claim of a more autonomous expression of freedom and individuality or an unpredictable aspect of assertiveness: Mars in Scorpio is in a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries which confirms a strengthening of  actions that go against the tide, as well as intensifies the need to trust our desire for change and more autonomy in our contacts with allies, causes or new ventures. Mars also forms a trine aspect with Chiron assisting a harmonious healing condition of the capacity to claim, or  strengthen.


We can be liberated ourselves from something or detach from a situation, while we synchronize will, emotion and values with a sense of responsibility for a specific purpose. It is a moment that we can cultivate a calm, practical, critical and reinforcing attitude towards the consolidation or crystallization of goals and issues that relate to our earthly activities. The basic need is adherence to what is of essence. We focus our will and sentiment to give form, and honour our values ​​in some area of ​​life. What we are deprived of, what obstructs and what we need to provide for or obligations we have to respond to is a dominant issue in the cycle that begins. Capricorn belongs to the collective sphere of life. The concept of integrity, affirmation, recognition, and credibility colour the mood that helps adopt a mature and critical look in relation to the values ​​we have, and how they have defined the framework of our lives, to appreciate what is worth preserving and what must be rejected. How do we support what we love and how much others contribute? (Business and career issues, connections to the past, and our experiences, responsibility towards ourselves, the elders in the family, or people of authority and power are likely to concern us.)

Within this context, the level of recognition, validation, and social acceptance we receive and the effect they have on the material reality of our lives, as well as contribute to the reinforcement of self-esteem, are matters that may manifest and promote awareness.

The Sun-Venus synod took place a few days ago (January 9, 2018) at 19 degrees Capricorn, and this encounter as it evolves in time after ~ 8 years highlights a theme in relation to the essence of love, joy of life and in Capricorn the appreciation of the structural and lasting importance of how we value life itself. The cycle evolves its message in time with the participation of Pluto and reveals the invisible, transformational and empowering force that above all stimulates and strengthens beyond measure love for life, and always works through processes that we cannot control, compels us to passions, acceptance, or pain. While purging, humiliating or exalting it persistently asks to trust above all the greatness of the natural cycles in our relationship with the assessment of the experience of joy in life and how it relates to self-esteem. This is a condition that we negotiate with ourselves or crystallize mostly through the experiences of our interpersonal relationships.

The New Moon separates from a square aspect with Uranus. Significant awakenings, upsets, or changes that have occurred in the past few days, and perhaps disrupted the usual flow of normality, drive a focus on organizing, responding to responsibilities, or deploy experiences with seriousness and maturity. The sense of responsibility primarily to ourselves, as well as restoring regularity, and effectiveness through a realistic assessment of situations is a key issue. This new Moon may feel like a meaningful adhesive substance is solidifying things that matter. The emotional self is ready to invest on working or what works. How do we make our lives more meaningful, what ultimately counts above all, and how past experiences have provided wisdom, tangible results, and define our relationship with longer-lasting and more rewarding living conditions is the demand of the New Moon. Something is happening, something takes shape, something we are about to invest time on introduces a clearer sense of continuity and longevity. It is the moment when we realize that we may wish to change the rules of our organized world, we become aware of restrictions or boundaries that need to be set by employing forces (resources, experiences, relationships) and the working systems that constitute them.

The Moon applies to a semi-square aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Some sense of inner discomfort or dissatisfaction, as well as lack of response to expectations may act as minor irritations during the lunar month. We can view them as minor interferences that can be a little disorienting. Forgiveness or understanding even without certainty or too much explanation may be the way out. The last aspect the Moon makes before entering the sign of Aquarius is a conjunction with Venus, and this is an indication of an amicable connective tone in our relationships with others while it also highlights the protection of values ​​and relationships that are supportive in life. Whatever happens this month, this aspect is a promise it will have a positive outcome and bring benefits.

The emphasis on the cardinal modality and the element of Earth, lack of Air, as well as the only planet placement in a mutable sign (Neptune in Pisces), states that we need to take initiatives on a practical level, and that flexibility or adjustments in terms of expectations or ideals may disorient or be harder to do. Communication may be more grounded, matter of fact, or take a more reflective and critical attitude. Beginnings and stabilization of situations will be more visible, while Mercury from the sign of Capricorn and out of bounds helps us to process thoughts and ideas in alternative ways, think outside the box, and to direct communication outside beyond the familiar territories of life.

A new significant beginning is taking place as we become more conscious in our perception of the world that supports us. We coordinate mentally, emotionally, and physically with what is of essence in our lives.

(If you are  familiar with your birth chart, the house that contains 26 degree Capricorn is the area of life that a new intention is activated, which you will focus on for the next 29 days, and you will work on it methodically and thoroughly over the next two years.)


The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Capricorn Sun born between January 15 -20, a Cancer Sun born between July 19-22  , an Aries Sun born between March  15-19, and a Libra Sun born between October 18-23, as well as if you have an Ascendant, angle or personal planets at 26 (+/- 3 degrees) of the cardinal signs. Scorpios and Pisces placements of the 3rd decan, as well as all Capricorn placements between 03-09 degrees of the sign will be triggered by Saturn’s transit throughout 2018, and will introduce significant themes in the next three months.

© Eleni Kostika 2018


(In my analysis I give more emphasis to the applying aspects of the planets)

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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