Super Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo 37′


January 31, 2018 – 12:26 UT (Total duration of eclipse 5 hours and 17 ‘)

The personal element and its contribution to collective awareness. How do we perceive the way we receive validation, love and acceptance.

Love, creativity, social life, collective causes and activities, their expansion and meaning in life

We need to have fun personally and collectively, to be present, to express feelings with creativity, heroism, warmth, pride and drama, as well as receive confirmation. This theme is “highlighted” by the Full Moon on the Leo / Aquarius axis, which reflects our very own relationship with love and creation. This polarity is about what ultimately constitutes the relationship between who we are / what we want and how it is incorporated and validated in a wider whole or relates to our hopes and dreams. How we give and receive love, the nature of love and friendship (filia) are themes of this polarity. This emotional need to receive validation is intense, and becomes even more intense with the eclipse phenomenon, and as the Moon is in perigee responses will permeate the collective sphere with enthusiasm, creativity, courage, self-confidence and drama. Sun in Aquarius is the source but also the driving force of this need: What is our emotional personal position in a larger group context and how do we reflect the light by those who identify with shared values, beliefs and hopes (friends, groups of people, social environment, purposes).

We usually witness a special acceleration of events and developments during eclipse periods, and that is probably something we have collectively and personally felt since the end of December when Mars activated the current eclipse from 11 degrees of Scorpio. Something that has been brewing for a long time gives us the impetus to evolve, to become more conscious and to obtain information that was previously inaccessible. At the same time, we are experiencing the culmination of the current Lunar Cycle that began on January 17 in Capricorn, and speaks about clarifying what is essential in our lives, while we have set some goals towards implementation.

The Moon’s call from Leo is of prime importance, it has to do with being who we are. It says I need to rejoice, create, fall in love, excite, live, play, and I find it difficult to respond to what I do not like. It is a heart felt disposition, and an attention seeking one too. It dramatizes, deals with affairs of the heart, expresses the personality and enhances emotional generosity. It is a proud position, which unequivocally states its presence. In the element of fire and fixed modality, the Moon expresses the emotional child that we all have within us, and responds with warmth, creative spirit and stability cultivating an erotic mood towards life. We may not even be aware of the source or how we will get to the prime motivation of this need because of the “shadow”. This is also the very mechanism of charging and intensifying that will create the conditions for “removal” of the elements that prevent its fulfilment. Emotions and automated responses may be highly charged and volatile.

Moon is in opposition with Venus showing a need to balance what we need to provide for ourselves with what appears or seems to be desired in our relationships with others. Needs and desires may be in conflict. Relationships may need more freedom and altruism, as Venus is in Aquarius, while Moon in Leo speaks of a more egocentric response. The Moon makes an applying waxing quincunx aspect with Neptune in Pisces indicating the need to make adjustments to expectations and ideals, to provide help, but also to find solutions or to work on some vulnerabilities that weaken on a psychosomatic level. There is a wide Fixed T-square with Jupiter in Scorpio at the apex. A pattern that supports self will, and the need to attract. The way we respond acquires a larger perspective and the tensions that arise seek putting their mark on something of value or actively fortify and advocate a position against external influences. As a result, we can expand, develop contacts and relationships with groups of people, and connect with others for creative, material or spiritual purposes. There is great stability and stubbornness, and a strong creative dimension that can achieve growth, deepen awareness and give optimism if we so desire, even in relation to any difficulties we may face.

Sun and Moon are in the Terms of Mercury; Mercury is in a critical anaretic degree of 29 Capricorn: Communication and rational process of the mind is what determines the context for an urgent completion that concerns practical issues, implementation, of goals and obligations. As Mercury is in Capricorn, and Saturn in Capricorn, (the only planet in its domicile), the power of concentration and practical organization identifies and motivates activities. The notion of responsibility and a critical attitude of doing the ‘right thing’ is pulling most strings. Whether we are happy with what we have to do, how we protect the creative dimension through various obstacles is something that we may be concerned with. Mercury changes signs during the eclipse and upon entering Aquarius, it goes about information processing with an inventive, altruistic, reforming and friendlier way. The rational mind and communication in general  is progressive, emphasises networking, and accesses a higher realm of awakening in contact with others.

It is an eclipse that has many positive elements with the involvement of Venus and Jupiter and accentuates the mood to do more; to express ideas and talents in our encounters with others. It also speaks about adopting a personal attitude towards collective scopes, and the need to balance that with freedom oriented choices and values. It provides an opening to view relationships, gain support, or deal with the tendency to waste energy  through excess and pleasures, as well as manifest possible obsessions about self-esteem. It has an evolutionary feel to it as Moon is with the North Node and highlights the kind of relationships, values and desires that have served their purpose. The dynamic Fixed T-square with Jupiter as the apex highlights dependency or controlling attitudes to perception, morality, and beliefs, that may also manifest as dogmatism depending on where they come from. We can gain awareness and deepen our consciousness in regards to our biases or lack of flexibility in opinions. The emotional approach to issues will be rigid, and without much tolerance. So in any environment that cultivates ideological extremities this pattern is most likely to cause problems as the fixed quality is  strengthening and has good resistance. There is no real sense of moderation in this Eclipse and this can be either positive or negative depending on the situation. On another level, it can manifest passion, creativity, a need to indulge in any kind of whim, feeling or desire. It is important to understand what is worthwhile fighting for personally and collectively, and to choose our battles by penetrating into the real essence of what we believe in, as Jupiter and Mars are in mutual reception until March 17th. This T-square has to do with the truths that bring us together or create tensions, as well as promote and mobilize mechanisms for material expansion, ventures and investments that cultivate creativity into common causes.

The need to receive love, attention, recognition, and to cultivate feelings and bonds with others requires a letting go of wasting energy on behaviors, decisions and relationships that seek acceptance on the basis of  what “appears” to be right (Sun in Aquarius in conjunction with the South Node and Venus). An eclipse that helps us to realize where and how we risk, how we create, how we receive love, and invites us to have more fun with life.

This eclipse precedes the Solar Eclipse that takes place on February 15th, in Aquarius. It belongs to the cycle Saros 124, which began in 1152 AD and ends in 2450 AD. The previous eclipse of the same cycle took place on January 21, 2000, and a flashback at that time may unlock evolutionary messages that we are negotiating now. On a personal level, as it is a North Node eclipse  it gives the mark of developments, that hold potential for growth in the field of life that is activated in our natal chart.

For those who know their birth chart: Houses containing the 11th degree of  Leo / Aquarius are the areas of life that this eclipse highlights.


This Full Moon/Eclipse has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Leo Sun born between August 1-5, an Aquarius Sun born between  January 29 – February 2, a Scorpio Sun born between November 1-5 and a Taurus Sun born between April 29  – May 3, and / or if you have Ascendant and personal planets at 11 (+ /- 3) degrees of fixed signs.

The eclipse affects you more if you have a Sun, Moon, Ascendant or MC at 11 degrees (+/- 1) of fixed signs.

As an astronomical phenomenon, this eclipse will be visible in large parts of the US, northeastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and Australia.


Let’s all enjoy a wonderful super bright moon!


© Eleni Kostika 2018

(In my analysis I mostly take applying aspects into consideration )

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


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