New Moon at 26 degrees Aries 02′


April 16, 2018  –  01:57 UTC

Awakening, Renewal, Liberation

Autonomy, individuality, creativity, reform and our relationship with the ‘wild’ side of life.

A new lunar cycle begins: The first New Moon of the tropical year reminds us that we exist, and brings us in touch with our sense of physical beingness and the dimension of freedom in our lives. We can expect change, surprise, unpredictable events or responses, innovation, renewal, creativity and revolutions of all kinds. This lunation favours a creative, adventurous and alternative approach to life, while it promotes detachment from environments, situations or activities that have been limiting. Control and dominance issues, as well as any application of effort externalise fortitude and the notion of eupraxia (well-doing). The following 29 days will be active, perhaps quite eventful and that on one level relates to external collective circumstances, and on another level awakens a sense of acute existential awareness of the individual.

The New Moon in Aries is in an applying  conjunction with Uranus, a planet that is archetypally linked to the awakening of humankind (Promethean theme) and the capacity to conceive that things can be different. In that sense it is a future oriented cycle, which invites us to honour the present moment (Aries). It is what we do in the here and now, that defines our future. And Prometheus didn’t have it easy to steal fire from the Gods and give it to mankind, he was punished for it, (for being intelligent? for defying the Gods?), for progress.  He was chained onto a rock and had an eagle feed on his liver. However, he was saved by Chiron the wise Centaur who exchanged his immortality with Prometheus to alleviate his own pain and wounds. And how cosmically potent is that Chiron enters Aries a day after the new moon ending a ~50 year cycle (Chiron’s last ingress into Aries was in 1968). 1968 was a memorable year in modern history, that marked progress, revolt and wounded collective morale with the assassination of M.Luther King and J.F.Kennedy. Does the era that emerges unlock and evolve messages of the late 1960s? That remains to be seen…

There is a price to pay for an act of liberation, awakening, and progress and now we collectively shift our consciousness from the healing of wounds on faith and idealism to the healing of wounds of identity and existence. So, I see this transition of Chiron from Pisces to Aries as an era where we ought to focus on existential remedies (Aries) for a humankind that has been seeking alternative spiritual healing (Pisces). Chiron will remain in Aries until 2026, so this maybe a period where we realise we’ve had enough of sacrifice, victimisation and idealism, and collectively strive for a humanity that unlocks the specialness of individuality and creative force of life; while recognise it needs to heal it’s wounds through alternative leadership and risk taking. After all Aries is the sign of exaltation of the Sun! (It is a new beginning of a special 8 year period for all those born between 1968-1976.)

Under this lunation we may feel we can dare to think of the future through the perspective of personal expression, assertiveness and impulsive altruism. We may feel attuned to our own individual revolution. It is critical to become conscious of the importance of individual contribution to the collective sphere, but also to recognize that what we have gained through own effort and hard work will assist us in effectively promoting our uniqueness. Every constraint or limitation gives an incentive to inquire into how well we know ourselves and our potential. It is precisely the distillation of experience that triggers an explosive celebration of autonomy, a connection with desire, and the creative dimension of being alive and fully exploring talent. Change is either triggered from the outside or from the inside. Thus, the way we experience events and navigate through these restless and disrupting times promotes a wake-up call; and if life itself is shocking or chaotic is because we have to shift consciousness or change our ways. It is through impulsive responses that  we feel most alive. We may worry about the future, but Aries demands we stay in the present. We honour the present through physical presence, through courage, through vigour, desire, and initiative. This cycle attunes us with the need to act, claim our vital ground, and liberate facets of our identity. (Uranus)

The driving force of creation, enforcement and application of energy is very effective. Mars the ruler of the New Moon is in his exaltation sign Capricorn, applying to a conjunction with Pluto on April 26,  and essentially activates the Jupiter-Pluto sextile aspect (an aspect that perfects three times this year – January/April/September). This aspect brings a harmonious dialogue between the God of the sky with the God of the underworld so it essentially promotes spiritual and material potential. It highlights the following themes: the ethics and handling of power, the development of knowledge, underlying motives, revelations, powerful financial ventures, expansion of influence through knowledge or wealth, research, and the uniting of forces. Relationships of interdependence negotiate issues of trust and truth. The expansion may manifest through deepening awareness and proximity. The development and support of visions requires intensive research, deeper knowledge, conscious transformation of psyche and inner drives.

Mars gives the impetus and the organising spirit to actualise and develop the aforementioned themes, but also to achieve very good results despite difficult or limited contexts. Mars is travelling between Saturn and Pluto from April 4th to April 26th, and this seems like  energy is invested in tight boundaries or rigid territories, like the mythological Symplegades. This may highlight difficulties, pressures, or enforcing measures though disciplined or polemic attitude that aims for results. Mars has been Out of Bounds until April 8th, so we may have experienced problems that have been outside the context of familiarity or conventionality. The context of this triad of planets in Capricorn, with Mars being the fastest, resonates with a general somber, serious and heavy atmosphere (Earth) where actions have to be targeted to establish order, stabilize things, or to crystallise goals and creations. Mars is the warrior planet and fighting in Capricorn can be harsh and corrective, yet if action is  channelled through objectives and hard work it can bring great results. So by April 26 (Mars conjunction with Pluto), attention needs to be given to exhaustion of energy reserves or resources, the overworking drive of the body if we have excluded all other interests to achieve goals or solve problems. This is potentially a high achieving period, or an exhausting period, depending on where we are at. Pluto can either be transformational or a deterrent factor: some things may be susceptible to change and depend on effort, some may be insurmountable. Knowing where to stop and how to manage our energy especially in relation to taking on extra responsibilities or handling power is critical and may involve a higher price than anticipated. (In the collective sphere and political arena power games and will to enforce measures or change the rules will be intense, and potentially trigger unpredictable decisions and detachment from groups, parties or alliances).

On a personal level, it is a period that we can personally strengthen passions, goals, important ventures, see significant achievements and efforts bring results, and may also find ourselves working in overdrive. There are four planets in the chart of the New Moon with strong essential dignity (Sun, Venus, Mars, Saturn), so we can count on them keeping their promise. Venus in Taurus, in its domicile is in opposition to Jupiter in Scorpio, which calls for balancing assessments, values and ethics or truths. There is a tendency for excess or exaggeration. The aspect also promises a sociable period, more so on the sensual or material level of experience. Relationships, contracts, money, pleasures, art are some of the areas that will highlight issues of attachment, ownership and exchange. On a different level gifts and beneficial offers may manifest. Venus trines Pluto on the 17-18th of April, and favours relationships and partnerships with financial benefits, good sound investments, promotion or empowering of creative projects and talents, and the transformation of anything we value. Sensuality and passion have a good flow in the coming days as long as there is common ground (earth).

Mercury has turned direct just one day prior to the New Moon at 04 degrees Aries and we had the opportunity between March 23rd – April 15th to rethink or revisit activities and people of the past but most importantly to clarify the level of inspiration or enthusiasm (Fire) or whether certain ideas or plans still have that “spark”. It may have felt an active time (Mars ruled sign) that we might have done things out of the ordinary (Mars was out of Bounds), and it potentially gave us the opportunity to rethink what we desire, what we don’t hold a claim on anymore, and express it with zeal, passion, spirit and potential irritation or impulsiveness..

Mercury in Aries excites the nervous system and is generally jumping fast into conclusions, and as the planet makes three squares with Saturn (March 11th / April 5th /April 25th), it heralds the need to spend more time on health issues, implementation of ideas, what we think is feasible or not. This was about slowing down and rethinking structures, work matters or self negating thinking patterns. Delays, a tendency to pessimism and worrying in relation to obligations may preoccupy the time around the above dates, and if we have done the “work” then perhaps we can finalise some conclusions about the way forward with the perfection of the 3rd square that takes place on April 26th. My impression is that this will take some more months as these squares happen at the 8-9 degree of Capricorn and this is the same degree that Saturn Stations Rx on April 18th. Extra responsibilities should be handled with extra caution and what we thought was right or limiting, maybe needing more time to mature. If in a situation that you need to make plans or changes is best to prioritise and do them in stages. Generally for most part of 2018, we should consider the periods where we have fast planets in the Fire signs extremely beneficial in terms of revitalising, expressing creativity or re-newing passions. As the slower planets are in earth and water element, we will find that fire placements would provide that spark we need for things to take form!

There is a lack of Air in the New Moon chart, so it may feel we need to watch that judgemental side of us and take advantage of the fire and earth elements to channel our creative forces towards the materialisation  of things we feel passionate about. Creations take form and can be appreciated at this time.  Autonomy and awakening arise from personal action, and we do gain that momentum this month to create and express ourselves.

It is a month when the heart is open to respond to everything new and to claim its vital space. This may highlight changes or awareness in relation to habits, domestic environment, caretaking, subconscious emotional patterns, professional activities, creativity or self-promotion. The will is strong with the Sun in Aries, and it helps to make dynamic, fast but also unpredictable decisions. The New Moon synchronises with the closure of the annual Sun-Uranus synodic cycle that speaks of free will and consciousness of the notion of freedom. We may set a new intention in relation to how we handle freedom personally and as societal groups. We may wish to change our identity. The collective mood will respond to issues of freedom, human rights and individual self-expression. Group consciousness is high on the agenda, so we may expect change and reforms in our social environments or collective activities.

The cosmic energy and the many shifts of planetary placements that are happening mark a stimulating period with a sense of restless apprehension and an uncompromising spirit. The need is accentuated towards claiming autonomy, and evolving our creative potential through our unique identity.  It is through acknowledging diversity we come into contact with ourselves and make contributions towards a better world.

(If you are familiar with your birth chart, check the house that contains the 26 degrees of Aries.  This is the area of life that you may set a new intention to activate change or experience some kind of liberation or awakening).


The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are an Aries Sun (April 14-20), Libra Sun (October 17-23), Capricorn Sun (14-20 January), and Cancer Sun (June 17-22), and/or if your Ascendant, any other angle or personal planets are at 26 (+/- 3 degrees) of the cardinal signs. Also, if  you have personal planets or angles at 20-21 degrees of Earth and Water signs.

© Eleni Kostika 2018


 Reference: Melanie Reinhart, Chiron and Healing Journey, Penguin Books, 1998.


Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash



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