Full moon at 08 degrees Sagittarius


May 29, 2018 – 15:19 UT

Reconciling knowledge with information, we shift direction.

The need to clarify and respond to the unfamiliar. How we emotionally align ourselves with the experience of synthesis and creation, and how our ideologies and beliefs alter as we mature.

The Sagittarius / Gemini axis is the axis of perception, beliefs, learning, understanding and generally  speaks of all the systems that support and shape this process, both at a cognitive and a practical level: Travelling, knowledge, education, ideology and philosophy, the relationship between familiar and unfamiliar, legal issues, ethos, information processing, truth and communication. The relationship between understanding and information we are exposed to is a foreground theme for the next two weeks. A Full Moon on the diurnal mutable signs of Fire and Air, speaks of extroverted active energy in the light of preparation for change. In combination with Mars in Aquarius also in an Air sign, projects a message about clarifying direction towards the stabilization of actions and energy investment. The changeability of our mental or physical journeys and the tendency to have to deal with many variables at the same time is highly activated. A theme that will also continue to unfold during the next lunar month of June 13 in the sign of Gemini. Moon in Sagittarius speaks about our response mechanisms to unexplored areas or experiences motivated by truths or revelations that may operate in investigative ways (Jupiter in Scorpio). There is an intense inquisitive nature to a quest of some sort.  This has to balance stimuli, and processing information, connecting the dots that springs from a curious self-will or decision making process  (Sun in Gemini). Asking the right questions and seeking meaning. A Full Moon is an opposition, so in case we are in a conflict of some kind facts and truth are something that is crucial to balance. This process has to do with our deeper psyche and ethical standards. Thus, the terrain of life maybe energised and communicative, and brings to light a need to refrain from long term decision making as we realise and come to accept that things are fluid and changeable. Even if we are dealing with difficulties or revelations (positive or negative), we can rely on an emotional protective zone and regain faith in the natural flow of developments around us while we become more intuitively attentive.

Jupiter in Scorpio in Retrograde motion, ruler of Sagittarius, is part of a Grand Water Trine along with Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. The Water element is a passive and absorbs stimuli, trines signify an easy flow in the connectivity of things. And while the luminaries indicate that our everyday life will tend to be extroverted, changeable and active, the backdrop of our environment is assisting, supportive and basically composing a potentially creative protective envelop. It is our values ​​and assessments that activate our truth seeking responses, Neptune projecting empathy and idealism, and Jupiter expanding and gaining faith. As long as Venus is in Cancer (until 13/06), there will be a sort of moodiness that will affect our emotional responses and affinities. This may have an impact on the way we evaluate situations, but it will bring us closer to our subconscious, sensibility and intuitive channels. The Grand Water Trine creates an energy filed that absorbs vibrations, transcends obstacles and facilitates a flow of emotion and synthesis of experience that allows us to surrender resistance, move with the current or trust the wisdom that exists in the timing of life. Venus is in triplicity and out of bounds. Unconventional unions with others, the capacity to attract or connect with others has an element of luck or favor that operates through the filter of emotional resonance and intuition and less through logic, reason or conventionality. It can thus connect us with a broader vision, work or expand knowledge in a transcendental way. Or just simply present solutions and resolutions much easier than expected. How we align with our inner truths and values, will make the difference in the level of dialogue and interaction with external events we maintain, as this Full Moon may also expose potential uneasy feelings that we must respond to or make sense of. (Jupiter is in the sign of Moon’s fall, and detriment of Venus). It may be better to bend than break. If we have something to say that has troubled us or where saddened by we may express it at this time, and witness a re-orientation of a significant relationship. It is a time we realise which things, values, and people are not emotionally related to us. It is most likely, we will need to make some adjustments to our assessments, moods, finances, routines and relationships as the Moon applies to a waxing quincunx with Venus. The last aspect the Moon makes before entering the sign of Capricorn is a square with Neptune: an aspect of heightened sensitivity and first impressions, a crisis in consciousness that can blur boundaries of perception and trigger disappointments. As the relationship between emotion and reality is not so clear, we can use these energies to seek awareness of expectations and ideals we previously held dear, or exercise some form of escape from everyday life through creative pursuits, relaxation, and spiritual activities.  We can free ourselves from unrealistic expectations by cultivating new experiences. It is a time that our perceptions and our overall view of things is shifting direction and this may also be the reason why we feel others are failing us. How things appear on the surface may not be all there is to it.


The full moon marks the culmination of the lunar cycle that began on May 16 at 24 degrees Taurus, which raised the notion of fertility in our lives, those things we value, and especially those brave acts, or tasks we have to deal with. It is a cycle that activated communication and contacts with others in relation to works, acquisitions and skills, through the out of bounds motion of Venus, and this motif continues until the end of the lunar month. At the same time Uranus the awakener entered Taurus, and Mars entered Aquarius, which triggered a set up of the unpredictable factor in our lives, the need to do things differently and activated the consciousness of resistance or reactivity as well as the levels of management of freedom and autonomy in our lives. The processing of this will last longer than a lunar cycle. In the Full Moon phase, we actually have the opportunity to see an overall picture of the cycle that began, and realise the need to shift our mental GPS, maintain flexibility and clarify issues. If we do not know enough about certain things, we should explore them more or have more tolerance. Communication and thinking process is crucial as Mercury is in the anaretic degree of Taurus, insisting on the evaluation and the crystallization of conclusions. The chain of rulerships leads to Saturn in Capricorn, which is Retrograde. We will revisit those issues in the Fall. It is the past, consequence, accountability, responsibility, limitations, and maturation, but also the concept of time that really pulls the strings in this Full Moon. We change as we mature but also as our understanding matures.



Let’s take the opportunity during the Full Moon and the next two weeks to understand more about the stimuli and info we have received since May 16, and target the fire of the Sagittarian Moon in broadening our inner vision. Time defines our reality, shows us consequences yet also matures us at the same time. We can trust the primordial power of the element of Water will act as a birthing place. Water like emotion, acts in a unifying way generating new situations while at the same time it has the potential to transcend and carry us into a deeper and more substantial connection with the experience of life! It is our emotions that carry the wisdom and not our way of rationalising them.


This Full moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Sagittarius Sun born on November 29  – December 3, Gemini Sun born May 28  -June 1, Virgo Sun August 30 – September 3, and Pisces Sun born February 25 – March 1, and / or if you have ASC, any angle or personal planet at 08 ( +/- 2) degrees of mutable signs. You may feel this Full Moon if you have personal planets or angles at 16 degrees (+/- 2) of the water signs. The themes of this Full Moon are processed until June 13th.

I hope we all enjoy a wonderful full moon tonight!

© Eleni Kostika 2018

(In my analysis I mostly consider applying aspects)


Photo by Hollie Harmsworth on Unsplash

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