New Moon at 22 degrees Gemini 44 ‘


June 13, 2018, 20:43 UT

Saying farewell, intuitive thinking and the transition to a new season.

Our reality, our achievements and our past can be defined by the way we communicate them to ourselves and to others.

A new lunar cycle begins in the sign of Gemini, which places great emphasis on communication. Communication is not just logos, but every signal we emit in order to make a connection. So the basic intention of this new cycle of the Moon is to intuitively connect data, ideas, thoughts, information, translate and communicate them in some way. There is a message that is passed on to us this lunar month, so be attentive.

(Transactions, communication of all kinds, news, documents, signatures, means of transport, books, documents, media, negotiations, commerce, relations with siblings, learning, schools and our familiar environment are the objects or people belonging to the territory of Gemini’s  filter of expression.).

Mutable signs define transitions to a new season, and with Gemini (mutable air) we witness the transition from Spring to Summer that officially begins with the Summer Solstice on June 21, but is also highly influenced by the cathartic July New Moon / Solar Eclipse at 21 degrees Cancer. This Lunar month speaks about re-orientation  that centres on processing data while saying “farewell” to a previous chapter of life or experience. We are in an in-between space and what is emphasized in this cycle is the need to clarify thoughts and discover alternative ways of communicating, feeling and listening. Intuitive ability and emotional intelligence are heightened and unlock messages that allow us to see reality and the way we think about it in new terms.

The stand outs in this New Moon chart are characterized by Moon and Mercury in mutual reception, with Mercury Out of Bounds, and a T-square in the early degrees of cardinal signs with the participation of Mercury, Chiron and Saturn. Mercury is the ruler of the New Moon and it is in Cancer, a Moon ruled sign. Emotional and rational mind continuously exchange data through the reception, becoming allies. This relationship assists in connecting with others or stimuli intuitively, but also respond quickly to anything that affects our mood. Mercury’s versatility and Moon’s moodiness create a changeable internal and external variable day to day experience that will appear energised and spontaneous mentally and emotionally.

The cardinal T-square indicates tension, is action oriented and is pointing at new beginnings that are at a very early stage (first degrees) and will take time to be clarified, finalised or organised, yet the spur is there. Chiron and Saturn are in a square aspect that will not perfect, but it will be within 1-2 degrees orb of influence until September. With Chiron at the apex in Aries, and Mercury out of bounds in the early degrees of Cancer in square aspect, there is an emphasis on the need to unlock alternative ways of communication and expression, to attempt or to take initiatives outside the conventional patterns of thinking or rationality. Thinking outside the box. The tendency to talk about our vulnerabilities or to communicate our weaknesses impulsively is intense and spontaneous and maybe premature too. Saturn in Capricorn is Rx, and Mercury is in an applying opposition: thinking or negotiating commitments, facing some hard talks, reflect on time, the past, checking our sense of accountability, consequences, problems, reality, goals, boundaries. What we reflect on here through the opposition, is the archetype of the psychopomp, as the basic structures of life or limitations are being assessed, who and what is keeping us company. What are the thoughts that we allow to play on while we experience reality. Worrying may be a tendency or becoming too self critical and pessimistic. The call is to check our self negating thought patterns, and perhaps realise that we need more time to think about ideas and things. Saturn is Rx. On another level we can crystallize our thoughts of the past in the present, become wiser, we can communicate boundaries or limitations, and talk about goals, projects and implementation.

We are walking on a threshold or at a crossroads, there is something to learn here: it is like processing an alternative frame of mind that will guide in a new direction. The dispositor chain ends with Saturn, who pulls the strings so to speak, and is Retrograde thus there maybe issues about boundaries and responsibilities that we are dealing with, or a kind of review. Taking on more responsibility may not be the wisest thing at this time, as we shift direction we may want to ponder on integrity, current work or “doing the right thing”. Saturn in Capricorn brings us in touch with the collective sphere of life and the way it defines our position, our public image, our professional identity , our achievements, what we have built so far, and how or if we fit in. The notion of responsibility, but also of discerning forms and resources, and a new order of things is dominant. By utilising weaknesses and vulnerabilities (Chiron) we can heal structures, find remedies as thoughts mature, or as we narrate them, and perceive a new possibility of self-actualisation, that is alternative and unconventional. By alienating aspects of our reality that we don’t approve or others find hard to swallow, we miss a chance of healing. This configuration speaks of seeking existential remedies in a an attempt to redefine reality, through a very personal signature. It is time to process all of this, and assess it on a more intuitive level.

It is a useful month to connect with the world through a very personal filter, to ask ourselves questions, to close a chapter on how our mind constructs reality, and to think whether this is limiting or allows us to evolve. The Mercury-Saturn cycle is half way through it’s annual journey, so we see a fuller picture asking if we are masters of our own thoughts and communications. We can maybe realise that by emitting signals at a different wavelength or frequency we can also experience a more fertile and interesting kind of connectivity with ourselves and others. It is the mind that will provide clarity and depending on the stimuli we receive from the environment, we can fluctuate between conflicts and exceptional clarity.

There is a message for us when we decide to exchange thoughts, and often this message is independent of the cause, content or stimulus that triggers the dialogue.

It is the way we think that  contributes to the way we perceive reality, but also to the way we can see that things materialise and take form. It is more essential to first make peace with ourselves in order to neutralize any tensions. Venus in the last degree of Cancer, in an applying square with Uranus, speaks of the need to move on to a new level of experience that promotes renewal, independence, liberation and change, with regard to the concepts of unity, values, relationships, joy and love in our lives, yet in a consistent way.

What the past has taught us and where we are going is an opportunity to communicate more and find ways to bring our information and ideas and thoughts out of conventional contexts. We can evolve in our way of thinking and communicating, convey progressive ideas, and innovative plans, or communicate our difficulties and weaknesses in a way that will resonate with others.

We are in a transition that will last for the entire lunar month in relation to what has began since the Spring Equinox and especially the New Moon in the last degrees of Aries on April 17, which was in conjunction with Uranus. A theme of existential awakening, an urgency to shift focus and the theme of freedom is now being processed through Gemini and through its ruler Mercury in Cancer, it may seem more comfortable or become a need to talk about certain things. We have an ally our intuition and gut feeling responses and we can access our subconscious through the stimuli we receive. Alternative routes to agreements, but also important negotiations and checking facts, will characterize the cosmic weather of the month. Shortly before the Full Moon on 28/06, Mars in Aquarius begins his apparent retrograde motion, and this marks the beginning of a longer period where we may need to take a brake to reconsider the relationship between intention, self-will and investment of energy in our lives. Major beginnings, career moves and actions or life decisions will be more fruitful to implement and finalize after August 26. The Moon makes no major applying aspects before it enters the sign of Cancer and this signifies that there is some kind of independence in the new intention that we are focusing on this month on the way we connect and we can cultivate it regardless of external conditions or interactions. Nevertheless, the new intention is to do with the processing of data and information that will lead to a change of orientation. The variability of our mood may be special and constructive. It is not necessary to draw conclusions. We may become more conscious that our antennas are wide open in contact with our soul. No one except for ourselves has better access to our personal story, experience or reality. The way we choose to think about it or communicate it is what is relevant this lunar month.


(If you are familiar with your natal chart, the house that 22 Gemini resides is the domain of life that marks a new intention with regard to how you communicate, draw information and receive signals that prepares you for something new.)


The New Moon has a more personal feel  for you:

If you are a Gemini Sun born June 11-15, Sagittarius Sun born December 12-15, Virgo Sun born September 13-17, Pisces Sun born March 11-15, or if you  have Ascendant, any other angle or personal planets at 22 (+/- 3 degrees ) of the mutable signs. It may also feel personal to those who have planets or points at 02-06 degrees of cardinal signs and 01 of fixed signs.


© Eleni Kostika 2018


Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

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