Full Moon at 06 degrees and 28′ Capricorn


June 28, 2018 – 05:52 UT

The evaluation of our efforts and the way towards a radical purging in our lives.

Practical responses motivated by emotional or nurturing intentions of life. The need to see results, to commit, to showcase our work, , to cultivate the structure for solid long-term goals through care and the creative dimension of who we are.

The Sun represents where we give and the Moon where we receive. The Moon is illuminated by the Sun in the phase of the Full Moon. There is something that emerges from the deeper emotional or creative self that wants to take care of, give birth to, protect, connect and give others something that is tangible and has form. The notion of recognition of what we have to offer will concern us, as is the relationship between giving and receiving that is most relevant and crucial to the core of our emotional and material world. With Cardinal Earth and Water, we focus on fertility and essence that is measured through result mainly through what is visible in the world we live in, the sense of belonging, continuity and the form and structure of things. Earth and Water are the heaviest of elements, and this resonates seriousness, emphasising the need to settle down and to synthesise experience by giving it direction. As with a tree, we nurture the roots and prune its branches to see it grow. In this Full Moon we are able to discern the problems and the results of those things that prevent us to grow the way we intended to. We may also have to set limits, cut down excess, exercise some serious “pruning” in order to sharpen forms and structures. The Full Moon illuminates the need to evaluate what is of worth so that we can follow by strengthening its root system in the following cycle. It is as if we are working on setting a capstone on a collaboration, a marriage, a deal, an undertaking, an effort, a project, a goal. Can we rise to the occasion? Are we on top of things?

Cancer promotes life, emotional security, and that sense of belonging; it looks after its “root system”. It is motivated by it. As a Water sign, it is a great synthesiser of emotion and experience and transforms it into life. The Sun in Cancer motivates the Moon in Capricorn to work, to do something practical and useful, to set a goal, or to cultivate structures and tools, test things out. It is a Full Moon with seriousness and substance that crystallizes something within us with conscience and realism. The basic need emphasised by this Full Moon is to manifest results, to give something of ours that is appreciated and recognised in the tangible world.

The culmination of the lunar cycle offers a complete view, calls for decisions, closure, meeting something, or another on equal terms. This specific opposition of the luminaries in Capricorn and Cancer is not as bipolar or oppositional as we may expect, because the Sun is in a Moon ruled sign. The Moon is the dispositor of the Sun and it sees the Sun by aspect so it fulfils its objective. We are collectively and personally oriented to see something be completed, built, implemented, cultivated, or actually taken care of, to fulfil a nurturing or creative intention. It may be as simple as putting a roof over our head. The Moon will satisfy the Sun’s request, perhaps in some tight or limiting context, moving towards a purge or a transformation. (The final aspect the Moon makes before entering the sign of Aquarius is a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn).

(On a collective level the Moon in detriment besieged between Saturn and Pluto may paint a rather grim picture of crowds of people either guarded or in restrictive circumstances. Let’s hope for a humane result of the current EU summit on the refugee issue. We need more bridges, shelters, resources and provisions and less borders in this world. Saturn can be both as is representing boundaries and structures.)

On a personal level, the Moon in detriment in Capricorn, speaks of emotional self-control and critical attitudes that may influence communication. A kind of potential pessimism, or remoteness may also predominate. The fear of rejection may lead to getting less than one is aiming for, as a sense of duty, problem solving or restrictions take over. We may feel a step behind and this tends to make one work harder. It can be constructive. The ruler of the Full Moon is Saturn in its domicile and retrograde, emphasizing a strong reinforcement of motivation to respond, to establish with some instability involved. The boundaries of responsibility need to be carefully defined. There are three waxing and separating quincunx aspects in the Full Moon chart that describe need for adaptations, working with others, or getting assistance in clarifying issues. These are non-seeing aspects so there may have been things preceding this Full Moon that we could not see well or had a different point of reference.

What is most notable in the Full Moon chart is the beginning of Mars’ retrograde motion in Aquarius, and the culmination of the annual Sun-Saturn synodic cycle. The Moon is in the sign of Mars’s exaltation and Mars in Retrograde emphasizes the need to redefine our self-will, our personal identity, the way we manage our anger or the manner in which we defend ourselves. In Aquarius this is expressed intellectually, impersonally and in an individualistic way. How do we invest our energy in a freedom oriented way, mainly in our connectivity or in solidarity with others? There is a lot of activity in the mental sphere that maybe introspective and illuminating issues, yet the synchronicity with external events may not be so poignant at this stage. The entire Mars Retrograde period in proximity to the South Node (June 27 – August 26) highlights the need to clarify where we act or react wasting energy, what we must possibly let go of or strengthen, and how people from the past come back to our lives to enlighten us in clarifying issues of assertion, desire, self promotion or defence mechanisms. The annual Sun-Saturn cycle that began with the Winter Solstice on December 22, 2017 is now at its peak (opposition). An important cycle that started on 00 Cardinal Point, that speaks of a new era of personal achievement and self-realization. It is the moment of solidifying plans, and gaining the ability to see where we are in relation to life goals that relate to our creative self. A reality check may be in order. Let us remember what was activated in our lives at that time and how much we feel it has evolved into the now.

The current lunar cycle began on June 13 at 22 degrees Gemini, with particular emphasis on communication, data negotiation in the process of preparing for a new chapter of experience. The message emphasised now half way through the cycle with the presence of Saturn, has to do with limitations, results and responsibility. The next two weeks may offer a sight of a result of a previous effort, an assessment of what needs to be taken care of or reconsidered. The cycle ends on July 13 with the next New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Cancer which promotes new beginnings and changes that involve a need for catharsis and transformation.

It is a period of initiative and action in relation to issues that we already manage or know, but also a time we see something materialise, while potentially more data that will appear or change over the course of the summer will force a step back, and help gain more clarity on what we need to work and reassess in our moves. We may also realise that we are not necessarily in sync with some facts, data or people. Initiating or investing energy in response to external events maybe premature or subject to renegotiation later. How we utilise what we have achieved or reaped in the course of our lives in connectivity with our environment is the central theme of the current lunar cycle. In the next two weeks, we will be dealing with closure or pending issues that will give us the opportunity to discern, and gather “findings” for internal processing regarding our self-perception and image, or our personal contribution in the public sphere of life.

This Full Moon paves the way (in a pressing manner) towards consolidation, and provides food for thought in respect to the way we relate with the notion of recognition. The relationship between an achievement oriented and an emotionally secure world is reciprocal. It is essential for now to feel that we can respond, that we are sufficient, but also that we can receive through the effectiveness of our work. These are issues that will concern us in the next two weeks.


This Full Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Capricorn Sun born December 26 – 30, a Cancer Sun born June 26 -30, a Libra Sun born October 26-30 and Aries Sun born March 26-30, and / or if you have Ascendant, angles and personal planets at 07 (+/- 2 ) degrees of cardinal signs. The influence of the Full Moon is processed until July 12th.

Enjoy a wonderful Full Moon tonight!

© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by me: The view of the Full Moon from my balcony – June 27, 2018

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