New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Leo 41′


11 August 2018, 09:46 UTC

“As I see and love in the mountain and the rock the primordial forces of gravity, in the animal the mobility and the disposition of freedom, I see in man (who portrays all these things at the same time) primarily, that form and ability of expression we call “soul” and for us people does not seem to be a random ray of life within a thousand others, but defined, selected, superbly sophisticated – an ultimate goal.”

Hermann Hesse, “Concerning The Soul “, 1917,  (1)

Re-learning life. Honouring life.

The New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo’s urges us to get in touch with our soul . What validates us, what makes us feel alive, what stimulates aliveness, what rejuvenates us. The New Moon is the seed of a new cycle of emotional intention, and with the eclipse phenomenon we are being given a more intense impetus with longer-term dynamics. In the sign of Leo self-expression, the authentic self, and connection with our center the heart is being pronounced. An urge to come close to the essential experience of what it means to feel alive. It is when we fall in love, face challenges, become creative, or play, that the capacity to take risks, to indulge wholeheartedly, that this sense of spiritedness emerges.  All this has to do with the relationship of choice and self-will. The noon Sun is the most powerful, we are in the heart of summer in the northern hemisphere, and the New Moon takes place in the most stable middle degrees of the sign. According to Homer, “thymos” is the feeling of aliveness that manifests when we take risks, when we bravely face a situation when we do something with soul. In other words “thymos” is passion. In modern greek it is used to refer to anger, yet it may be so potent to remember it’s origins and correlations to our beeingness.  Plato distinguished “thymos” as one of the three constituent parts of the psyche (thymoeides). The thymus gland is associated with the immune system which is central to our vitality. Leo and the Sun are associated with the heart. Our relationship with validation and the sense of euthemia and passion are interchangeable. The need to express our personality, our leadership capacity, to find the hero within, are emphasised too.These are the main themes that this New Lunar cycle brings to light. This eclipse creates tension and momentum to make decisions, and to recognise or become conscious of shadows, fears, our vitality level, and all  that is central to our life force. We need to get out of our comfort zones, and understand our attitude toward life. How do we respond to life, how does our psychology work in relation to vitality and anger. What is the logos of passion?

Plato’s  Allegory of the Cave is always timely, and at this current moment it is perhaps worthwhile revisiting it, as after some intense experiences that emerged through the two previous eclipses the energy is shifting, and we are beginning to adapt to a new sense of reality and perception of things. We can compare this to the phase of the myth where the prisoner was released, and as he comes out of the cave he is facing the bright light of the Sun, gets blinded at first, and needs time to adjust his eyesight, before seeing the intelligible world of forms and ideas. We are just a few days after the Sun – Mars opposition which occured at the end of July and we need some time adjusting to where we move away from, plus prepare for something new that is coming ahead. The Eclipse occurs two days after Mercury’ s inferior conjunction, a kind of mental rebirth, a revival of the spirit towards life or decisions, which on the one hand, demands validation in a fixed way, and on the other, it tries to gain clarity in processing data that will objectify choices and experiences. Validation does not always come from the outside or the way we want it. Mercury’s closing square with Jupiter in Scorpio is separating and communication about the need to abandon some beliefs or quests of the past, some excesses perhaps, become  more creative, and move on to renegotiate decisions is part of the picture. The aspect will repeat towards the end of August, so this process goes on for a while longer. There is a noteworthy quincunx aspect between the Luminairies and Pluto (albeit minor). This is a waxing quincunx (thus Scorpio like) and therefore indicates the need to either leave something important behind and move on, there maybe a price to pay, it may be a painful experience that turns attention elsewhere, it may just be an important shift of direction, while remembering, but also to reconnecting with our centre – our heart, the source of our vitality, and passion.

Validation by others does not play a role at this stage, and it may not be to our immediate avail. Whether we can can find pleasure, relax, how acceptable this is, maybe part of our concern or create some tension. Venus in Libra separates from the closing square with Saturn, and this new cycle and intention may entail the parting from a social setting to join another. We may be leaving a relationship, a professional direction, friendships or partnerships, and where we stand with that may be a preoccupation. We may have doubts about how things will appear in conventional terms. Libra is the sign of balance, but also the sign of Sun’s fall.. We can not do things to please others. Maybe that has been evident to us already as we enter the new cycle. Saturn triggers guilt, and sense of inadequacy, or it may just manifest we have to combine work with pleasure in some way. A sense of limitation is present. Venus, however, also makes harmonious applying aspects with the Lunar Nodes, and this is a promise of harmonious encounters with others that are ahead, even through difficult circumstances. Emerging out of our comfort zone is part of the experience. Something will be eclipsed, and self- will is powerful with the Sun in Leo and pushes us to be decisive, brave and externalise our leadership skills. It activates our wishes, the need to express talents, to enthuse, and to get in touch with ourselves first and foremost. With Mercury in retrograde motion, it’s like re-learning those things from the beginning in a way, as if we need to redesign these aspects of self.  Mercury is combust, so communication, rational thinking, processing and reviewing data is introspective, may need more time or lack objectivity in traditional terms. Mercury is in a waxing quincunx aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Some adjustments and improvements are required, but also clarifications about what we surrender what we sacrifice, what inspires us, what has disappointed or has been neglected in our communications. We may have been misinterpreted to some extent in some area. It is a very spiritual eclipse, that promotes important decisions in relation to what we want to do in our lives. It can make us change our direction and our attitude altogether and irrevocably if we trust the process. We do not have to hurry, but stay there for a while until the planets gradually reach the phase of their direct motion, from August 19th onwards, while at the same time strive for a revitalization of energy on a physical level.

Collective sphere:

With the union of the Moon and Sun in the sign of the Sun’s dominion, the public spirit of will is called for, as well as heroism for the common good, proper use of  leadership to overcome problems and difficulties or unresolved issues that undermine life itself. It is an opportunity for cleansing and purification of the notion of leadership on the collective level. Social justice is the backdrop through Jupiter’s trine with Neptune in the water signs.

With the participation of Mercury and Pluto, issues of communication, agreements, broader visions and business plans, loans, inheritances, as well as shared resources in general will be at the forefront and create some intensity.

This eclipse is an important opportunity to turn a page into an important chapter of life, to cultivate a more human part of our lives, to make bold changes, and to re-think about what triggers our sense of “spiritedness”, what makes our hearts “tick”. How we can find ways to give the attention and validation we seek from others to ourselves.

The eclipse belongs Saros 155, (2 North – J / B): and according to astrologer B. Brady it is speaking about a change of direction which involves the collapse of plans and lifestyles and rebuilding of new.   

The moon is dark during the New Moon, but through the shadow that partially conceals the sun’s light, we get a message which perhaps demands for us to see our emotional or automated responses  to all those themes mentioned above. The moon is our memory, so this is an opportunity to recall some good life moments again, reconnect with something from the past and see ourselves more clearly through it. Uranus in Taurus is causing and will continue to cause changes in our values, and through sudden events and awakenings asks us to approach this area differently.

Jupiter’s trine with Neptune assists in understanding the larger scheme of things, to gain faith or to experience some kind of ease in the field of spirituality or creativity.


(If you are familiar with your birth chart, the house which contains 18  Leo is the area of life that developments may occur and where you can experience incoming energy that will have a significant impetus and awareness to your self confidence and expression of talent).

Important dates that trigger the eclipse degree:

August 11, 2018 – New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse (19 degrees Leo)

The period from September 26 to November 12, 2018 – is a period that planetary activity activates both the previous lunar eclipse degree and this current one, through the transits of  Mars and Sun in the signs of Aquarius and Scorpio. Venus’ Retrograde motion in Scorpio during that time will also trigger the eclipse degree, so we can expect most of the evolution and unfoldment of developments in the issues and themes raised by the two recent eclipses of this summer.

Previous eclipses of the same Saros cycle:

1964, 1982, 2000

  • The eclipses of a Saros cycle have a periodicity and are repeated every 18 years and 11 days or every 19 years based on the Metonic cycle. If the eclipse is connected to personal planets but mainly to the Sun and Moon or the cusps of angular houses at 18 degrees (+/- 1) of the fixed signs, you can refer to the years 1964, 1982, 2000 (as mentioned above) to unlock possible evolutionary messages that concern you in relation to issues that are currently occurring and have a connection, or possibly common points with what was happening at that time.
  • Το interpret the potential meanings of an eclipse in the natal chart on a personal level, other factors, such as transits and progressions, should be taken into account so that we can conclude on potential issues or event events that will concern the individual.
  • This eclipse will be visible in parts of northern and eastern Europe, northern parts of North America, and in some locations in northern and western Asia.

For more information you can check the following link:

The New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse has a more personal feel for you:

If you have are a Leo Sun born August 9 – 13, an Aquarius Sun born February 6-10, a Taurus Sun born May 8-12, a Scorpio Sun born November 10-14, or you have personal planets, Ascendant or cusps of angular houses at 18 (+/- 2) degrees of fixed signs. You may also be affected if you have planets or points at 19 degrees (+/- 2) Capricorn.

© Eleni Kostika 2018


  • B. Brady, The Eagle and the Lark, Weiser Books, 1992
  • Bill Meridian, The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, Cycles Research Publications, New York 2010


  1. The quote in the beginning is translated by me from Greek to English, as I had access to the Greek translation of the book.The particular excerpt is found in My Belief: Essays on Life and Art is a collection of essays by Hermann Hesse. The essays, written between 1904 and 1961, were originally published in German, either individually or in various collections between 1951 and 1973. This collection in English was first published in 1974.

Photo by Eleonora Patricola on Unsplash


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