Jupiter sextile Pluto


September 12, 2018

The development and support of each vision requires research, deeper knowledge, conscious transformation of power dynamics, and negotiates issues of trustRelationships of co-dependence negotiate issues of trust and truth.  Ethics and the perception of power, revelations, financial schemes and ventures, increase of influence and power, wealth accumulation. Expansion in depth and through proximity. 

Dates the aspect perfects:

  • 1st activation: January 16, 2018 – 19 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn
  • 2nd activation: April 14, 2018, 21 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn
  • 3rd activation: Septembe 12, 2018, 18 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn


It is important to appreciate this aspect of the waning sextile as a final opportunity to reinforce something, that has to do with a process of empowerment,  and awareness of aims that began back in 2007, and is going to be completed in 2020. (Jupiter-Pluto synodic cycle). It could be a belief, a vision, experience or knowledge. What have we accumulated in terms of experience so far? Ethos and truth are ingredients of significance. This is a window of opportunity for strengthening a sphere of influence through people, material or spiritual avenues.

This aspect has a more personal feel for you:

If you have ASC, angular house cusps or personal planets at 18 (+/- 3) degrees Scorpio / Capricorn. Especially if you are a Scorpio Sun born November 10-13, and a Capricorn Sun born January 8-11. It may also affect you if you have planets or points at 18 degrees Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Virgo.

© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Joseph Anson on Unsplash

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