New Moon at 17 degrees Virgo


September 09, 2018 – 19:01 UT

What is useful in our lives. Working on improving self and our world

Virgo is mutable earth; it is the arable land. The cultivation of a “terrain” is the focus of this lunar cycle, and whether this is conscious or not, it will become necessary to get practical and begin a prioritisation and distillation process. Virgo is the land which, with proper care and work will yield produce that is necessary and useful, and provides us with a sense of humility and purpose that satisfies the most subtle, pure and refined aspects of our self-esteem.

We are starting a new emotional cycle, where we have the opportunity to activate our response to a field of life in a renewed way, by making adjustments, corrections and improvements or merely activate the capacity to discern what serves our needs. The Moon in Virgo also highlights issues of work, health, and self-improvement. It emphasises feelings of humility, and a strong need to provide for something, to take care of things, or to perfect: a relationship, a creation, our physical condition, our skills or anything that contributes to the betterment of the world and the earth that is our prime provider. We have the opportunity to become more grounded and find some hope or assistance in the process.

Everything that was initiated in the previous cycle of August 11,  triggered by Solar Eclipse in Leo is now tested on its practical side and its usefulness within the regularity of daily life. The energy of the August Eclipse will be active for a longer period of time and within the theme of ending of a life chapter or leaving behind an aspect of ourselves, we must now separate the wheat from the chaff. Mercury the ruler of the New Moon is in its rulership and exaltation sign (Virgo). This position strengthens an analytical approach and rationalization of data, critical ability, as well as anything to do with the written or spoken word, ideas and plans which seeks a practical application of expression. It is a cycle that demands an ordering of thoughts, the ways in which we work, and it will be especially helpful in meeting obligations and duties. Problem solving as well as every information we have at our disposal comes under the microscope and our main concern will be to engage with what is functional, what serves and what does not. Virgo analyzes and refines, but can also stick to details and miss the overview. This can be externalized or internalised as worry, workaholism, perfectionism or in a more positive version as shrewdness and profound productivity that will lay the foundation for future “harvesting”. Boundaries are something to watch with mutable signs. This could also be a cycle of purging, healing and empowerment. It may be necessary to realise where we have made concessions that may have not been so healthy, and work on how we should regulate these factors to feel more effective. It also applies to health and vitality.

There is a lack of Air and Fire placements in the New Moon chart, so the heavier of the elements prevail (Earth and Water). The feminine signs. This can describe an atmosphere that is more oriented towards the tangible, material and emotional aspects of life, that can be fertile, yet  more passive, receptive or introspective, characterized by seriousness and a sense of responsibility. It could feel somewhat somber depending on what we manage. Mars will ingress into Aquarius in a couple of days so this may help things rise in some way.

We have the potential to see enough progress, but also to make sense of situations and feelings, mainly through our rational processes and through actions. Having something to work on, to channel these energies will help us gain a sense of gratification. It is a time to organize, prioritize, and verify the level of health and usefulness of situations and things, make adjustments and prepare for a new season. We may find ourselves demand more cognitive and emotional accuracy. The New Moon is favourable for those involved in applied arts, handcrafts, agriculture, healing practices, commerce, small animals and the realization and implementation of creative projects, or the provision of services in general.

The luminaries are in an applying trine aspect with Pluto in Capricorn and sextile with Jupiter in Scorpio, forming a triangle of potential. This New Moon in essence sets the scene for a harmonious manifestation of the Jupiter-Pluto sextile that has been active for a while and perfects on September 12. This combination can offer assistance in professional ventures, attract financial support, or provide opportunities for growth in implementing spiritual or material goals. (more information about this aspect here.)

We can begin to learn something new that can be transformational for our lives, meet people who will support plans, expand knowledge and spiritual quests, or gain a deeper understanding of accumulated experience. Expanding the ways we work (Moon is in the terms of Jupiter), deepening and evolving a research subject, believing more in ourselves through the usefulness of our talents, saying “yes” to things or making revelations and promises can be relevant themes. We will also process truths about what troubles us or what hasn’t been that clear. Others can advise us constructively too. The Luminaries separate from an opposition with Neptune, and this aspect describes the mood  we carry as we are entering the new cycle. Our expectations, idealism, inspiration, disappointments, or lack of clarity are brought into this cycle and need to be clarified. We may even feel  a bit confused or melancholic and now we are processing these themes through practical or rational means.

At the same time, Venus is at 00 Scorpio, and speaks of the pleasure principle, values, love, relationships and material aspects of our lives that enter into a new field of expression that we will explore until January 9, 2019, and we will re-evaluate between October 5-November 15, through its apparent retrograde motion. Themes that date back 8 years ago may resurface or become relevant at this time. A kind of regeneration and re-birth in these areas will be at the forefront of the next two lunar cycles. This current cycle is just getting us prepared so to speak for this time ahead. As Venus separates from a waning square with Mars in the last degree of Capricorn, the relationship between pleasure and desire may have come into conflict, or intensely passionate, and the need to attract in relation to the way we assert may have triggered a crisis in consciousness or a real conflict. We may have moved away from a relationship, parted with someone or left something behind. Venu’s applying opposition with Uranus in Taurus and sextile with Saturn in Capricorn indicates a need to evaluate what we keep and what we can change. Saturn provides a way out, a release point in the crisis or tension oriented T-square  with Mars as apex planet. It is commitment, hard work and setting the right boundaries that will provide a way out of conflict, any tensions and the need to take action. We are in the midst of new and the old; we may have to process the longevity of commitments and reforms we want to make in valuing creations, possessions and love. Aspects assist in collaborations and ventures moving forward with possible adaptations as New Moon in Virgo suggests, while the shift of Mars to Aquarius on September 12, marks a shift in the way we invest our energy, and taking action in revisiting situations that have been active since May and during the summer months. The process will take some time, and the past will concern us on what is pending, or in the context of activities that we moved away from and now we revisit with alternate approaches. We can expect some ups and downs, a level of unpredictability as well as surprises in these areas. We are in a state of transition with the New Moon in Virgo, and the purpose is to discern what has substance. Some things need time, and cautiousness, and also some kind of flexibility until they reach the level of clarity or accuracy that makes sense. As for those things that we don’t have control over, it is a time to clarify feelings, seek help and broaden our understanding with the assistance of Jupiter.


Collective sphere:

With the Moon – Sun union in the sign of Virgo the  collective mood will resonate with improvement, reforms, problem solving, discrimination, betterment of daily life, and working conditions. It will become impatient where these things are problematic. There will be promises or legislation procedures that go forward in the coming period for changes or provisions in those areas, as well as an effort to reduce corruption. The fields of health, agriculture, manual occupations, trade, specialized sectors, service oriented occupations and the civic sector will be at the forefront (and possibly in the news), and may also become the focus of political and collective life.


The New Moon on a personal level asks us above all to feel the essence of the notion of improvement and provision that is directly related to our material world, our day to day experience, our skills, our work. The need to align with a healthier, and above all useful contribution to our life by alleviating toxicity in our “environment”, be it our microcosm, or the earth that we all inhabit together. Opportunities for support and growth will be particularly evident this week.


 (If you are familiar with your natal chart the house where 17 degree of Virgo is located is the field of life that you can set a new intention, you can make a new beginning, and highlight opportunities to support and develop it further.)


The New Moon themes are being processed until October 9.

The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you have are a Virgo Sun born between September 8-12, a Pisces Sun born between March 6-10, a Gemini Sun born between June 6-10, a Sagittarius Sun born between 8-12, and/or planets, angular house cusps and personal points at 17 (+/- 2) degrees of mutable signs. You may also be affected if you have planets or points at 18 degrees (+/- 2) Scorpio and Capricorn, as well as 00-02 Scorpio, Taurus, and Capricorn or 29 Capricorn.

© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

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