Full Moon at 01 degree Aries 59′


September 25, 2018 – 01:52 UTC

Implementing a new course, by taking initiative. New beginnings that help us prove what we can do to clear up issues from the past. Relationships that need to change, how we change in our relationships. Identifying talents and opportunities in harmony with others decongest blockages or become catalysts for problems.

The Full Moon in Aries the first sign of the zodiac, is speaking of initiation and beginnings. In the 2nd degree of the sign these maybe premature as we enter new territory and require effort or contain some challenge.. Aries speaks primarily about the igniting trigger of creative force, the need to claim, stand alone, to respond in the here and now, to express the consciousness of a point of departure. It is response in its most primal form of expression: impulsive, enthusing, active and extroverted. It communicates directly with sharpness and impatience to the core of each subject. There is no concept of time, hierarchy, nor the incorporation of what the other side may want. However, Saturn directs and restricts this impulse, suggesting realism, discipline, results, accountability. The Moon in Aries describes the mood, and as its ruler Mars is in Aquarius is in conjunction with the South Node, the drive is expressed in unorthodox ways, a liberating spirit or maybe a willingness to change in relation to past ties. It may signal a need to respond to something that originates in the past in a different way. Aries is the exaltation of the Sun, so the Moon in Aries strokes self will and  ego, and can identify with what it feels passionate about. A Full Moon is an opposition (Aries / Libra – Relationship axis) and hence the need to initiate or make a new start in the way we relate is much more emphasised. This Full Moon therefore promises the primal dynamics of starting relationships of any kind that will be expressed through the consciousness of charging our inner need to find better balance with ourselves. It may also create a synchronicity that will instigate conversations and transactions (Mercury conjunct the Sun) with people who can activate this need either in a romantic, contractual or goal oriented context. Our meeting with others has some mutual benefit. Sun in Libra is focused on the social sphere, on equality and on the need for harmony and balance though unions. With Venus ruler of Libra in Scorpio, preparing to begin its retrograde course on October 5, the emphasis is placed on the dynamics of a return and a reassessment of the concept of love, values ​​and pleasure in our lives. It will be expressed persistently, passionately and in a probing way, but also possibly through claiming, insisting, becoming possessive or penetrating deeper into our psyche. Issues of trust with respect to money and love may become themes of the coming three months, as a kind of re-birthing process will take place. With Saturn as the apex planet of a cardinal T-square, we can expect an action oriented period of two weeks where we need to see results, and where the following questions may give prime motivation: Let us meet in the most difficult part of our encounter, let’s see what we can finally achieve together, what separates us and what we have to overcome, what is the reality of our proximity and distance? Can we build something together and maintain our autonomy – these are some of the questions that will concern alliances in the socio-political sphere but also in our partnerships on a personal level.

The tendency to communicate problems, to see what is not working, what is realistic and what prevents us from finding balance, is in the foreground. There is a need/an occasion that will force us to put our mark or prove our worth somewhere.

The involvement of Mercury, Chiron and Saturn with the luminaries in a T-square pattern speaks of the beginning of a new chapter of experience that, over a period of about two weeks, negotiates the relationship between autonomy and sharing, the need to do the right thing, to work, to approach problems in a different way, to be bold and implement. It gives impetus to change, it helps to face difficulties or it manifests as a somewhat controlled urge to take initiatives and communicate feelings that we have not understood, have been hurtful or we could not come to terms with in the past. Setting boundaries is something that must be clarified through communication and decision making. It is the moment when we are likely to say no, gain more wisdom through experiences, define our terms and limitations, and feel the need to take time or distance to protect our vital space. We may need to do that in order to become productive and efficient. How we communicate these things is perhaps the critical part of this Full Moon. The need for respect is prominent, and this can operate by lifting walls, manifest as sensitivity to criticism, in an effort to fortify our “ego” that is yearning for validation. A creative channelling or a goal is the best thing to utilise these energies. Moon, in opposition to Mercury, states that emotion and logic are in a tug of war, and call for balancing while Saturn either builds bridges or prohibits access. This may manifest as delays or blockages in travel, and other transactions or trade.

Mars and the Moon’s Nodes form a mystic rectangle with the Luminaries and Mercury that works in a harmonising way with the hard aspects as it provides an alternative outlet to tensions through contacts with others or group activities. The need to highlight talents, to lead initiatives in a group endeavour or to synchronise with common goals is a field of opportunity, but also allows us to discern the motives of others with ease. This waning part of the lunar cycle emphasises work and responsibilities, achieving goals, and activating important decisions that lead us into a new chapter of life. In this process and as the early degrees of the signs signify, our actions may adopt a hasty or premature character that requires more practice. We may become aware of areas we are wasting our energy without thinking,  the lack of patience and the management of our anger that creates an imbalance in our relationships, but also that some situations trigger reactions that stem from the distant past (Mars with the South Node). The sextile and trine aspects of the luminaries and Mercury with Mars and the Nodes can facilitate the expression of passion, the expression of desires, energy investment in ideas and talents and the promotion of goals with others. The Moon is in Aries, a sign of spontaneity and impatience, that cannot wait. Saturn demands maturity, requests time, and in cases where the balance has been lost, it will implement a closure, a definitive ending, a cooling off, detachment and separation. This maybe desired or not depending on the situations. On a different level, this Full Moon will provide us with courage to put things in order, to overcome major obstacles and face challenges, as well as follow up on things. The sensitive area is the empty leg of the T-square which is opposite Saturn in Capricorn. And that is the realm of life that the first degrees of Cancer reside in our natal chart. This is the area that this Full Moon will have some impact on.

It is a time when we can show our value and talent. It is a Full Moon that gives courage, emphasises the need to cure vulnerabilities, or anything that alienates us, but also to unlock new ways to communicate  and respond. It also provides keys and alternative ways of illuminating things, expose our vulnerabilities, and since everything leads to a dignified Saturn it has to do with the brave act that changes the order of things! The Moon conjunct Chiron in a waxing square to Saturn, manifests tensions of difficult balancing of private  and professional life, instigates tensions between routines and obligations, manifests a tendency to remoteness, pessimism or loneliness. A willingness to be self reliant, deal with family problems or vulnerabilities in relation to mother or maternity issues, lack of affection, responsiveness to responsibilities while neglecting personal needs. We will become more conscious of these issues in one way or another, and make important beginnings to restore balance. A change of gears is to be expected in our daily lives. Chiron in Aries asks us to find remedies for those areas, seek alternate routes, and most of all heal our identity, our individual expression, and the right to claim our very own existential space. It says create your own sense of belonging. Sun and Mercury in a waning square with Saturn triggers a crisis of consciousness with respect to our goals and their understanding, and asses what we were aiming to achieve or continue to be passionate about and clear the way by rejecting what has already ceased to be relevant. It has to do with the collective sphere of our lives, and our public image, whether it concerns our interpersonal relationships or our professional action and reputation. It is a testing time or crossroads that has to do with illumination of our projects and supporting structures. Some tough decision making maybe required, or a sense of pressure to direct the will and self-expression in a more practical and mature way. We may be taking on more responsibilities.

Contacts with others and activity will provide important outlets and help us ease out or mitigate the tensions. There will be moments that we would wish to share more and others that we will choose alone time and more autonomy. The challenge in this Full Moon is to communicate this to others.

The lack of mutable quality and the emphasis on cardinal and fixed placements of planets indicates that the next two weeks are characterised by a momentum for beginnings, new experiences, and reinforcement and continuity for things that have already manifested. There is a lack of flexibility and no mood for adaptations and changes, which will help direct the energy to see goals solidify, but may create tensions when adjustments are required. The Moon is the only planet in a fire sign, so response with enthusiasm, passion, and drive will be fuelled primarily by the mood of the moment.

The last aspect the Moon makes before entering the sign of Taurus is a square with Pluto. We maybe forced to deal with emotions we avoid, while it can trigger obsessions or present some difficult but transformational changes in co-dependent relationships. The need to purify is very potent, and it will be challenging to control emotions. This aspect indicates that we should also be cautious about important beginnings or decisions as we can face unforeseen problems as events evolve on day of the Full Moon and until September 26 at 10:28 UTC (Moon VoC).


The full moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are an Aries Sun born March 21-24, a Libra Sun born September 23-27, a Cancer Sun born June 22-25, a Capricorn Sun born December 22-25, as well as if you have Ascendant, angular house cusps and personal planets at 02 (+/- 2) degrees of cardinal signs. It may  also affect you if you have planets or points at 01-04 degrees of fixed signs. The themes of the full moon is being processed until October 8.

May we all enjoy a magnificent Full Moon!

© Eleni Kostika 2018

(In my analysis I mostly take into account applying aspects of the planets)

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

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