Full moon at 01 degree and 13′ Taurus/ Scorpio

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October 24, 2018 – 16:45 UT

At the Bendings – An evolutionary crossroad that confronts us with challenges, and unpredictable changes. The need for progress, innovation and renewal leads to autonomy, breaks but also unexpected or exciting encounters with others. The new can bring luck, surprising revelations, dilemmas and awareness in the field of our values, love and ties to others.

The Full Moon in the Taurus / Scorpio axis and the 01 degree of the signs is quite extarordinary. It is engaging with Uranus, the planet of sudden change, progress and awakening, Venus’s retrograde motion in Scorpio as it is approaching the inferior conjunction, while activating the midpoint between eclipses, (Sun and Moon squaring the Lunar Nodes – Moon Wobble 1). Imbalance is to be anticipated on a geopolitical level, our own organic system, emotional state, as well as in relationships to others, creations and money.  We are at a critical and important evolutionary crossroad that illuminates  the need to stabilise, shape and crystallise themes (Fixed Grand Cross), and feed us with energy and intensity while calling on us to reconcile seemingly conflicting  forces. When  a system becomes destabilised or disrupted, it holds potentiality for new shapes, patterns and formations. As such this cosmic configuration provides momentum towards changes in our attitude towards attachments and values, and incorporates opportunities through a curious synchronicity and auspicious timing that may turn in our favour (Moon in exaltation and triplicity in conjunction with Uranus). This becomes more relevant with things of the past. It may emphasise  that we need to change the way we appreciate and value things ​​ that do not allow us to move on through controlling  attitudes, dependency patterns, relationships and ties with others. We are all witnesses of a shift and the change affecting our lives, sustaining a living  and in our environment (earth). There is a need to re-evaluate and re-assess our self worth, as well the value of all things we hold dear. Questions such as should I stay or should I go, or where do I come from and where I’m heading  characterise the polarised connection between what we own and what we share, through the canvas of values ​​(material and spiritual), that integrates issues of credibility, integrity and individuality  through the Nodal axis in Leo / Aquarius). Unexpected circumstances and developments surprise us, may upset our daily routines or renew us. The need to clarify imbalances,  to innovate, try something different in love, our creations and possessions is obvious, but compelled to act on fixations and stubbornness , maybe risk prone and have long term or irreversible consequences. Naturally, destabilisation can be voluntary, be stirred by events, or others, so it is important to acknowledge we are still going through a re-evaluation process and not be too hasty in our commitments. The polarising dimension of the Full Moon squaring the Lunar Nodes (fixed grand cross) may require managing multiple levels and directions that can temporarily surprise us, upset us or push us to realise that eventually changing our attitude towards things may promote deeper and more meaningful connections. Standing still for a while, embracing change, and observe the forces coming from different directions maybe a way to deal with these energies. It is a time that brings revelations, that can revive the value of our creations, skills, relationships, that we either have abandoned or left pending. This allows us to renew the contract with ourselves but also to re-assess our self-worth. Contacts with others will act as triggers and reminders or things and creations we may have forgotten about, or where left at a dormant state in our consciousness will be illuminated by circumstantial occurrences.

Taurus has to do with material security, stability and everything we enjoy with our senses, everything we possess and sustains our living (values, skills, money, possessions, goods, sensual pleasures). The Moon in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus is a spur of the moment response, heightens intuition, and seeks change and experimentation towards those things. Something signals we have completed a cycle or we need a new approach towards consolidation. The tendency to change routines and habits is intense an pressing. Contact with nature, doing what we love, our creative outlets, our skills, the assessment of income and possessions, seeking pleasure, acquires an experimental, subversive and perhaps surprising  elements. We can discover through simple things that we gain a feeling of renewal. Relationships with family, home, the need to find new fertile ground of expression, or alliances, partnerships and connections with others, trigger imbalances and dilemmas and seek alternate  ways of responding. Where we thought we might have help, we find that it does not exist, and from where we did not think we would find it, we may see a major development. Cultivating contacts from the past is a theme of this period, yet also freeing self from past relationships and money matters is another. Awareness and awakening in relation to our value system, everything that we enjoy, and our attachments may come through crises, clarifications of disagreements, and through reunions. It is a moment in time that our intuition can be electrifying, and reveal that our way with some people and groups is difficult to reconcile due to differences in perceptions and values, or see ways in which we can put our skills to work to serve others. We are called to renew the contract  of  the way we live, and to see if what we like  and love is promoting stability, in response to what we share with others. The Sun in Scorpio strengthens the will, illuminates with intensity, passion, endurance, and speaks of focus on creative, deep sharing, soul searching, and healing experiences.  In it’s meeting with Venus  (now combust) a renewal of unions, pleasure and value of exchange, is anticipated but it has not happened yet. Delays and unpredictability is part of the equation in assessing things, money negotiations and love matters. We may be awakened to the fact that tendency  to dominate, controlling attitudes or claiming without flexibility can “burn” values, relationships, or even material gain, love and enjoyment in our lives. As the Sun projects it’s light to the Moon, these subconscious patterns may suddenly manifest.  Novelty and the unexpected, as well as temporal chaos are all manifestations that belong to Uranus. Any repressed feelings, or long term deprivations may cause emotional eruptions, restlessness, and irritations. We are pushed towards renewal and reform, we coordinate our response to fascinating or revolutionary creative pursuits and encounters, encourage new ways of expressing skills, finding pleasure and changing our relationship with our past.

The first degrees of signs emphasise that we are negotiating a new field of experience with which we will become more familiar with time and practice, and this is like a prelude to a main theme that will unfold from March 7, 2019, (when Uranus enters Taurus again). The Full Moon declares the completion of issues or culminates what started with the New Moon in Libra in October 9, or even shows us an overall picture of a new intention that we set in motion ~6 months ago.  It highlights dilemmas or decisions about relationships, alliances, contracts  and partnerships in connection to values, intimacy and sharing resources. That is what we all ultimately seek; to share and strengthen life through proximity, through resources, through a deeper understanding of our very existence, creations and ventures. The Sun in Scorpio is the source of this need that illuminates the Moon in Taurus and coordinates us emotionally collectively and personally in what gives us security, joy and self-esteem, what ultimately promotes continuity and preservation of life, what sustains survival. Through Uranus a new approach and attitude is needed, or promoted.

Saturn in Capricorn makes harmonious aspects with the Luminaries and will give way to a practical result oriented approach, even amidst temporary disruptions. It will assist in achieving, finalise and crystallise a new order of things, which may also have a particularly pioneering or reforming overtone. This Full Moon helps to conclude or finalise financial agreements and deals, legal issues or partnerships, but also to see some relationships with important others evolving or moving away from our lives. The challenge is to embrace the changes that come. These changes will have a permanent and steady character after a while, and we will begin to realise or work more closely in our proximity to our creative and emotional side (as Uranus in Taurus will make us operate more with Venus and Moon in our natal charts). In many relationships and alliances, issues that may have been avoided or overlooked will re-emerge as Venus continues its Rx journey.

The scarcity of mutable quality and the emphasis on the fixed and cardinal indicate that the next two weeks are characterised by more momentum for stabilisation, integration, new experiences, and reinforcement and continuity of things that have already started or going to be implemented. There is a lack of flexibility and a strong tendency to persist and solidify situations, and may create tensions and obsessions when an unwanted  change of course or attitude is demanded. The lack of fire also indicates a tendency for introspection or incorporation of elements, while Mars ruler of Scorpio, is the only planet in an Air sign (Aquarius) and  sees active engagement and energy investment  in an extroverted way, promoting solidarity and progress.


The last aspect the Moon makes before entering the sign of Gemini is an opposition to Jupiter. An aspect that can manifest as exaggeration or magnify philosophical, ethical and ideological issues but also speaks of an important opening. It’s like opening a window in front and seeing the big picture or the truth of some situations. Another signature for revelations. The Moon will actually activate Jupiter’s trine aspect with Chiron in Pisces, acting as a catalyst and helping us unlock our imaginary, creative or remedial and empathic side. Exchanging  faith and knowledge of some things of interest, for which we have invested effort  made sacrifices or paid a price. Legal issues may collectively become a concern. Teachers, mentors and therapists, as well as important others, illuminate alternative and evolutionary paths, through a harmonious and creative exchange that will lead us to broadening horizons and new experiences.

 The full moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Taurus Sun born April 21-26, Scorpio Sun born October 24-29, Leo Sun born July 23-29, Aquarius Sun born January 21-25, as well as if you have ascendant, angular house cusps or points at 00 (+/- 5) degrees of fixed signs. The themes of the full moon are being processed until November 8.

I hope we all enjoy a wondrous Full Moon tonight!

© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash

  1. Moon Wobble is called the phenomenon where the Sun is either in a synod or in a square aspect with the Lunar Nodes. This phenomenon occurs four times a year (every ~ 86.5 days), and either coincides with the eclipses or the midpoint between them. It has been observed to cause instability, emotional upsets, sudden events and turmoil in the geopolitical landscape. The tendency for outbursts, irritation, impatience, impulsiveness, and instability in responding and managing issues dominates.

Reference: Tobey, Carl Payne. Astrology of Inner Space. Tucson, AZ: Omen Press, 1972.

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