New Moon at 15 degrees Scorpio 11′


7 November 2018, 16:02 UTC

 What we share and where we focus.

Completion and development of significant changes. Our responsibilities in relationships.

The New Moon in Scorpio activates a new intention in relation to shared resources. Reinforcement of continuity is a theme while a process of death and renewal is taking place. This theme through the Scorpio filter may include any co-dependent relationship, proximity issues, in personal or professional relationships, and anything engaging with joined efforts. Through this New Moon cycle we come into contact mainly with our psyche in managing any subject and we become more conscious of the need to focus more deeply on what matters. The Sun in Scorpio illuminates our coordination with a process of radical transformation that has to do with a cycle of completion, while showing us how we can see the continuity of life through the process of elimination, rejection, purification, and reconstitution. The passage of the Sun through Scorpio correlates to the cycle in nature that has to do with the process of survival of the most essential and enduring elements that will become a seed. Death and regeneration are part of a natural cycle. It is not a moment to focus on attachment and control, but on what is of essence and can be regenerated to substantiate a stronger continuity. This calls for truth and sincerity, but also for the need to see the great picture and to free ourselves from attachments and obsessions that do not serve this process. This is not necessarily a painless process, it can be critical, it requires effort and stamina, and it involves trust and letting go. Some things flow with ease and are facilitated through the support and help of others, and some things get an urgent, and unpredictable dimension that is not necessarily negative.


Shared resources, financial projects,  contracts, legal issues, tax, insurance, debts or inheritance. As well as intimacy, sexuality, passion, toxic habits are issues and themes that go with the territory.


All three water signs, become carriers and agents that engage with the totality of our existence. They are synthesisers of experience. They are receptive, endoscopic and synergistic.  Scorpio in particular archetypically negotiates the achievement of a more fundamental understanding of the human psyche that seeks to deeply penetrate, to confront and unfold, strip down any shadow matter to get to the very core of an issue. It can thrive with research and science as well as anything that uncovers truths. Thus, to experience the grandiose dimension of the intensity of emotion, through conquering truths, achieving ultimate understanding, through the continuous renewing cycle of death and re-birth. This is a purely creative and therapeutic process. The New Moon helps us in some area of life to really strengthen through what we intent to share. The middle degrees of any sign (15 degrees) represent the area that is the most stable expression of the sign, while also heralding that any changes activated during this cycle will have a fixed nature and will be irreversible. The feeling of great intensity of an energy that is demanding to be released to give shape to something that lasts, is emphasised. All this has to do with issues that we already know and seek to develop or important issues of the past that will come to rise with the intention for closure and further integration.


The plethora of planetary placements and points in the anaretic degrees (Jupiter at 29 Scorpio, Uranus at 29 Aries, Chiron at 29 Pisces, and Lunar Nodes that have just shifted to the 29th degree of Cancer-Capricorn) project a dimension of urgency to conclude matters, to promote endings, and to transfer the experience we have collected from one territory to another. Also to reconcile with the fact that we should start managing things differently. In brief: Jupiter represents faith, expansion, beliefs, knowledge, teaching, travel, support, and truth, and will ingress into Sagittarius on November 9. After a yearly visit to the underworld (Scorpio, an area ruled by his mythological brother Pluto) he returns to his home (a place up high in the sky-Mount Olympus).  He invites us to use all of the revelations and knowledge gained from below -a more esoteric processing of emotional strengthening, understanding and inner faith, and expand our gaze to far distant lands spiritually and materially. We may get a different perspective of the world we already know. Jupiter entering the sign of its dignity may feel like an improvement if we prepare to get out of our comfort zone. This position asks us to be hospitable to what is “foreign”, and to explore new ground. The transition of a planet from the element of Water to the element of Fire is not an easy one. It shifts our consciousness from receptivity, inclusivity and introversion of the nocturnal world, to the projective, extroverted attitude and engagement with the diurnal world. If you are passionate about value systems, doctrines and knowledge, it’s time to explore more and realise you are shifting direction in a creative way. It is important to explore but know where you are aiming. Uranus represents change, awakening, liberation, freedom, progress, reform. It is time to realize that we have gained a level of experience of our independent creative identity and individuality, and go ahead to give shape to something that has to do with our own values, skills, acquisitions, talents and resources. To meet the spirit of reform in the material world and create something of value that is fertile and promotes stability. Chiron (the Centaur), represents, healing, vulnerabilities, pain, bridging ambiguities through exchange, and alternative approaches. The experience of diving in the abyss of sacrifice, pain, surrendering, empathy and escapism, can sometimes alienate you from a healthy attitude to day to day living and being of service, by trying to deal with solving chaotic problems, cultivating high expectations or idealizing situations. The  wisdom, sensibility and capacity to submerge that has been gained in the realm of Pisces where boundaries are not present, are becoming our remedial tools, in a preparation of a transcendental nature, that may feel like an awakening in healing our identity. This process requires we let go of something and to gain a new sense of creative self, and our primary needs. The time has come to come closer to what we are and to unlock a self that has been reconciled with the need to fulfil its primary intent of existence. To get re-introduced to what we really are, let go of what others expect of us that may have become our second nature. The Lunar Nodes have to do with our evolution path, but also with important ties and connections to people. The Cancer-Capricorn axis emphasizes the relationship of continuity through time, reflecting on our lineage, place of origin,  manifesting as structure and rooting, and deals with issues of security and self-sufficiency. What we have inherited becomes a foundation, as well as the care that every structural system or goal requires to support us better on an emotional level. We are therefore entering a phase of a 19-year cycle, (eclipses on this axis  will be pushing things to evolve until the spring of 2020) to operate with more care, self-protection instincts, emotional intelligence and connectivity, in order to improve and promote our living conditions. Part of the process is disengaging from fears and complexes of self-rejection, and any limiting established mechanism that promotes insecurity. We are called to cultivate the structures we have worked on and any gained wisdom, and detach from the rigid or cold logic of who serves us best for what purpose. To cultivate contacts with people we feel “related” too, to get in tune with finding our tribe, and reflect on the notion of matriarchal society. This involves contacts based on an emotional bonding, those we feel we share a common past or experience, from this life or another one. It all has to do with soul connections. Chronic issues come to the fore to be solved once and for all. As Uranus squares the Lunar Nodes and illuminates a kind of autonomy and independence from important others, Jupiter and Chiron through harmonious aspects may manifest meetings with other connections that bring a supportive dimension of truth and understanding in our path.


Jupiter is in a waning quincunx aspect with Uranus, bringing further emphasis to the need of letting go. There may be sudden turns of luck, or revealing circumstances. A new chapter of life is ahead that can be both exciting and subversive at the same time. Significant discoveries and awakenings are carried out if we trust the processes and do not insist on questioning, or rebelling in a spasmodic or impulsive way. The way our knowledge and ethics relate to the collective space, and our friendships, creates awareness where we see eye to eye or where we don’t. We may realise we can’t really see another’s point of view, and we have nothing in common. There is less tolerance on different viewpoints. We may need to work on a change of attitude, and perhaps there may be some breaks where understanding can’t be reached. This may be come as a shock to ourselves or to others.

The Moon makes an applying sextile aspect to Pluto (opportunity for promoting change) and then makes a square to  Mars in Aquarius. This is the last aspect it makes before it enters Sagittarius, and states that we need to take action but we will also encounter difficulties or conflict dividing and claiming, while seeking results. Saturn is in Capricorn and Venus in Libra Retrograde, in their sign of rulership. Venus in its retrograde motion makes an applying trine with Mars in Aquarius that perfects on November 10. A return to harmoniously finalize agreements, clear the air in strenuous partnerships, strengthening passionate and personal relationships. This is an aspect that promotes social aptness, objectivity and extroversion in whatever interests us, we love, take pleasure in and is motivated by commitment. Issues of fairness and equality may be revisited in some way as well as mediations and legal matters. Compliance with our agreements is an important factor for the smoother development of the issues we will manage this month. Something that we expected, or was in a state of ambiguity or promise comes to be finalized and we will see it culminate until the Full Moon on Novemebr 11, at 00 degrees of Gemini / Sagittarius. The waning part of this cycle would have to do with information management and understanding, that also promotes a shift of orientation or requires adaptations of a transitional nature.


With the union of the Luminaries in the sign of Scorpio, the sextile aspect to Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio), and as the dialogues between planets and the involvement of the Lunar Nodes indicate it may feel like we are returning to things we have suppressed, we maybe dealing with issues that belong to the past, and becomes crucial to our lives to find some permanent resolution. The potential for transformative change is intense and dominant and this cycle is a great opportunity to eliminate toxic situations and addictions from our lives.

Mercury in Sagittarius makes an applying square to Neptune in Pisces, which perfects on the day the planet Stations to go retrograde (November 16). This square will be active for a longer period, due to Mercury’s retrograde period, and especially between November 16-24, information exchange, management or processing and communication needs some attention. It is a period that can foster spiritual and creative activities that are non-contextualised, and it may force us to tune into otherworldly mental realms of imagination and spirituality. Visions and dreams and high frequency vibes are accentuated. However, there may be a lack of clarity in negotiations and agreements that relate to data or details that need to be conclusive. This aspect may also manifest as mental fatigue or exhaustion, so it is not advisable to engage in multi-tasking. (This may feel more personal for those who have planetary placements at 9-15 degrees  of mutable  signs).  If the data we have at our disposal is not sufficient or not clear enough and needs more processing time and second readings, we may have to delay any final decisions and agreements. Beware of delusion in general, excessive stress, deception, absent-mindedness, driving, and negotiations that lack clarity. This placement of Mercury seems to be constantly searching for the big picture, the best scenario, the best opportunity, the broader meaning. Nevertheless, if we take those precautions into consideration, Mercury’s transit in Sagittarius may be especially favourable for those who are interested in finding a sponsor who will help them to expand their dream or vision.


The landscape of our endeavours and experiences changes, priorities and motives change, our belief system seeks new perspective, the experience and knowledge we have gathered, the resources we have or share with others become our focus. The New Moon in Scorpio asks us to process the experience, trust the natural cycle of things and evolve. It is important to remember, that when you hold something very tight, you do not trust, you persist in a stubborn manner, or are driven by fear of losing, nothing can grow nor develop, nor give you a meaningful sharing with others. We need to change the lens through which we view our associations and alliances with others, by realising that we are in need of soul contacts that are founded in innate affinities and mutual needs. It will be interesting to observe who is stepping away from us and who is coming closer at this time and let’s process what was shared on both accounts. The penetrating vision and focus that is the  real power of Scorpio is at our disposal, and will become a tool for a greater understanding as Jupiter will begin its transit in Sagittarius during this lunar cycle.

————————————————– ————————————————– ———————–

 (If you are familiar with your birth chart, the house where the 15th degree of Scorpio is located is the field of life that you will make a new beginning , as something is coming to a close at the Capricorn-Cancer domains. You  can activate and reinforce continuity through radical changes to the way you share it the experience and things of this realm.)


This New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Scorpio Sun born November 5-11. a Taurus Sun born May 4-9,  an Aquarius Sun born February 2-9, Leo Sun born August 5-11, or if you have personal planets, points or angular house cusps at 15 (+/- 3) degrees of fixed signs. You may also be affected if you have planets or points at 29 degrees Scorpio, Aries, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, or 00 degrees of fixed signs.


© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Ameen Fahmy on Unsplash

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