Full Moon at 00 Gemini 52′

23 November, 2018 – 05:39 UT

The intention to clarify truths and the overall picture of things, illuminates communication but also brings new information to light.What we say and how we explain it. Connecting the dots.

The Full Moon in Gemini / Sagittarius axis highlights issues of communication and beliefs. It is the axis of perception and thus activates the processes of rationalization and comprehension. We can expect a period, of increased mental activity, mobility, that requires multi-tasking and handling information.Flexibility, response to stimuli, and communication, dominate and through the Full Moon opposition, attempt to clarify issues that may bring about a change of orientation in our understanding of things. Jupiter is conjunct the Sun and in opposition with the Moon, and this relationship speaks of  a need to find middle ground, as we communicate, receive information and illuminate truths. The restoration of ethics, justice, ideology and values ​​ in respect to information received are dominant issues in the collective and private spheres of life. Improving our relations, seeking connections, meeting or corresponding with others in respect to what we wish to support, expand, but also broaden the scope of our experiences are highlighted too. Jupiter expands what it touches, has to do with the big questions, and therefore inflates our will, our ego (Sun), our talents, promotes our goals, choices and what matters to us. Most importantly it expands our spiritual awareness. We want to understand, we want to explain, gain knowledge and as Jupiter in Sagittarius represents that optimism and exuberance that can cross boundaries,the sense of being on a mission, a quest for truth or adventure, may take over our heart and soul. Are we ready for it? The early degrees of the signs signify something that is at an early stage of evolution, needs adaptation (mutable) and requires more practice. Jupiter is combust, and this may indicate that we are not yet ready to reveal and fully express our truths and visions, or they may not be so well understood by others. Nevertheless, the need to engage and exchange, as well as the need to promise and see growth are strong. The Moon in Gemini is illuminated by this intention and either brings others who are interested and curious along or it helps to respond in a communicative way, and establish connections by processing data that will feed into the larger view. Travel, commerce,media, publishing, learning, legal issues, visibility, knowledge, generosity and a risk-taking attitude for ventures, will energise our responses and daily life.

Is the rumour that is circulating true? What is the most accurate piece of information? How do we get to the heart of the matter? By communicating, we may also learn things that were not exactly the way we thought or perceived to be true? It may become a necessity for us to explain and communicate our views in a way that will reveal more aspects of ourselves. This may have to be repeated more than once. The important thing is to try to connect the dots, in respect to previous information that is elusive, pending or delayed.

Mars in Pisces is squaring the Luminaries and thus forms a mutable T-square. This pattern gives the necessary tension to act and take initiatives,or make a stance. Mars as the apex planet claims and strengthens the desire to put our mark, take a leap forward in our understanding, or fight for justice, and our beliefs. We may need to break some truths. This will not come easy, but indicates new beginnings in the way we express our positions and act on issues that are close to heart. Disputes and irritation, may be triggered too. Pisces sacrificial and idealistic nature expressed through Mars can either manifest like a stepping in to distract oppositions, or even cross boundaries in order to find solutions and act to support important issues.There is empathy in this position. Here we need to be careful on what we promise we can do, in overextending ourselves, and believing or reinforcing actions by taking unnecessary risks. How much we say, what we say and how we say it will ultimately determine the results of the two following weeks that have a purpose to bring closure and make adaptations on the themes that began with the New Moon in Scorpio. This cycle particularly emphasized the way we focus on things, but also how we manage issues of sharing, intimacy and resources in our relationships with others. Generally, it is a planetary picture that demands adaptations and flexibility, that may be hard or challenging and promotes the search for opportunity and solutions. With Jupiter in his domicile and Mars in a square aspect to the Full Moon, there are also disagreements on values and information management, handling family disputes or dealing with legal matters. The Sun is in triplicity, and this combined with Jupiter in its domicile is a factor of luck and good timing in decision making, while the square with Mars in Pisces can show that this may come with difficulties and challenges, to do with energy investment, or disputes in terms of evaluation, desires, ideals and beliefs (Pisces is the exaltation of Venus and a Jupiter ruled sign). It is important to believe in what we do, and this Full Moon helps us clarify more.

Mercury the ruler of Gemini is in Sagittarius and Retrograde, so it is a time when we review issues, transactions and discussions, reconsider data,but also seek better ways to manage and integrate them into our decisions. Delays and reversals or the need to re-think is prominent,as well as we don’t continuously keep expanding our view, with every new piece of information, every stimuli. Mind travels are the order of the day, or we may literally re-plan a vision, re-adjust an understanding of a situation or re-organise a trip.  Venus,Saturn and Jupiter are in their domicile signs so relationships, agreements, values​​ (and finances), seek order, their correct dimension, ethos and truth, and that is what will be critical for their longevity and sustainability. The responsibility and commitment in our exchanges have to clarify the accuracy of data. It is important to know or understand what we are claiming, and choose our battles wisely. The Full Moon illuminates how we will communicate things, but also reveals things we might not know. Venus in Libra is squaring the Nodal axis, and this is an indication that the sense of fairness in how we value things is a strong theme, while at the same time it is precisely this that can distance us from some important ties, create dilemmas or bring awareness of the distance that separates us from people we may be associated with our whole lives (Nodes in Capricorn / Cancer). The consciousness of our social identity, as well as the way we asses things within this context, is strongly activated, and it reveals multiple dimensions of opinions as well as a need to redefine ourselves in relation to our collective or social engagement and relations. Venus in Libra is in opposition to Uranus in Aries  further emphasises the need for renewal in relationships, the expression of a freedom oriented partnership and notion of love, an awakening within partnerships, and the need to change our approach or find new ways to relate. We can expect some reversals or instability in respect to agreements, or the forming of new and exciting ones.

The last aspect the Moon makes before it enters the sign of Cancer is a sextile with Uranus in Aries, an aspect of opportunity (maybe a last minute one as Uranus is at 29 Aries) to change things or do something different.

Generally, with this Full Moon, things will develop quickly (Moon is fast). Trade and connections with people we know, are particularly favoured, as well as anything that relates to the written or spoken word; the communication dimension of our goals. This will resonate better with things that have already started or belong to the past.

Information may come from all directions, and management may become challenging as it requires tolerance and adjustments. As Mercury turns direct on December 6, our transactions, negotiations and plans will begin to expand and move forward with more clarity perhaps.  This Mercury Rx period was challenging through the square with Neptune in Pisces. Messages may have been unclear, delusional or deceitful and rather paranoid depending on the source. There may have been toxicity and a certain level of paranoia involved in our communications and thoughts or just a mere need to shift and redefine our understanding by non-conclusiveness and withdrawal. Mistakes, misunderstandings, ambiguities and misconceptions that can alter conclusions or create impressions, plus lack of clarity on information that were activated during this cycle (November 8-23) will be re-activated again (on December 22-26) during the next lunar cycle. So, it may help to keep this in mind and align with the cosmic message around that time, by refraining from multi-tasking, trying to figure practical things out, engage in daydreaming, spiritual interests, or doing something creative and inspiring.

The need to find support or receive benefits can lead to hasty deals, promises and transactions, whose apparent validity will need time to finalize and perhaps take a whole new direction. Energy dispersion is possible and this can also bring fatigue and stress. We need to discern the usefulness and practicality of things (Virgo opposite the mutable T-Square).Mars also applies to a sextile with Saturn and this brings fertile opportunities to finalize actions, as well as be effective and cautious in our application of energy. This is actually the only aspect that seems to somehow ground or restrict the mutable emphasis.

The Sun in Sagittarius is about the revitalisation process of turning inward for spiritual purpose and expanding view though travel, knowledge,gaining perspective and freedom, the exploration of nature and the world. It is a placement that belongs in the social sphere. The Moon in Gemini illuminates curiosity and response to new stimuli and information gathering, from a more personal or familiar sphere. Every piece of information tends to magnify the overview and this is what marks the intensity of the culmination of this Full Moon. The need to bring things to conclusion. The need to balance data with truths, is the challenge that will be judged by the capacity to step out or step in and change the course of things. The need to find another direction, to open up a new way of understanding may demand we change our attitude towards the way we act and promote our goals. Jupiter does promise support in our actions.

The above themes call for alertness, emphasis on honesty and clarity in our communications, and will be active in the next lunar cycle too that begins on December 7. The autonomy and expansion we seek comes from our inner faith and truth, and it is a cosmic moment when we change our orientation and perceive the truth of intentions and propositions that are on offer.

The Full Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Gemini Sun born May 22-26, a Sagittarius Sun born November 23-27, a Virgo Sun born August 24-28, a Pisces Sun born February 19-23, or if you have Ascendant or angular house cusps and personal planets at 00-04 degrees of mutable signs, and 28-29 of fixed and cardinal signs. The themes of the full moon are processed until December 6th.

I hope we can all enjoy a magnificent full moon tonight! Happy Solar Return for all Sagittarius Sun people!

© Eleni Kostika 2018

Photo by Ian Simmonds on Unsplash

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