New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse at 15 degrees Capricorn 25′


January 6, 2019, 01:41 UT

Reviews – The wisdom of time – Our Relationship with the past – What we keep and what we leave behind

The essential supports of life

The need for autonomy and the search for a new direction

 The New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn sets new intentions in alignment with the notions of, integrity, responsibility, limits, maturity, work, power and authority. Urges us to strengthen ourselves and take initiatives. The past is a strong theme, and we may observe ourselves reflecting on the past, pondering on experiences or people who have had an impact on our lives. There is a parallel theme of assertion, call for initiative and action, that would energise a particular field of life.  This is a South Node Eclipse  and asks us to eliminate negative patterns, obsessions, feelings of inadequacy, rejection and release things from the past. We become more conscious of the need to bring closure and gain more wisdom. We may reflect on ties that we share a history with through the years, that have either passed away or we have grown apart, and review our connection with them in the present. We may get in touch with some people we haven’t seen in a long time and illuminate facets of ourselves in a different light. Either way this is a cycle that has to do with our engagement in a social context in some way, and perhaps gaining more clarity and wisdom regarding our position in the world. It is an opportunity for a reality check at self-negating patterns, guilt, fears that burden, to reject things in order to build, clarify or implement plans, to find the right relationship between realism and expectation, between commitment and freedom. A time to take responsibility for our lives and choices. This is a cycle that asks us to make a new beginning of a structural content, that instils seriousness, sense of responsibility and the need to do the right thing, change the rules regarding our commitments, our professional obligations and goals, but also the way in which we organize our lives. We may be more aware that limitation, and discipline helps us to focus on the essence of things. We will be concerned with resources and co-dependent commitments and how they support us. The Cancer/Capricorn eclipses until mid 2020 will eventually push towards a radical re-structuring, and transformation of all essential support systems and also affect our emotional attachments, levels of security and living conditions. We may feel that our relationship with time begins to become more accurate and meaningful, but also to gradually exert more pressure that is intensified so that we become more effective, do the right thing, or  change attitudes. The need to develop our relationships and goals is pushing us towards clarifying our emotional or tribal affinity with others. There are people in our lives that connect us  with the past, with certain goals or professional endeavours, now we may become aware that this is not enough, so we either attempt to strengthen our position, or say goodbye. So, how do we connect with our past to define our relationship with our perception of reality with more clarity, maturity and wisdom? How do we define this reality? Where do we place ourselves in this reality? Surely this cycle has nothing to do with concessions and compromises, it touches critical issues. It helps us to see what we keep and what we leave behind. We take a step forward by demanding a better relationship with ourselves that will lead to a better relationship with others and will illuminate our creative existence in the environments we operate in.

The stand outs of the New Moon chart are the stellium in Capricorn (Luminaries, Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the South Node), Uranus Station Direct at 28 degrees Aries, Mars in his domicile in Aries, Jupiter in domicile in Sagittarius, Saturn in domicile in Capricorn. The partile waning quincunx aspect of Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries and in the last degrees of the signs (in the terms of Saturn), the waxing square between Mercury and Mars (in the cardinal signs of Capricorn-Aries), and Jupiter and Neptune closing square (in the mutable signs of Sagittarius-Pisces). An emphasis on cardinal quality and the element of the Earth, with Fire placements coming second. Lack of fixed quality (the only planet in a fixed sign is Venus in Scorpio) and a lack of the Air element.


The stellium in Capricorn promises impact and beginnings, as it is a series of consecutive conjunctions, thus closing cycles and starting new ones. In Capricorn it may feel like managing the closing and turnover of a facet of life and getting organised to begin a new chapter. Mercury and Saturn underline the crystallization of agreements, negotiation of commitments and completion of projects. Communications with organizations, businesses and authorities may feature. The Sun and Moon are applying to Pluto, bringing us in contact with our shadow, the need to purge things, provoke radical changes, contacts with invisible forces or powerful people. They may bring to light hidden issues but also possibly wealth, demanding that we engage with, resources, health and change habits and ways of responding and behaving. We may have to deal or manage a crisis or experience a major transformation. Earth is grounding and giving realism, it has to do with the ground we stand on, the structures and forms of things. Fire pushes us to act and create, to gather experiences and knowledge, to do something unique and different (Mars-Uranus-Jupiter).

Mercury’s square with Mars is quite combative, and it shows mental tension and irritation, that may lead to disagreements and quarrels. Or highlights the need to seek another direction. It helps the mind to cut to the chase, gives determination and efficiency. It may be too hasty and impulsive in the cardinal signs, and can manifest as sharpness in thinking and speaking, or rush action which can be conducive to accidents, physical or verbal. A little caution in quarrelsome attitudes, disagreements and driving is advised. Mercury is Out of Bounds, so out of the box thinking, or innovation in Mercurial activities is promoted.

The quincunx aspect between Venus and Uranus, speaks of closing chapters in relationships, may disrupt friendships, creates unexpected developments in finances and love, or not seeing eye to eye with a certain someone. We may not know exactly what we want from love or in regard to our affections, and that may manifest as nervousness. It is important to look at things differently and change attitudes, as well as not get fixated on issues of trust or doubt in our relationships. It is an aspect of intensity and brings awareness on the necessity to change values ​​and the way we appreciating things. It’s hard to relax with this aspect if it activates our chart and it is constructive to do something physically active to channel out any blocked tension. It is an aspect that also highlights our special and unique talents or artistic creations.


This current cycle does not speak of stability, but rather a need to do a reality check and set the ground for initiating, planning, organising or letting go of things. It may also highlight the tendency to become critical, or lack an understanding of the other point of view. It is perhaps difficult to communicate in a light manner about things, and it would be good to cultivate some pauses or detach before we make definitive conclusions. The tendency to take everything seriously is emphasised. Not all matters bear the same weight and significance. The emphasis on earth assists practical and material aspects of our lives, and grounding, and fire promotes action and creativity.

It is also interesting to note that 8 planets are in Mars affiliated signs, either by domicile (Aries-Scorpio) or by exaltation (Capricorn). Mars is action, strife, conflict, energy that fertilizes life, anger, passion. Mars initiates, acts, separates, initiates, claims, is non compromising and does not care for consequences. In Aries is the archetypal energy of our survival instinct, the warrior, the athlete, the winner, the pioneer. Aries is the sign of exaltation of the Sun. Sun and Mars are therefore in mutual reception by exaltation. So, there is a demand to claim, and achieve our soul’s core intention, do what we want, claim our own authority. The conscious self wants to succeed, Nous is active oriented and aligned with autonomy, putting a mark in a new territory, initiate something that we are passionate about.

We may become very conscious of our relationship with our past, our course of life, the way we invest energy, work, experience restraints and limitations, and negotiate a change of direction that is closer to something we have found to be very capable of. Perhaps a latent talent, a cause of the past, another person, can reveal a new way in our professional activity, lay the foundations for a project, help us to get rid of values ​​and relationships that do not work or highlight our creative power. Mars in Aries is the fuel that will move things, and if we anticipated developments from the outside that have not happened, we will now have more courage to act. The meeting of the luminaries with Pluto speak of a transformation, but also the need for self-control, that can arise from crises, changes, and power games. How do we handle power? The planets are heading towards the South Node, and so we have to be aware of where we waste too much energy, do things without thinking, while we are being asked to try to disengage from the need to control,  or become tyrannical towards others fearing that we lose control. The empowerment of the will, the management of our strength, our contact with important or powerful others are themes that give impetus to goals and aspirations. Mercury is at the Jupiter / Pluto midpoint, and it states a strong ability to reach and increase influence that helps us attract wealth, knowledge and, in general, achieve a great deal through communication. It empowers the speech. Significant decisions are more favourable after January 17, when the Sun starts separating from the South Node, and Venus, Jupiter and Mars will make harmonious aspects in the Fire signs of Sagittarius and Aries. Beginning new ventures with significant others is an appropriate scenario for these aspects, that will particularly enhance opportunities in relationships with new destinations. Venus will conjoin Jupiter (a lucky and blessed union) on January 22, at 16 degrees Sagittarius, a day after the Lunar Eclipse in Leo – Aquarius, aspecting Uranus by square, triggering the release of talents and awakenings associated with the collective landscape of our lives and bringing a revolutionary and creative air into the foreground.

Something  which we have been working on for a long time may begin to externalise!


In the backdrop Jupiter’s closing square with Neptune that has three period of activations this year (January, June, September) and brings us in touch with our philosophy, aspirations and ideals, while it asks us to redefine them to see growth. Some area of ​​life is relieved, gains more optimism and hope, while enabling us to experience more freedom, sense of perspective and generosity. How do we use this to help others? Opportunities will avail, but it is important to watch boundaries, and not see them as means of escape or salvation. What we need to remember with these two planets that have both material and spiritual content is that boundaries are their weak point. Our beliefs and expectations and how we envision life is under consideration for the whole of the year, while truth, ethos and lack of boundaries are the factors that will test and determine the various kinds of mergings of desires, visions, and ventures, for their realism, promise and longevity. Saturn makes a sextile with Neptune, and this somehow restrains or grounds expectations, while helping to lay some foundation on a dream, or in spiritual and creative activities.


Collective Landscape:

With the Moon-Sun meeting in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Aries, we set goals that energize us, coordinate with the need to fight for better living conditions and disengage from constraints, as we regain our courage to confront, claim or separate from things or people where needed. It is a particularly active period highlighting completion and the beginning of changes that will characterize the coming months with periods of climax, that will intensify from January 23 onwards and well into February, as well as assume a more specific direction of action the lunar month starting on April 5,  at 15 degrees of Aries squaring the eclipse degree. Collectively, violence and conflicts are a potential manifestation with Mars in Aries, as well as pioneering actions. We can expect  developments on the political scene both inside and outside our country (it is elections year for Greece anyway), and as Mercury’s entry to Capricorn suggests, negotiations and agreements within governmental chambers, state mechanisms, corporations, contacts with authorities and organizations will be prominent. Mercury is Out of Bounds, so he heralds a trend of innovation and unconventionality in communication, ideas and plans to be accomplished, as well as searching for contacts outside the usual and familiar contexts. We will see a number of changes and possible detachments in collective schemes or alliances, as well as bold moves or conflicts, and a particularly intense and critical fighting spirit amongst politicians and government officials. Uranus Station direct quincunx Venus may trigger sudden events in alliances, and financial affairs. It is an awakening call for value systems. The New Moon is at the Saturn / Pluto midpoint, which certainly speaks of something hard and difficult, and besides “hard work, violence or resistance, activates large collective projects, research and potential discoveries, and the process of spiritual development” ( R. Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences).


This eclipse belongs to Saros 122, (2 South – J / B): and according to astrologer B. Brady “is concerned with unusual groups and the individual’s involvement with those groups. This could be the time where the individual notices or suddenly desires to find a particular group whose concerns would be with healing, the arts or the love of humanity. The individual will feel that, through involvement with such a group he or she will gain a great deal.” (p. 311, Β. Brady, The Eagle and the Lark, Weiser Books, 1992)



The moon is invisible during the New Moon, but through the shadow that partially conceals the sun’s light, we get a message, a piece of information that disrupts the regularity of the cycle, and in this case the cosmic landscape emphatically emphasizes to check our automations in relation to responsibility, limitation, obsessions, control, and power management. How do we set healthier boundaries? It is an opportunity to eliminate bad habits, fears, and self-restraints and stimulate the body through exercise. Turn anger into passion and creation that will fertilize our lives. Become bold and courageous.


(If you are familiar with your natal chart the house that 15 Capricorn is located, is the realm of life that you will become aware of goals, boundaries, need to redefine them, leave things behind, assume responsibility, review, work harder as well as get in touch with the past.)



Previous eclipses of the same Saros cycle:

1964, 1982, 2000

The eclipses of a Saros cycle have a periodicity and are repeated every 18 years and 11 days or every 19 years based on the Metonic cycle we have an eclipse on the same degree. If the eclipse is linked to personal planets, but mainly to the Sun and the Moon or the angles of your chart at 15  (+/- 1) of the cardinal signs, you can refer to the years 1964, 1982, 2000 (as mentioned above) to unlock possible evolutionary messages that concern you in relation to issues that are currently occurring and have a connection to what was happening at that time.

Note: On an individual level to study the effect of an eclipse on the natal chart, other factors, such as transits and progressions, should be taken into account in order to conclude on potential issues or manifestations of events that will concern the individual.


The Eclipse will be visible in parts of North-East Asia and the Pacific Ocean.


For more information:


This New Moon may have a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Capricorn Sun born January 4-8, an Aries Sun born April 4-8, a Cancer Sun born July 6-10, a Libra Sun born October 7-11, or if you have personal planets, points or angular house cusps at 15 (+/-2) degrees of the cardinal signs. You may also be affected if you have planets or points at 11 and 02 (+/-2) degrees of Capricorn/Aries, 14 (+/-2) degrees of mutable signs, 28-29 degrees Scorpio and 26-29 of the cardinal signs.

© Eleni Kostika 2018


  • Β. Brady, The Eagle and the Lark, Weiser Books, 1992
  • Bill Meridian, The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, Cycles Research Publications, New York 2010
  • Ebertin, The Combination of Stellar Influences, AFA, 2004


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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