Total Lunar Eclipse at 00 Leo 51′



21 January 2019 – 5:12 UT

(total duration of phenomenon 5 hours)

Change of attitude towards self and collective contribution.

A step in a new field of activity and personal expression.

Expressing creativity and talents

Love, creations and emotional stimulation

Love – Friendship / Giving and receiving love

January is definitely an active month with two Eclipses that sets the stage for important beginnings for the next four months with major developments unfolding  during the whole of 2019. A Lunar Eclipse is a highly charged Full Moon that either helps us to “end” with something or triggers a significant transition. This particular one, signifies a first step to externalise and stabilise something that concerns us, and stems from our “core”. It could be read as an evolutionary step in a new direction, the basic intention to consolidate a situation, to give a particular goal, or project a formal or public attribute. It also shows us a more complete picture of a previous situation that originates either at the beginning of the lunar month (January 6,2019) or has an evolutionary message that can be traced in the previous eclipse of this Saros cycle which occurred on January 9, 2001 (Saros 134).

Themes of the Full Moon:

We are attuned  personally and collectively, to self-expression, passion, loyalty, pleasure, and issues which touch our core being, or “affairs of the heart”. Receiving validity and attention is a theme that the  Leo / Aquarius axis highlights, which reflects the very relationship of an individual with love, talent and creation, and the way it engages or integrates within a wider collective experience. The need to be out there, is reflecting the Sun’s light in the sign of Aquarius that symbolizes the origin of this need, and primarily has to do with the intellect and commitment  to collective ideals. The Sun in a sign with a social aptness, promises a phase of social engagement that has a kind of formality or structure (Saturn -the traditional ruler of Aquarius), or a liberating effect (Uranus the modern ruler of Aquarius). It is like entering a public stage for a purpose. Expressing our “heroic”, self-expressive, and creative side are part of the agenda, plus issues we believe in, hope for, and involve those friends, groups of people, social context, or like-minded affiliations that confirm “contribution”.

In a Lunar eclipse, the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon, and it obscures the visibility of the Moon from our vintage point. Astronomy speaks both literally and metaphorically: The symbolic interpretation is that events (on the terrestrial field) become prominent and engage with the energies of the Luminaries that “intent” to exchange “data.”. Earthly concerns, activities, or attachments somehow disrupt or manifest into something through charging and tension. We witness earth’s reflection/shadow on the Moon. We are given an impetus to accelerate processes, gain consciousness of a particular matter or change our response  and attitude in a certain area of life.

The Moon in Leo says I need to be happy, to create, to live, to fall in love, to be excited, to play, to assume a role, and I have difficulty in responding to what I do not like. It also dramatizes, opens the heart and strengthens emotional generosity, and heroism. It is a touchy Moon with a high sense of pride. So all those things  describe our collective vibration. We are going to respond more intensely to anything that affects our pride and dignity, anything that we feel passionate about, feels expressive and exciting. In the element of fire and the fixed modality, the Moon responds with warmth and loyalty towards life. The “shadow” acts as a charging mechanism or as a means to “remove” the elements that prevent this need from being fulfilled. The first degrees of signs signify a new activity, a new way of expression activated by the above themes, which is mobilized through Sun, and in turn objectified by Saturn and Uranus (rulers of  Aquarius). We develop a new attitude towards some existing structure.

It is a Full Moon that will help us to receive from others, express emotions in a creative way, but also through a release of talents, an appreciation of self and an engagement with events that includes others. As the Full Moon occurs in the first degrees of Leo/Aquarius, the planet of Change and Awakening is in the last degree of Aries and forms a T-square with the Luminaries. This promises extra energy and momentum to activate our dynamic and creative expression, to first reach completion of an important chapter to do with our individuality and freedom of expression, and enter a new region. Something is over and something new is beginning to emerge in our collective and personal expression. Fire in all its modes is an element of creation, desire, and action. The chart of the Eclipse emphasises the position of Uranus in the last degree of Aries, which indicates a path towards change, bringing closure to actions that have been pending since the first five months of 2018, or even from the previous seven years.

While opening a new field of endeavour  that expands and motivates relationships, values, creations and gives them a sense of validity. Mars in Aries is in a trine aspect to Venus and its auspicious meeting with Jupiter in Sagittarius, gives impetus to ventures and unions that have an expansive and generous quality. Mars in Aries also makes an opening square with Saturn in Capricorn, which highlights an active step in relation to goals and business plans that require effort. The cycle of the two planets began  April 2, at 08 degrees Capricorn, and the time has come for investing energy in a project in a more active manner. This is the time for being bold and pushing things harder. The hot and cold nature for the two planets may make tempers or actions either procrastinate, or switch between hot and cold. Mars and Saturn in a hard aspect signify taking responsibility for our actions, the need to overcome obstacles, achieve, claim more. Saturn is in the sign of exaltation of Mars, and Mars in the sign of exaltation of the Sun. We may see some bold initiatives on a governmental or political level.

Personally, we actively invest our energy to fertilize new ground or doing things in a more organised and disciplined way. It is also a good time to separate from commitments too, if this is desired. The overall picture will culminate on June 14, when the two planets form an opposition, and from then on we will have to move towards editing actions, and preserving  continuity of our efforts. Traditional astrology tells us that malefics in the sign of their domicile are less malefic. Τhrough the modern perspective  of the archetypes, which are in their purest form, we get the courage and decisiveness to move things forward. There is assistance from the fire placements. This aspect also denotes the tension or challenge with the father archetype (whether it is our actual father, or our internal authority).

Any new start gives impetus and prospect of potential stability, innovation and change, which will entail hard work too. This is an early stage, and the direction things will take may not be clear just yet. This will manifest itself more in the evolution of the coming months and with the ingress of Mars and Uranus in Taurus, on February 15 and March 6 respectively, that will re-activate this eclipse.

Even, if we ‘re not particularly joyful at this time, or we seek validation from a source and is denied, we need to perhaps realise that a chapter is ending in that area, and we are detaching ourselves from certain ties while we shift or reform our commitments. Let’s create some space to protect and nourish the flame that keeps our soul alive, and do something different. Let’s see life as a field in which we consciously participate, through who we are. Our presence, and our heartfelt contribution can potentially change the terms in our collective sphere. This is a North Node lunar Eclipse  (Cancer / Capricorn) and emphasizes the evolution of important ties and collective actions that will act in an awakening way in relation to the past or any established system of values ​​and beliefs. This can also mean a rise of nationalism  or patriotism (Cancer). Let’s hope this does not herald unhealthy tribalism.

Our relationship with history (personal or collective) is redefined as is our attitude towards it. Planetary archetypes indicate participation in what we feel needs preserving, becoming expressed and be more akin to what we define as our centre of origin. Through these filters we give and receive love, and at the same time we define and become conscious of our attitudes.

This Lunar Eclipse also emphasizes the evolution of family ties and legacies, and the attention towards their continuity, with possible dilemmas or conflicts  over the concepts of autonomy, sharing, and the implications of responsibility they entail. The eclipse calls for a bold and different approach to issues that concern us personally and collectively and negotiates decision making, and integrity. The Moon is fast in speed so the developments will be quick and probably non-negotiable. Every eclipse reveals something to us, and gives us a push to make changes.

Mercury is conjunct the South Node and that may be a signal to release all those thinking and communication patterns that we resort to and waste our energy, or reflect more on the past and all those things we need to be liberated from to balance logic and emotion. Mental processes, and the type of rationalization that acts critically, or resorts to retention of data, creates blockages and inhibitions in relation to important others. The purpose is to keep the structure, and turn it into an authentic response and creative connection.

Expectations are factors that play a crucial role in the events that will manifest, and may blur the boundaries of the landscape of our affairs and pursuits. (Venus with Jupiter in Sagittarius in a square aspect with Neptune). On another level, alliances, partnerships and unions of all kinds need to have a mutual ethos, ideals and vision, or to surpass obstacles for a  socially sensitive synergy of forces.

A very positive Full Moon for highlighting creative works and talents.

In the collective sphere, we may see artistic collaborations and works that are voicing their political opinions publicly. Artists may become more present and put a stance in the context of political developments and collective causes.

The past (Saturn) gives wisdom and lessons and the future (Uranus) promises progress and hope, and a new sense of valuing things in our lives. Mars in Aries points at being courageous and present, and Jupiter in Sagittarius prompts us to be hospitable  and generous. Conducting any new beginning, it is important to preserve the essence of what we have gained in the course of time, and allow for more freedom and alternatives for later.

If you are familiar with your birth chart, the houses that 00 Leo / Aquarius is located will give an idea of the realms of life things are likely to change and evolve.

The energy of the Full Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Leo Sun born July 23-25 ​​, an Aquarius Sun born January 21-23, a Taurus Sun born  April 21-23, and a Scorpio Sun born October 24-26, or if you are a Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra Sun born on the last day of the sign. Also, if your Ascendant, angular house cusps, points and personal planets are at 00 (+2) degrees of fixed signs, 29 degrees of cardinal signs, 13 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, and 15 degrees of mutable signs.

Note: The effects of an Eclipse can give information on a personal level, studied in combination  with other techniques and parameters. The conjunctions and squares to the Luminaries and angles with a tight orb of (+/-1) degree are considered the most influential.

Supplementary data:

This particular eclipse belongs to Saros 134, and is a North Node eclipse. This cycle began in 1550 and ends in 2830. The previous eclipse of the cycle took place on January 9, 2001, and the one before that in December 30, 1982. If we reflect at these periods of life and events, we can unlock evolutionary messages for this phase.

The eclipse will be visible in Europe, West Africa, North and South America. Central and Eastern Africa and Asia will have a partial visibility of the phenomenon.

The next total lunar eclipse will be in May 26, 2021

For more information:

© Eleni Kostika 2019

Photo by Msh Foto on Unsplash

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