Full Moon at 00 Virgo 42’


February 19, 2019 – 15:53 UT (Super Moon)

Unlocking the authenticity of our skills in collective life, and clarifying their reflection through others.

Adjustments, refinement, discernment and the theme of purification in our lives.

Intuitive growth and inspiration help us to crystallise conclusions pursuing accuracy at the culmination of a cycle of “harvest”. Sense and sensibility assist in reconciling the relationship between our capacity to discriminate and to have faith.

An especially potent full moon for humanity expressing an awakening, and a reformist attitude towards improvement of life, and the relationship between assistance, service and sacrifice. How does solving collective problems call for alternative approaches and who on a leadership level chooses to act with solidarity fostering earthly and common good.

The beginning of the lunar cycle on February 4, in the sign of Aquarius has highlighted new intentions in relation to our aspirations and our relationship with collective contribution. The climax of the full moon cycle on Virgo / Pisces axis gives us the opportunity to work and shape the way we provide in our  lives and to carry out a consolidation through reforms aiming at a more essential but also healthy relationship with ourselves. This axis has to do with healing, perfecting and consciousness that is triggered by the practical application of what we think, discern and finally believe in, shaping the system of our ideals and perceptions. It is through the usefulness of things that we become conscious of our beliefs and ideals. Issues that concern our work, being of service, and how we attend, care and provide for, are coming to light with this Full Moon. We need to reconcile them with the notion of sacrifice, empathy,  and idealism.  Virgo expresses the improvement and usefulness of things, and the Moon in Virgo intuits, responds and collects with sensibility and accuracy stimuli and messages, analyzing and promoting a distillation process.  A symbiosis of potential to resolve problems with a meticulous focus on perfecting, scrutinising and becoming sensitive to nuances. The luminaries make harmonious applying aspects with Mars at 3 degrees Taurus (the highest exaltation of the Moon) and we are given the opportunity to promote our desires, energy and talents and implement them with some material, practical or physical benefit. We can gain clarity on things we have assimilated, either material or spiritual, and discern how they may help or prove useful to others. We may even explain the relationship between provision and contribution in a new territory with a higher purity of expression. We observe that all three Full Moons from January to March 2019 are occurring at zero degrees of the Leo / Aquarius, Virgo / Pisces, Libra / Aries axes. We are dealing with a fresh energy that states a new and very pure form of expression, a new field of activity that calls for balancing acts, decisions, and reconciliations and perhaps more practice. Anything new springs from the reflection of a creative /authentic oriented source and its relation to the collective sphere (January Lunar eclipse in Leo). In this current Full Moon, we begin to clarify how we become functional and useful, exploring the flow of our inspiration, perception and ideals in a practical way. An appraisal of our harvest from something we have expressed begins to show prime results, or we perceive problems that seek clarification through practical procedures.

The application of skill reflects a source that is focused at connecting the dots, demands growth, expansion, generosity, and gaining understanding throught the mysterious landscapes of unfamiliar territories, their merging potentiality and their excesses.

The Full Moon is at perigee (closest to Earth), so our intuitive antennas, our emotional responses and our automations are charged with apprehension, worry, potential remedies, and act in a regulatory and clarifying way to broaden ideas, thoughts, and processing of data.

Sun, Mercury, and Neptune in Pisces emphasize the activity on a “landscape” that may be complacent, confused  or imaginative, quite receptive on atmosphere, stimuli and impressions, while sensitizing the unconscious or social expression in gaining experience and inviting us to synthesise. Mercury makes an applying sextile aspect with Saturn and Venus in Capricorn, grounding the rational mind, organizing and finalizing results in our agreements, relationships, alliances and transactions. We may also be concerned with the management and organization of financial obligations and resources, as Venus separates from Saturn and is about to conjoin Pluto and the South Node. She is somehow besieged and melancholic, or extremely  serious and formal, not in a very light sociable place unless it means business. This is a time of testing relationships yet also a time of negotiating serious or long term commitment. Goof for artistic work of timeless value or relating to the past. An opportunity to radically regenerate and purge the material landscape of life but also that of co-dependent relationships by addressing an important issue from the past.

Mutable  Water gives potential of manoeuvring around difficult situations, diffusion, merging, permeating, becoming a sounding board and absorbent filter of experience. Combined with the element of cardinal and fixed Earth that provide soil that is potentially fertile for new beginnings and shaping so that those that inspire and believe us find reason to invest. It also helps us to find practical solutions to problems. At the same time the Moon in Virgo illuminates and reminds us that solutions are based on day to day usefulness or in the production process, and that every ideal should find a practical application and generate products of a tangible effect.

The disharmonious secondary aspects of the luminaries with Saturn create some nuisances, obstacles or delays that may inhibit our sense of satisfaction, present health discomforts and vitality issues. Problems are mainly intensified when we give too much weight to others’ criticism, or when we focus on sharing information that we have not sufficiently explained and digested  ourselves. As Mercury is about to form an opening square with Jupiter in Sagittarius on February 22, the tendency for excess, the need to tell truths or make promises may be thwarted with tensions and difficulties. We need to work to develop something, either on an intellectual, spiritual or material level, while the ideological content of the issues we manage develops through discrimination between right and wrong, and the right questions in our relationships with others. We will attempt to clarify a lot in the next two weeks, which we may perhaps need to review in March when Mercury assumes its retrograde motion.

The ruler of the Full Moon Mercury in Pisces, in detriment and fall, expresses a utilisation of patterns of information processing and communication that expands, philosophises, visualises and develops theories, knowledge, concepts, inspires, synthesises, empathises, or deals with excess. Mercury will travel this sign for about three months due to its Retrograde motion (March 5-28), and activates themes that have to do with Neptune and Jupiter (rulers of Pisces).  We may apply new knowledge to synthesise something. The philosophical, moral and spiritual content of our lives is called upon to evolve perhaps through some conflicting situations in relation to our beliefs or the concept of growth,  and inclusion, during the whole of this year. There maybe tendencies to overextend our tolerance, generosity or find it hard to sustain boundaries. We can expand our thinking very creatively and imaginatively, but also exaggerate on dogmatism, idealism and perfection, by stretching information, exchanging data or discussing what we are concerned with. Mercury in Pisces will bring consciousness of this as it becomes the medium through which we access information, think and verbalise those things. It is a talkative or a mute position depending on the mood. It is dreamy and poetic, while it favours an appreciation for written or spoken word on the basis of gaining knowledge and expressing the connoisseur, or authority in our exchanges (Pisces is the exaltation of Venus). Creating and composing is favoured.

This Full Moon seeks a kind of humility, distinction, priority, aiming for an end product. The following two weeks are also marked by making adjustments and healing vulnerabilities (Moon separates from a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Aries). It is our ideals and values ​​that will determine the plus or minus of essential distinctions between righteousness and faith as our relationships and working patterns begin to shift in orientation.

This Full Moon calls for integrity: The Moon is on fixed star Regulus, emphasising recognition and how one deals with issues of power and leadership. In Virgo, the theme of how power is used to service and care for the common good is central. Chiron ingressed into Aries (Aries point), and is at the midpoint of Moon/Uranus and Sun / Uranus. We are, collectively and personally, changing our attitude towards our vulnerabilities, towards the need for reform and change. An important event can illuminate this process.

Zero degrees Aries, signifies beginnings that engage with the collective landscape, have a public connotation and connect with humanity as a whole. This feels like a blooming of a new season to do with our existential and  warrior principle (Aries), that may start building bridges, as we collectively become more conscious of the victim / saviour syndrome (Virgo/Pisces).  A change of attitude that is more courageous and pioneering, seeking alternative forms of leadership in the socio-political landscape maybe in its most primary stage of existence

In the chart of this Full Moon there is an absence of the element of Air, and this emphasises that we focus more on emotional signals and what constitutes the material level of life.

Perhaps it is more difficult to be open to new ideas, as it is necessary to deal with the development and shaping of personal plans, and ideologies, negotiating boundaries. Everything has to do with our own perspective, and the emphasis on cardinal and mutable energy for some is a natural place for initiative, action, sensitization and refinement, and for others  is a place of change that causes confusion and stress. Only Mars is in a fixed sign, and this shows that our energy is invested in stabilizing and shaping situations, and that it is necessary to keep our own pace in the way we do things and claim our ground. The persistence and resistance of Mars in Taurus is grounding and favours the strengthening of finances and the expression of the sensual aspect of desires. In mutual reception with Venus (by rulership and exaltation), it brings us closer to others to reinforce projects, goals and strengthen our professional and personal commitments.

Issues of work, service, civic sector, duties, health, harvest of goods, earthly goods and basic commodities, small animal welfare, implementation and production of works are themes highlighted by this Full Moon.


A Full Moon that promotes a tuning into precision of observation and intuition and potentially externalizes our most pure and essential intentions and capabilities. It provides us with clarity upon the distillation and appreciation of “harvesting” and what is of value in our relationship with original creation. It shows us that unnecessary and toxic elements in our lives can change and we may begin to see improvement. There will be opportunities to implement work and be effective in what inspires us.  


The full moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are a Virgo Sun born August 24-27, a Pisces Sun born February 19-22, a Gemini Sun born May 22-25 and a Sagittarius Sun born November 23-26. Also, if you have a Leo or Aquarius Sun, at the final degree of the sign, and/or if you have Ascendant, angular house cusps and personal planets at 29 degrees of cardinal signs, at 29 degrees Leo/Aquarius, at 00-03 degrees of mutable signs, at 3 degrees of Taurus, and 15 degrees of Pisces and Capricorn, as well as at 00 Aries. The influence of the full moon is being processed until March 4th.


May you enjoy the sight of this wonderful Full Moon wherever you are!


© Eleni Kostika 2019

Photo by Jono Hislop on Unsplash







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