New Moon at 15 degrees Pisces 47’


March 6, 2019, 16:03 UT

Between two worlds, through curious synchronicities, we find opportunities to develop our perception, seek alternate routes, and manage solutions. Reflections and memories from the universe. The world of spirit, promise, creation and imagination, and the world of matter. Where do they meet? What we wish for and the sensitivity to life itself. The need to turn our attention, but also to return to a broader understanding of things. Revelations. How can we help or inspire others through our beliefs and values.

This New Moon is about how we help, our faith and our ideals. It is time to respond to everything that inspires us, to become aware of our sensitivities and vulnerabilities in life, and to explore the great picture. It is about the glamour and the illusion of things, as well as an opportunity to set boundaries and seek clarity to all that escapes us. To give space to the creative and spiritual content of our lives and to commit ourselves to our dreams. Through this process we may find companions and assistance in our efforts.

 A lunar cycle that will help us to clarify many things, to communicate about what we believe and moves us, to create fascinating connections between things, to return to issues and people from the past to find solutions that are sustainable, to engage in what we are interested in, and ponder on concepts and the big picture. It may sound like an oxymoron to find clarification when Neptune is present, yet this may be of a different kind. We may be using this lunar month to gradually emerge from the depths of intellectual or psychological uncertainty of the past, and permeate into new fields and environments, re-connect through an explorative spirit in our cognitive quests.

The stand outs in the New Moon chart, are the luminaries in conjunction with Neptune, Mercury Station Rx in the last degree of Pisces (in its sign of exile and fall) conjunct fixed star Scheat, and Uranus at zero Taurus. This may describe fantasy land, or a nebulous landscape that may prove difficult to process mentally, or in order to do so, it can not necessarily rely on common consensus logic. Thinking patterns may tackle other than usual tasks or matters. We may see a need to combine different factors, and may need to use our intuition or sensibilities to do so. Empathy and insight may be part of the equation. It speaks of the need to find peace, to devote ourselves to something, to make sense of data noise, to become more aware about the side effects of toxicity, addictions, prescribed medication, or seek outlets to voice and share all these thoughts and experiences that were either exhilarating or devastating. Neptune either glamorises or sensitises. We may be using our imagination, synthesis capacity or engage in spiritual matters. The sensitivities and sensibilities are heightened  (physical-mental-emotional) and susceptibility to environmental issues and influences may be considered the central theme of this lunation cycle through the oceanic realm of Neptune. Fixed star Scheat has some very negative and some positive connotations. It relates to sorrows, but also the creativity of the mind and the challenges of logic, the intellect and its blessings. In combination with Mercury, this is emphasised so all Mercurial matters will be affected. B. Brady, mentions “independent thought, the need to break the conventional processes of mind or philosophy and says that Scheat represents the essence of intellect”1. V. Robson, speaks of accidents, the relationship with water, trouble through writing2. The last degrees of signs are critical, 29 Pisces is in Saturn’s terms, and this also may emphasise the crystallisation of ideas, thoughts or mental work that is completed, is focused in a limited territory, or a mental process, speaking or writing dealing with something critical. This may be more visible or assume a more public character. We may see this feature prominently in communications, the news and media. We may see people sharing their personal crises or disseminate critical information especially about the past. Mercury’s Retrograde motion indicates potentiality for misunderstandings, delays and reversals, yet it may also indicate a return to the past in order to re-thing a situation, gain new insight and understanding. Revisiting old matters is always a theme with Mercury Rx and it can be very positive too.

On a personal level there maybe a going back and reviewing in the matters the house Pisces is located in our natal chart. There is a strong emphasis to return to issues and combine information in several ways and differently. We are already seeing in the news globally, information coming out about past issues pointing at justice, ethos and responsibilities. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and very strong in Sagittarius. This pattern of revelations will continue. Conclusions maybe hard to achieve though, as Mercury will be squaring Jupiter during this cycle. A mental re-birth is at work in the sign of Pisces, as Mercury is approaching its inferior conjunction on March 15, (at 24 degrees Pisces), driven by a need to gain perspective. Something will become more conscious collectively. I believe we will have many revelations, get new facts about old matters, truths that will come to light, but also may see concepts in the field of knowledge, justice, and philosophy being reviewed. This month may hold a promise of spiritual development.

Uranus, the Awakener, makes its definitive entry into the sign of Taurus, where it will remain for about seven years, and will change our perception on issues to do with fixed matter and form, values ​​and what ultimately sustains our living. Our notion of fertility will be revolutionised. This may include everything that comes from the earth, nature and its resources and produce, what we own and has value,  money, what activates our senses, pleasure industry, art in all its forms, but also the forms created by artistic expression. We can expect instability, progress and reform in those areas. Venus rules Taurus, and our capacity to attract will be activated by this seven year transit in new ways. I personally believe that the transit of Uranus in Taurus will generate many positive things and bring awareness on sustenance of life, conditions of living, our values, and all forms of art (Taurus is the sign of Moon’s exaltation), by first overthrowing the established relationship with our material values and attachments. The New Moon chart marks the freshness of this new energy, -a new territory, while Venus is in Aquarius. A new, socially aware and more detached approach to our relations and values ​​is promoted, that will be externalized with the dynamic Full Moon on March 21, which occurs at 00 degrees in the Libra / Aries axis. Another emphasis on new beginnings, but also separations, in our unions within the theme of fairness and equality vs autonomy.

Jupiter ruler of the New Moon, is powerful in Sagittarius, activating issues of truth, ideology, justice, faith, knowledge and philosophy, while on another level it may express exaggeration, excess, lack of boundaries, optimism, dogmatism and arrogance in professing our truths.

A first level interpretation of the New Moon chart, points at our wishes, and the level of faith in things? What are we willing to sacrifice or what fascinates and moves us? We may become more aware of the confusion of information overload or misinformation and data that we no longer have the capacity to control or process through our existing value or ideological envelope. How can we merge elements and make connections to compose something? What is true and what is lie?  It is a cosmic moment that we may feel the need to comprehend or become more creative with our minds. The connections between data may feel infinite. Planets in earth signs will help to clarify, produce results, set limits or give form to this process. Also define their practicality and sustainability. In any case, this cycle may find us devoted to something, we may wish to withdraw and reflect, which will give more insight for the most dynamic lunar month ahead. It’s like we’re in a data funnel, and we’re trying to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. It is a cycle that will give us an opportunity to challenge conventional thinking, and at the same time it will generate new ways to perceive things.

Curious synchronicities may bring us in touch with the larger scheme of things, we may decode symbols, become creative or indulge in exploring our myths or other’s. In this process we will meet others, return to contacts and activities to complete ideas and conversations, we will ask, we will perhaps experience some strain or difficulty in our communications due to ideological or moral reasons, try to persuade and penetrate deeper into thoughts and ideas, finalize some previous commitments. We have a chance to re-organize our work, we can take a step towards implementing a wish or dream. This is the sequence of Mercury’s aspects throughout the lunar month which will give us the opportunity to re-examine many issues as we revisit or attempt to correct previous situations. We are driven by something bigger (Jupiter), yet the steps must be gradual and realistic, and timeline will become an important factor.

The New Moon seems to trigger/echo, one of the main hard aspects that are active this year. The Jupiter- Neptune square, an aspect that perfects three times. throughout the year, and had its first activation between December 28, 2018 – February 2, 2019, a period  also highly energised by the Eclipses.  In this cycle, we may see some first moves in relation to the promises and potential that were presented at that time, and we are returning to process information regarding expectations, idealism and establishing reasoning and potential for delivering result.

The luminaries also activate the sextile aspect between Saturn and Neptune that helps to give structure to something creative, to work on a dream or establishing faith. The aspect generally manifests a harmonious relationship between realism and imagination. We are finalizing long-term decisions on previous issues. Mars in Taurus, also makes harmonious aspects with Saturn and Neptune, and in turn fertilizes and promotes ventures with, consistency, stability and perhaps a sense of resistance or stubbornness. The more focused or devoted we find ourselves this month, the more fertile it will be.  

Another tropical year comes to a close:

Pisces represents the unifying principle;a field of fusion. The Piscean landscape has no limits, and this symbolizes the process of merging and synthesis, which in a way embodies everything, is not concerned with distinctions, and carries the experience of all signs. Thus planets in this territory are sensitised, express their energies in idealised, forgiving, sacrificing, creative, surrendering, or dedicated manner, and generally promote a connection to the greater whole. They absorb every vibration from the environment and integrate it. As the Sun, travels through the zodiac during the year, it represents a cycle of experience of life that ends in the sign of Pisces.

So, Pisces is a very crucial point of transition, transcendence, overcoming, and synthesis. It is like the palimpsest that contains information from different levels of previous experience and therefore can be experienced as a place of replenishing, recharging, withdrawal, distortion, ambiguity that contains the metaphysical, spiritual, and creative potential of new life. The 12th house in a chart is the place of escape, and undoing, a threshold where the collective subconscious operates. Resistance decreases, as a necessity to support the above processes and our emotional antennas can align with the highest frequency of sensitivity, intuition, and vibration. This is a place that we can find help, heal or experience a higher connection,  as well as surrender to toxicity and feel sorrow and pain.

Pisces along with all mutable signs, symbolize transitions of the seasons. Here we prepare and focus on the theme of closure expecting a new beginning with the Spring Equinox; the ingress of Sun into Aries. The freedom and gift that planets in Pisces possess is in merging, and uniting. In developing this consciousness that everything is connected in some way, there is always the dilemma of Sun in Pisces: how the spiritual world is reconciled with the material in this life; the world of soul with that of matter within the ego consciousness of the self. As Pisces is traditionally governed by Jupiter, faith, truth, and philosophy become the catalyst balancing factors between the two worlds. As the two fishes look at different directions, the only certainty in this dilemma is that they are indeed connected at least in this world and this dimension we live in. Some moments one prevails over the other. Reconciliation with loss, delusion, and vulnerabilities of human nature, are part of the process of reconstituting life, and this is necessary because it dissolves the certainties of the microcosm of daily life. The exploration of Piscean territory must serve higher ideals that uplift the mental, emotional or spiritual facets of existence, and sometimes struggle with idealism, hope, unrealistic expectations, blind faith and lack of proper discrimination. These are the issues that need our attention in the lunar month that has just began, mostly in relation to new contacts or activities. It is the time to make our dreams known, our ideals a priority and to work for them. Create healthier conditions in our lives, trust the mysterious connections of the mind.

All the energies exist in our personal chart as a reflection of the cosmic map, and so all are useful and have their meaning in the endless search for the balance between self and perceived world. If we do not experience the energy of Neptune, Jupiter or the 12th house in our charts, if we do not consciously activate the Pisces realm in our chart, we may feel that we lack completeness and connectedness with our soul intention or position in the world. Where this  New Moon occurs in our chart, and if we come up with any problems this month, they may be rooted  in the area occupied by the sign of Gemini, while the area in which Capricorn is located calls for serious work, dealing with time, decluttering and releasing waste matter. If we are familiar with our birth charts, we can identify these areas more specifically.

On a collective level, this means that the information overload we are called to manage has created problems, extreme sensitivity and confusion, as well as pathogenies in our relationship to truth and sustaining faith. It is a moment when the need for discharge and re-charge will give us new channels of expression, and more wisdom in understanding in relation to the overall life plan.

As in a field of life we ​​work or consistently insist on shaping and stabilizing something, we are also given the opportunity to philosophize and explore new areas. It is important to maintain a framework of inner peace and faith and to hearken to messages and signals we receive. To use all the experience we have collected, and to focus on processes that will help merge data to rebuild a new direction. The body needs care and detoxing. We may be rejuvenated with music, remoteness, as well as spiritual or creative outlets and anything that has a healing effect. Our addictions may become more conscious. The promises we give, and exchange of information may tend to have a dimension of exaggeration, which requires attention in cases where we make commitments or undertake new responsibilities. This may be potent around March 16, 24 and, April 2. Finalizing agreements or contacts on topics that have already began and with people we already know are favoured on March 9 and 20. Good days for returning to business contacts and agreements, are also March 13-14, as well as for progress and with projects that we wish to implement.

The collective sphere of events will be concerned with justice, sensitive social issues, and groups and the weaker members of society. People that have become idols in music, art, or film may feature in the news. The theme of information coming to light, pertaining to scandals, while misleading information may sway public response and opinion. The sea, and the water element and/or activities or movement related to it may also become a concern.


I wish all of you a magical New Moon!


The New Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are Pisces Sun born March 4-8, a Virgo Sun born September 6-10, a Gemini Sun born June 4 – 9, and a Sagittarius Sun born December 6 – 10. Also if your Ascendant, angular house cusps, or personal planets are placed at 15 (+/- 3 degrees) of mutable signs, 29 degrees of mutable signs, and 00 degrees of fixed signs. The New Moon will particularly favour Earth and Water placements in your chart, especially those between 15-26 degrees in these signs.

© Eleni Kostika 2019




  1. Brady, B. Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Weisser, USA, 1998.
  2. From:, Source: Robson V.E., Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, 1923.

Photo by Pahala Basuki on Unsplash

© Eleni Kostika 2019



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