Full Moon at 00 degrees and 09 ‘Libra

full moon

March 21, 2019 – 01:42 UT

How do we maintain balance when our desires or values ​​are conflictual? How we share and how we maintain our autonomy.

Change of direction – Entering new territories. Reinforcement of ties and collective activities.

The opportunities on offer and our contracts with others.

Alienation and the bridges that unite us. The distance that we have travel to meet with others.

Collective sphere: The emergence of new and alternative ways of expressing leadership and how they reflect on the sense of fairness and equality of the collective mood.

The March Full Moon, which takes place a few hours after the Spring Equinox (Ingress of Sun in Aries), on the Libra/Aries axis, directs energy towards externalizing desires and reinforcing actions, making changes, and primarily focusing on balancing of relationships.

We are presented with the cosmic signal of a dynamic source of active expression where something new emerges on the horizon. The emphasis on cardinal quality, and several applying aspects (dialogues) nearing perfection, that do not include the luminaries, and above all the Venus-Mars square in fixed signs, describe an energetic and creative fortnight ahead. The manifestation of events can be expected, as well as negotiating decisions in relation to forces that have conflicting objectives, with a practical or grounding effect  (emphasis on the element of the Earth). Venus in Aquarius ruler of Libra will assist in socialising and networking or promoting goal oriented unions as is indicated by the Moon in Libra. The Air element will help things rise or let off steam depending on what one is dealing with. Venus in Aquarius will provide opportunities or assistance, through the sextile with Jupiter in Sagittarius, for new directions that seem to offer some kind of optimism and generosity, promote judicial procedures in alliances and contracts, or connect  people from afar. If time has been invested in something that has assumed a shape and form, it will find the environment to reach more exposure and grow or gain a new perspective. Creative energy is evident as well as tension, passion (erotic or other) that push action towards follow up (Mars in Taurus), through effort and potential difficulties (square) that have to do with the conflicting character of desires or values.


The zero degrees of cardinal signs highlight the World axis – Aries Point, while the zero degrees of all signs signify the point of entry, a new territory of expression, that has began unfolding since the first Full moon / Lunar Eclipse of the year on January 21 at 00 Leo / Aquarius. This particular Full Moon is therefore potent for world events and developments, the public nature of activities, and on a personal level one is affected if the 00 degrees of cardinal signs trigger planets or points in the natal chart. There seems to be a three-fold sequence of events as the Full Moons of the last three months happened at the 00 degrees of Leo / Aquarius, Virgo / Pisces axis which rounds up this process with this current one in  Libra / Aries. The Leo/Aquarius axis is very much about leadership and creative potential in relation to collective contribution and integrity; it seems like a “fresh” ground of expression has begun to emerge since January, while everyone may feel this rather differently according to the field of life (house) it activates in their chart and planets engaged. It generally negotiates the relationship of the authentic self and its integration or involvement with social group territories. This theme, with Uranus entering Taurus, assumes a drastic and reformist attitude in the way talents and skills are expressed and assume a form, but also a general need to change how we attract things in our lives. With the following Full Moon on the Virgo / Pisces axis last February, there was an emphasis on adaptation, utilisation and implementation of these intentions and plans, and finally in this current Full Moon we are getting a glimpse of a more  dynamic and energetic manifestation through sharing or mediating processes. All kinds of relationships in our lives are called upon to negotiate meeting points, to resolve discord and conflicting desires, to cover distances and to engage in balancing acts.


A change of environment is indicated and this marks a new era or chapter that begins, that assumes a new social filter. Changes are always a product of an internal process. In trying to manage or deal with life, we often perceive change as something that comes from the outside and happens to us. Many times we feel we have no choice, and it may be so. But we always have a choice in the way we focus and manage what is happening to us, and it is in the effort to make something  “our own”, to reconcile with it, that we become conscious of the conflict and we change from within. What this Full Moon emphasises and is of essence is, there is a change of expression and attitude in the way we share ourselves with others. In the way we share.

Therefore, something that we have collectively and personally collected and synthesised (the beginning of the cycle in Pisces) and has a transcendental significance, evolves into the phase of balancing or gives an overall picture, through the theme of alliances and the social aspect of our lives, with the intent of achieving a kind of equilibrium that depends greatly on the principles of fairness, aesthetics that values. Cooperation, contracts with others, how we share, are themes that invite us to respond to the here and now (Aries) as we enter into a new environment. We maybe witnessing a seed of a new relationship with ourselves “blooming” and reflected onto others.


In the time of spring, when nature literally wakes up (in the Northern hemisphere), we all become a little more Aries like, in our behaviour, and our relationship with life is rejuvenated. Our most primitive instincts, desires and needs are more outwardly expressed. Aries reminds us to be present, to take initiatives, to initiate, take risks, and to claim what our heart desires with boldness of spirit. The Moon in Libra, an energetic and extroverted sign, responds to aesthetics, social engagement, creativity, objectivity, sense of justice, and the need to share. The Sun conjoins with asteroid Chiron, and opposes the Moon. Life itself, sense of identity, self-will, and the hero within, is accompanied by the centaur Chiron – a healer/teacher, who in mythology healed his wound by exchanging his immortality with Prometheus. Chiron in astrology speaks of our vulnerabilities and wounds, the sense of alienation, but also the need to build bridges, and unlock alternative ways of approaching our relationship with ourselves, the source of life, and reconciling situations. Moon in Libra is also co-ordinated in forming relationships, and mediating. The Sun with Chiron also speaks of wounded ego, the healing of the ego, the spirit that seeks to find ways of accepting its vulnerabilities and weaknesses. So, how do we exercise self-will through this lense and how does this reflect or resonate our emotional need for harmony? How do we negotiate the alienation of the hero within, our autonomous being with the sense of belonging and sharing?


The Venus-Mars square at 23 degrees Aquarius / Taurus, tells us it’s not easy. But the squares are pushing us into action. In fixed signs, it manifests as consistent intensity or resistance. Every relationship or contract has points of tension and friction to resolve. We let go of something, and we move towards something else in our effort to agree, to establish or strengthen a common ground. Planet placements indicate it will not be easy to satisfy all sides, but there are outlets and options. The conflicts are mainly within us and the dilemmas are offered for the consciousness of harmonization. It is a dynamic square that intensifies passion, sexual and creative energy. Dance maybe a good outlet! The tendency for arguments and conflicts in respect to the direction of our affairs or desires may manifest, as does the need to realise where the desire of one clashes with the desire of another. The self may utilise this energy combo, to do something creative from a fixed position that involves the body, the senses, the earth, and see results.


Venus in Aquarius is the reformist union. The desire to relate is expressed more independently and in a detached and aloof way, align with social and goal oriented contexts, while joy, love and affections are expressed impersonally and require time. Mars, which is the energy of how get what we desire, how we claim, assert or separate, needs effort and time to getter better at it. It will rather resist and persist than act out impulsively, and promotes sensuality, strengthening the form of things, while assuming a fixed position in securing its ground in Taurus. Like when we try to defend our space in a tense situation. It needs practice, time and to feel the tone to express itself. The beginnings signalled by the Sun in Aries, are driven by an incentive to stabilize situations, and give them shape. Taurus is the exaltation of the Moon. The tendency is to invest energy in order to feel better, in what we possess, or want to protect, receive and make our own.


Attachment in the way we claim is likely to have to make some adjustments in meeting beliefs and truths (Mars quincunx Jupiter), as the square between Venus and Mars is an aspect of tension and requires effort to overcome obstacles. A path maybe cultivated, while we change routines and habits (Moon quincunx Uranus). Venus’s sextile with Jupiter externalises a need to feel free in relationships, combines pleasure with optimism and the generous side of situations, and may promote associations through beliefs or social activities. It is an opportunity to clear the air of past discords or to decide that distances require compromises that we are not in a position to affirm. Another possible scenario is that we may be presented with an opportunity that has a price. We must separate from something, end a partnership, contract, love or relationship so we can say yes to something else. Venus-Mars form a superior square and this may mean disengagement from a situation in order to promote something else. The concept of faith and trust at every level is a factor that will play a crucial role in both collaborative and personal relationships.

Moon in Libra highlights the need to take care of our relationships and weigh things. While Mercury now in Pisces for quite a while, represents the negotiating principle amongst other things, is still Retrograde until  March 28. Generally we are in a process that renegotiates the gestation of a wider perception that relates to our ideals, beliefs, expectations, our creative and synthetic ability, our mental and imaginary connections, what sensitises us, what enchants us, and the mythological sheathing of our lives. In the sign of Venus’s exaltation, Mercury re-processes and exalts our creative capacity, values, and love, and perhaps re-engages with a cognitive or organizational process of a large project  or connective system that is not completely synchronized and clarified in its relation to the external environment. Something has not yet been finalized, but we have the opportunity to see a prime overall picture through sharing it with others.


Mercury will retrograde to meet Neptune for a second time, on March 24. The first meeting took place when it was direct on February 19, in the previous Full Moon. So we are returning to something that is relevant to that period, something we have been processing or waiting for; this may involve people coming back to clarify with us, to connect us to our wishes, provide assistance, trigger our imagination, sensitize our sense of faith, reveal, disappoint us, or even lead us astray into uncertainty. Within a Neptunian oceanic realm there is always the higher and lower vibration of energy. This usually depends on our level of consciousness. Our major decisions and actions are beginning to become conclusive from March 28 onwards.


The Saturnian emphasis of the Full Moon is something else we observe, as placements of Luminaries and their rulers lead to Saturn through disposition. It is what we build and crystallize, our commitments, the work, discipline and limitations that drive the cosmic scene. It is the long-term commitments and the undertaking of responsibilities which through the Moon’s filter in Libra (Saturn’s exaltation) is signalling the timing may be ripe for, agreements and contracts. Mars’s harmonious aspect with the Lunar Nodes strengthens important ties in our lives, brings people from the past and connects them to the future, as well as favours collective actions.

The first applying Ptolemaic aspect the Moon makes in the sign of Libra is a square with Saturn and the last aspect before entering into the sign of Scorpio, is a trine with Venus. This maybe an indication of the mood and tone of the two weeks that follow that shows that we will encounter difficulties and obstacles, we will realize a level of restriction, or we have to isolate, put duties above needs, and work to achieve balance and agreements. The trine to Venus promises a positive or beneficial outcome in some respect.


 On a collective level, the Full Moon reveals how leaders and the spirit of their heroism (Sun) are reflected in the collective need for justice and equality (Moon in Libra). What is the archetype of the exalted hero we are looking for and is expressed by choices of leaders or decision-makers in our societies? It is a wounded archetype in all respects that will surely show its vulnerabilities and will externalize its existential angst through decisions or events. It is a cosmic moment that will either promote alternative approaches to what it means to lead and possess power or manifest an attitude change in the response of the people (Moon) in relation to the way rulers decide. It is very likely that women in power positions will set the right example (Moon and Venus in signs affiliated with Saturn). The more vulnerable aspect of heroism and courageous leadership, comes to our consciousness as the need to focus on all those conflicting elements that are growing fast and require substantial remedial bridging through conscious actions and less through politics, become ever more pressing.

The backdrop:

Events in the collective sphere continue to shock, surprise, crush us on a daily basis, and make our world a strange, incomprehensible place. Without realising it, we often assume the role of a nervous observer, and whenever driven from the need to share emotion and connect with others to alleviate the anxiety of alienation and loneliness, we relay our repulsion and sorrow for what we are forced to observe. A kind of mental disconnection from the value of individual existence and its effective contribution in the collective realm shifts our needs towards fortification of a parallel, more personal and private environment of values ​​or quests based on faith and hope that it will restore or at least heal that rift. Perhaps this is the only healthy revolutionary act as it turns us towards our center and redefinition of our creative self. Uranus-Neptune semi-square aspect, which has been active again since March 19 and is perfecting on May 2, highlights the inconsistency between expectation and reforming social changes, as well as the disruptive and erratic tendencies towards faith and social ideals. The invention of creative mechanisms as outlets is happening as a bi-product of a process of friction, that is possible through transcending boundaries, fusion of smaller collective actions, and a fringe like networking that still has obscure characteristics. This is a work in progress. With Uranus entering Taurus this may start assuming a shaping with more tangible effect. This process has started since mid 2018. On another level Saturn, Pluto and the South Node until 2020, require a purging of structures, control mechanisms, ways of investing our time, releasing all unnecessary matter in connection to the past. As well as our relationship with the need for recognition, status and success in an established common consensus social order. The self-discipline and wisdom extracted by this process, presents us with the essence of valuing time, which in turn will fuel soul connections. We need to discard the blinkers of adhesion to approval and the “prize” in order to aid this process. The radical re-organisation and re-destribution of political and all other forms of power is in process.


The theme of this Lunar cycle that began on March 6, set in motion the most creative side of our beingness, and all those things that render us vulnerable and sensitive. We tune into the culmination of the Full Moon as we become aware that self-will, talent, authenticity and the ego we project courageously into this world, encapsulates all our vulnerabilities, but most of all it reflects the imprint of every single memory of compromise and wish to share we have experienced in our lifetime.


Spring is here! I hope we all enjoy a wonderful Full Moon!


The energy of this Full Moon has a more personal feel for you:

If you are Virgo or Libra Sun born September 22-26, a Pisces or Aries Sun born between March 19-23, a Gemini or Cancer Sun born June 20-24, and a Sagiittarius or Capricorn Sun born December 20-24. It will also affect you if you have planet placements, angular house cusps or points from 28 of the mutable – 02 of the cardinal signs, 23 of the fixed, 23 Sagittarius, 16 of the mutable signs  and 00 of the fixed signs.


© Eleni Kostika 2019


(In my analysis I focus solely on the applying aspects)

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